When Farmaajo really joins Abiy and Afwerki in anti Turkish Front

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Having a great power of good like Turkey should be enough for Somalia to fend off others and survive. If Farmaajo tries to damage the Turkish relationship he ill be history. Somalis will throw him out in a minute. 

In Mogadishu it is all about supervising the NGO money that is pouring in Somalia. $44 millions for police, $112cmilions for cities and so on. When was the last time you have seen about 50 million allocated by donors to Somali police?Waar meesha maxaa lacag socota. There is a fear that if you spoke up the river money might dry up.

Every politician from Mogadishu will tell you that " Dawlad heblaayo ayaa inoo dhisaysa halkaas iyo halkaas. 

Last weekend we asked the Somali ambassador to the UN when the foreign soldiers will be living Somalia? and he said, " next year 1000 soldiers will be leaving and the salary of those soldiers will be directed to Somali soldiers". 

Can you imagine, just a mere thousand . Even the weak Burundi rejected leaving Somalia By demanding that others should also reduce their numbers.

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