Somaliland oil and gas

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If Somaliland has commercial viable oil and natural gas within its territory why hasn't the Somaliland government invested in exploration and extraction of the oil and exported through Berbera port? What is stopping Somaliland from doing this? After all Taiwan does not have independence from China but has built up its country with first world infrastructure.

Somaliland has had 30 years of peace. There is no excuse for its economy to be third world. Somalilands GDP is 1.6 billion. This is pathetic. 🤷‍♂️

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3 hours ago, Dahireeto said:

lol. Somaliland doesn't even have money to pay its civil servant salaries and that is why everyone is stealing money. Stop the jokes man. 

Waxaad tidhaa sheeg wiillkan 2019 soo toosay, masaajidka cayaarta ka daa.


There are minerals and precious stones in Somaliland , mainly in AWdal, Bebera caust, Sool and Sanaag.

Saalax, did you guys hear about the gold rush in Sanaag?. Three people killed and seven wounded in the gold despite. 

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