Who is auctioning Somali natural resources?

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According to Faadumo Dayib,  a well respected activist and former Somali women representative at the Un, the Somali leaders are by standards and guests of those who are auctioning the Somalia Oil blocks in the  Indian ocean.  According to Faadumo Dayib the Somali delegation who are participating on the action of the resources  can't even pay their own travel and lodging bills let alone control the transduction. The auction is organized and managed by a British firm, and they are paying  the flights, hotels and per diem expenses of the Somalis who went to London (I am not sure if  they did depart already) to witness the auction. In other words, they have no say.

How can you represent the interest of your nation when foreigners are paying your basic needs like hotel and daily expenses. How can a nation trying to survive against daily insurgency attacks and instability within the nation's capital has moral authority to sell the national resources. A government under the protection of foreign armies who is unable to control the nation's  capital , let alone other regions,  is auctioning a territory that it doesn't control. 

Why are they throwing billions of dollars of resources without due diligence. In Libya, different groups control the oil resources and each one of them is dealing with foreign tankers to sell the oil. Somalia doesn't control the Jubba area region and its coast at the moment, yet they giving away a resource that is in foreign hands. 

The Somali parliament must reject these moves and auctions. Now we know why this Khayre guy was brought on board.The same people who control Som oil company are the ones auctioning our oil. The same conservative party insiders who created the shell company that doesn't have any other oil interest in the world but a company called Som Oil. We must stop this.

I do believe Faadumo Dayib than Khayre.

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The parliament and senate need to pass a law soon.

"Any agreement between Somalia and other countries companies, agencies, will not be valid unless tabled in parliament and passed"

All secret deals are secret for simple reason that there is unacceptable parts in them. But the bad part is they are binding. The only way countries protect themselves from traitors or corrupt officials is if there is a law that stipulates that any agreement that has not been shown to parliament, even a select committee, is not binding.

There is nothing secret about oil blocks, concessions, freighting, ports...anymore. SFG should not be allowed to keep any of this secret.



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