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Amina daughter of Nikatau

Women Should eat before's only fair

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Originally posted by Ibtisam:

I never want to eat after I cook, my edo told me because the smells fills you up. I would normal have a snack hrs later.


Amina, you are doing the cooking, so add self feeding time to your cooking time if it bothers you so much. And WLC to SOL.

Lol...i agree. i never want to eat after i have been cooking all day.

besides just cook enough for everyone...and then u can all eat happily, at the same time, one after the other whatever way makes u happy.

i personally prefer to feed everyone at the same time, so that i don't have the whole problem of food running out. the only people who don't eat first are generally the cook and whoever is helping in the kitchen.

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Originally posted by Nephisa Al-Soomaal:

quote:The food they serve for 1 person can be eaten by 3. Portions are Mashallah.. a ticket to grow neema neema(bellies)!!!

Not in my experience. I can not remember how many times I was initially disappointed when an entree arrived; kis yar bariis, labo xabo hilib, & 3 jab bataati! :mad: . I think Somali restaurants decide on what portion size to offer to a woman, maxaa dhacay dheh saxamada ragga loo wado buux-dhaaf, geeesahay ka qubanayaan. They must think women don't eat :rolleyes: . As long as I'm paying for it, I don't see how it is any of their business how much/little one eats.


Now I always tell them 'rag baa loo wadaa' and get it to-go.
Please visit Columbus OH, you will be amazed by the amount. Its like universal every Somali joint you go they compete in quantity. Mashallah, food tastes tasty though.

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