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self-praising and the Somali culture

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Salaam to all the brothas and sistas of sol...

I have a question to every and each one of you...

so now you are wondering what my question is right?


Well, it'z is self-praising allowed in our culture- I mean talking about your achievements, your goals in life, and what kind of life you maintain currently-

A while ago, there were two Somali sistas talking and here is how their convo went


Farhio: hi sis, how u doing, I haven't seen you for a while what you up to now a days

Fartun: Alxamdulilah sis, I am doing fine how about you, I haven't seen you for a while too.

Farhio: well I was busy

Fartun: with what

Farhio: with my new job

Fartun: job

Farhio: yes

Fartun: how about school

Farhio: well I graduated this past summer and now I am working full time

Fartun: full time? doing what

Farhio: As a case manager for ....... county

Fartun: I guess you are making a lot of money now

Farhio: well...kind it'z about $42,000 annually... it'z not a lot

Fartun: what else u upto?

Farhio: well I want to go back to school to get my masters insha Allah some where next year

So abaayo I gotta go now it was nice seeing ya again-- I'll call ya insha Allah some time... take care abaayo


As Farhio leaves-- Fartun starts gossiping the poor hard working sista and saying what a self-praising *****....

So Soomaaliyeey how do u see this scenerio

does it sound familiar to you

how would u react to this if you are in a similar situation

would you listen to the nac-nac and the provoundly jealousy of sis Fartun

muxuuse dhaqanku ka yiri this

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I think Farhio's attention was not kinda show off attitude, we normally know, but rather she hosnestly speaking to Fartun about what she does now and about the future as well, which were the questions Miss Fartun initiated by asking her, however, on the other hand for me Fartun looks a bit jealousy maybe not am not sure! hard to determine in this short conversation!



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There is nothing wrong to discuss with a fellow somali about your intensions and sharing with them how far you have progressed in life. Such information is shared because the listener will be happy to hear about it knowing a somali person made it small or big, after all, that is why we are here. Money and Education.

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Well Allamagan,


I am not really so sure as to how the other sister had perceived her message,

She was just answering her question,

but u know how some people twisting things around.


To Xoogsade,

just walaalo there is no doubt that the sista is jelaus...

no doubt but I am still amazed @ how she took it

it was so bizzare!

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why is Farhio showing off so much... she could have been like am going to school soon and working. She didn't have to say she was going for her masters, she didn't have to say she was making all that money at her nice new government job. She didn’t have to be so explicit

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