Syria and Libya not going well for Turkish

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Remember that every European country, every gulf Arab country had a terrorist organization in Syria. America had about 10 of them with changing names.

Everybody now abondoned their organizations on Turkish lap. Turkey having impossible time to separate them terrorists, rebels, moderates, radicals...etc

Can you imagine France and Britain who had the most destructive role blaming now Turkey.

Iran and Russia are saying, if Turkey cannot separate them in whole year then we attack everybody.


The Turkish were also a bit late in Libya. They knew that Italy, France and Britain are there knee deep. UAE and Saudi are there with their poodle Sissi.


Somali young are smart. Except very few in Iraq and Syria nothing heard in Libya, Yemen..etc.




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Turkey should never had allowed Idilb to be touched by  Asad and his evil backers Russia.

If Turkey puts its weight neither Asad oe Russia could stop them. Syria is its backyard and Russia should back down. 

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