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Of course it is, Cadnaan. It is childish of Ingiriiska and it says more about how they are irrelevant in international political scenes, and their failing and messy poor attempt of trying to exite Midowga Yurub.

Wax ixtiraan u haayo dowladda Ingiriiska iska yar and the world can see it. I am sure they will privately try to explain to Soomaaliya's government. We expulsed their ambassador once in1964 regarding NFD and we can do it today if Soomaaliya deems fit.

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Lool. If the tabloid Independent paper, which have failed and went into multiple of bankruptcies in more times than any newspaper in UK's history, is the source of wisdom and deep enlightenment to some folks in-terms of what UK's strategical policy in the wider world happens to be, then it's apparent that some are more out-of-touch with reality of how UK do things of its national strategy than I thought it was ever possible.

At least, The Guardian, The Times, The Economist or even The Telegraph, would have a scintilla of credibility in here. But the Independent paper where a few thousands of pounds could get you a "good copy" of an article for your reputation inside its pages is really something else.

In fact, if the likes of Mr Libaax-Sanka-Taabte (LSK) the old owner of this joint call SOL, could spare 10 thousands dollars (or even less than that), he can then have a good and polish copy of an article praising this SOL website to the rafter in-terms of how serious website it is (a premier discussion portals in the Somali internet portals) at the Independent paper, both in the hard copy of the paper form and on its website, by next week.

This is how much one should put "stock" of what it says of anything larger than tabloid musings.       

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2 hours ago, Dahireeto said:

Rooboow would have been elected fairly without corrupt money. 

Leaving aside for a moment whether that was desirable at all, but still all the same we can say that the proposition that says that this Roobow fellow (even as a miserable Jihadi) would have "won (and won in hands down manner) for the power of that fiefdom, if there was any semblance of a fair selection process in that place, is really an unarguable statement.

And it's an unarguable, for it's a true statement of the reality of that place.

Hence, why the clique in Villa Somalia went in to all that troubles of political and financial corruption, went in for a day-light-wanton-murder of innocent civilians, and then to boot, went in with all sort of "underhand selection tactics", just to get their man into power in Baydhabo.  

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