Raagii na nago ayay noqdhan

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Somali men have become like female like. Now, hear me out before you call me a misogynist, sexist or anti women. 

What I mean by this is lately i have been hear and see alot of Somali men on conference call/paltalk/qalka etc whatever they call it. They chit chat it these married and unmarried women for hours and hours. You might say what is wrong with that, they are having fun, it's there life etc. And you are correct. It's their life and there is nothing wrong with a person trying to killed bored. But if this becomes the norm of all  Somali men on these types of lines/calls mostly talking about sexaul and other dirty talks and some politics etc than what will the future for Somalis look like? 

Who are the future of Somalis and Somalia?

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They talk about qabyaalad iyo waxaas, nothing to do with xan iyo xin. Is engaging qabyaalad all day long better than engaging xan iyo xin and other idle talks. I don't know.

Say-walaahi girls generation waxba ma dhaamaan too, snapchat, youtube make-up tutorial channels iyo waxyaabahaas iyagana balwadooda ah.

Eniwey, is paltalk still a thing? I thought maryooleey, especially faaraxyada, facebook u qaxeen.


  • Haha - That was funny. You made me laugh! 1

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