Germany Embassy in Kenya refuses Somaliland region minister of agriculture (Ahmed Muumin Seed) entry visa to Germany

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Soomaalida ayaa tidhaahda: "Nin aan quus aqoon iska ayaa quus ah" (or words to that effect).

In other words, when one was chased away from his fervent and deep political dream of seeing Somaliland being destroyed by internally engineered and outsiders-agitated local uprising in Sanaag region (which was the form in which the unholy and the needless mutiny of Col. Caare took), which in turn was what some "Ina-Gumeed ninny" around in here of SOL was praying for it, as that fine chap, our friend, by the name of Tallaabo has sussed out already, then we now being presented with a "fake and photo-shop allegation" concocted from someone furtive and failing imagination.

And this fake stuff is alleging as some sort of a negative or bad PR case for Somaliland, as some are hoping.

However, what is doubly tragic to observe is the sight of knowing that the same said Minister Mumin Seed is now (as we speak in here) in freaking Germany taking part in an "agricultural-related-conference" organized by the German's government. 

Talk about a crippling delusion being your driving force in life, as some ninnies are wont of doing it around here. Hence, a real pity doesn't even come close in defining the sorry state in which these lot are in, really. 

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