Breaking News: Tensions high in Hargeisa, Somaliland region several high ranking WADANI party officials arrested

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15 hours ago, Tallaabo said:

He is certainly out of his depth, reduced to a mere protester, and is equally responsible for the unfortunate mess there

He is. This is not how to shake up the status quo and show your support.

Demos are cooked ( Mudaharaadka waa la kariya) and prepared ahead of time. Even his main complaint is a member of election commission that doesn't meet the neutrality requirement.He never said anything about theft of public and private property, the rebels mushrooming through Somaliland or other major issues.

Cirro need to do some real changes. Anyway,, spokesman Batuun is capable man so does the secretary general. 

Anyway, there are still free men in Hargeisra who will be silent of these crimes.



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Very troubling news is coming out of Somaliand. Mr. Bihi has failed his people and need to resign asap. 

Mr. Bihi has become very arrogant. 

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I do not think that this Cirro guy could made it to the finish line.


He can not see or even figure out the dirty tricks of Kulmiye leaders. How can you reverse someone already voted overwhelmingly by the parliament?, besides, why you allow Biixi and company to keep putting wedges between your party and the east Burco community. By employing a mercenary elder like Buurmadow, Kulmiye framed the whole issue as a vote against one community. 


THere were large number of east Burco members of Wadani who sacrificed everything for the party from 2012 to 2017. They rejected the way Xirsi Gaab was operating and chose WAdani. THen , the same Xirsi Gaab joined Wadani and they made him the party " Ayatullah". THose men and women said, " we left Kulmiye and rejected Hirsi, now that same guy was made in charge of WAdani " and they left. The corrupt Kulmiye has given high positions to anyone who left Wadani. 

THis issue is why fight for a man, Mr. Riyo Raac, who was Wadani before joining Kulmiye, and antagonize his community?. Rather than split the Jeegaan, Cirro is playing to their hands.

Biixi is very easy to defeat if WAdani is serious. They can easily mobilize people and claim to be trying to save Somaliland from usurper like Biixi.They could claim to be saving Somaliland before it disintegrates and initiate impeachment process ( Dalkii iyo dadkii ayuu kala dirayaa , sidaa darteed waa in aynu is dhaafina). You don't have to win the impeachment, just try to shake things up and bring the international and local media.

 I would have even revived some dormant war crime cases against him and publicise it. This slow moving man Cirro still has time on his side to make sure Biixi do not even think about running again. 

The men on the microphone are mainly his clan. Where are the other people who should be speaking for them?. Maybe they need to explore finding a new fearless leader with charisma and powerful oratory.

Maybe , we the Northern Unionists, should join Wadani quickly and help defeat this outlaw. 




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