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    • By Come Learn Somali
      "Waan haraadanahay = I am thirsty"
      "Waan qoslayaa = I am laughing"
      "Waan Fakarayaa = I am thinking" 
      "Waan fiirinaya = I am looking"
      I say it like the following respectively:
      "Waan omanahay"
      "Waan qosloya"
      "Waan f iikiroya"
      "Waan f iirinoya"
      I never heard of "haraad". 
      I think the site has issues with lowercase double "i" s together. Thus I put a space so that it shows clearly. 
    • By Come Learn Somali
      I'm trying to better understand the Somali Dialects, who can help me? 
      First, I'm unsure about if these are all the same, or how they are related: Xamar, Mogadishu,  and Banadiri. Likewise, Koonfur, and Banadiri dialect(s). 
      Moving on, I heard that Northern Somali dominates the media: music industry, news, etc., and maybe even the education system as in it's a dialect chosen for teaching. While Southern Somali is the most commonly spoken of all the dialects, and the two dialects (Northern, and Southern) are the most common of all the dialects. Do you think that is the case?
      Feel free to share any other relevant insights.
      I came across this photo long ago. Though I think I also came across another link that said it's wrong: 
      Somali languages - Wikiwand
      WWW.WIKIWAND.COM The Somali languages form a group that are part of the Afro-Asiatic language family. They are spoken as a mother... Thank you for your help in advance. My internet is having issues, so I might be unable to respond for a while. 
    • By SomalinmyDNA
      Somali men have become like female like. Now, hear me out before you call me a misogynist, sexist or anti women. 
      What I mean by this is lately i have been hear and see alot of Somali men on conference call/paltalk/qalka etc whatever they call it. They chit chat it these married and unmarried women for hours and hours. You might say what is wrong with that, they are having fun, it's there life etc. And you are correct. It's their life and there is nothing wrong with a person trying to killed bored. But if this becomes the norm of all  Somali men on these types of lines/calls mostly talking about sexaul and other dirty talks and some politics etc than what will the future for Somalis look like? 
      Who are the future of Somalis and Somalia?
    • By SomalinmyDNA
    • By Old_Observer
      This is a demonstration in Jigjiga. Its probably 60-100 people all together. You be the judge if they are Somali or not or a good mix.
      All slogans are in Amharic
      Calling the Federal government to intervene and overthrow the Somali kilil government is most repeated in 3 ways:
      1. We are also Ethiopians treat us equal change our government as you changed in Oromo and South (one was changed 1.5 years ago the other 3 months ago on their own)
      2. we want Liyu eliminated
      2. Federal Government come save us from this government how can you leave us in this condition