Tribalism rife in Hargeisa city, Somaliland region, Somalia

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Cheap trolling tactics as ever is what we have in here. After all, some guys in the streets talking out from their back's side means what exactly?

Well it's as significant as some white guy standing, gingerly and precariously, on a ladder in the Hyde Park corner in London, who then seems to be screaming his gut out with silly assertion along the lines of saying: "all niggers please leave my land" (or some such trite).

But, I do doubt this Ina-Gummeed fellow who put this montage of a silly stuff together ever wanted to have a proper discussion of any sort other than to basically troll us right here of SOL. And come to think of it, I wonder whether he is brave enough to be seen walking about in any inch of Somaliland, starting from Ceel-Afweyn, in which he used to claim to be from it, and then to anywhere else.

Now that is chap I would love to have met him walking about in some inches of territory within Somaliland. For, Boyo, you can say, I would have made him really eat his own freaking shit right there in Mandhera prison (after I persuade the authorities to send his sorry ass there, so he will learn a proper manly's manners up there).

But, I suppose I am not that lucky enough to get the chance to see a sniffling coward like him walking about on any inches of Somaliland. Aah, they could say, the pity of it all, is deeply wounding, at least to me...😀

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Hello Folks,

What is "new" I hear some are saying around here? Well, I do not know what is new nowadays, but I tell you what is "old news", indeed, at least from where I stand. And that is a "collection of old news" that is very much interesting, very topical, and very much revealing sort of way. And these "old news" are as follows:

Firstly, what is "old news" is that some folks are so wretchedly coward that they had to watched haplessly as others fought over their land, to the extend that a famine had to happened in 1992 to their teeming numbers of them. Given that they were "collection of beggars", who in turn didn't had the guts and the manly balls to defend what measly farming lands they had left with it by the time Gen. Barre did all of the "confiscation" of their lands in 1970s and 1980s.

And this large scale confiscations, in turn forced them to come to Mogadishu (actually streamed in) in-order to beg in the streets and in the big thoroughfare of the city. For they were nearest Somalis have had to an "equivalent" of a "Red-Indians", who were uprooted from their lands by force of others.

Secondly, what is also "old news", is the fact since 1997 some folks were effectively under Ethiopians colonization in their lands and in their regions of Bay and Bakool. And they are in this wretched condition to this day. Freaking unbelievable, I say, really. 

Thirdly, what is also a lamentable "old news" is the story of seeing their kith an kin being murdered in broad daylight by none other than a passing political chancer by the name of Mr Cheeseman in Villa Somalia. Who actually went out of his way to use on them a hired Ethiopian's soldiers so that he can installed his "stooge" or his political "puppet" over them. Even if such "arrangement" can only be done if his stooge will be standing over the dead bodies of these teeming beggars community, in which Mr Cheeseman had asked the Ethiopians to murder on his behalf.

These are "three old news item" I keep on my computer's file (just in case they may became handy around here of SOL).

Hence, lets see how these "three old news" fare in "comparison" to any other argument or any other accusation (or even allegations) in which anyone else can make against us in Somaliland. Given the fact is that, say what you will about us in Somaliland, but the truth of the matter is that we are not and never were this hapless, this defeated, this wretched before the "annals of the Somali history", as some folks are in actuality and are in their sorry existence even to this day. 

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