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Keyz 1-8-7

Pirates Attack US Cruise Liner 100 miles from Somalian Coast

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What am I going to do about it? The same I've done about all the rubbish coming from Somalia: get outraged, become sad, make a prayer and move on. Clearly its the impotent approach.

I have an idea of buying a speed boat and patrolling those areas as coast guards of the Somali Rep, what do you think? How much money do you have? I hope your handy with a rifle as criss-crossing the indian ocean.

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Reports have shown that piracy activites have been going on for more than a year. So it should come as no surprise that this only made headlines b/c the Cruise ship was American.


I've read that such activities are justified by the Ilegal fishing,and illegal toxic waste dumpings taken place on our coast. However, the hijackings of UN food aid & luxury lines prove these justifications false.


Besides the hope that the pirates will give up, Im having a hard time figuring out how the situation can be resolved. The transitional government is already facing enough challenges,and I dont think the African Union has the authority to control coastal activities?


Unless the piracy is controlled and eradicated, we could undoubtedly see an increase in American or European forces along the coast, a UN imposed embargo on Somali exports, or a possible reduction in food aid to prevent future attacks/hijackings.

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