President Elect of Puntland State of Somalia: Siciid Cabdullahi Deni

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Ah, what a nice propaganda for Mr. Deni.

He might be a businessman but the money involved isn't his money.  Puntlanders told me that both UAE and Qatar were both  actively involved in this campaign. The Eremites  trad first to back C/weli Gaas , but decided to change strategy due to his unpopularity and by breaking  some earlier promises he made with them which  mainly involved about sidelining  the federal government,

Since the contest was leaning toward Reer Bari, The UAE  decided to back the young general Dayaano who is tough on Al-shabaab and security issues. Then Qatar came aboard and backed Saciid Dani. This idea of Eremites backing Dani is a side show.

The richest men in this contest are  members of Puntland parliament. Reports say that some candidates paid up $75,000 while Mr. Dani was alleged to have paid as high as $95,000. 

THere are  credible reports that state Mr. Jebiye from Minnesota has demanded a refund and up to 17 members have returned the money. I do not know how this works but a former member of the Somali parliament told me that usually the money is paid up front and it is up the individual to vote as he wishes which means they might take your money and vote later to  whom ever they are comfortable with. I always thought that there might  have been some mechanism that pays them after they voted for the man who paid them.

Folks if former scenario is correct and the person could vote his conscience  even after getting paid, then there is a hope. Yet, Puntland can't continue to rely 66 men who becomes rich after every election. After 20 years the time has come to allow people to vote just like Somaliland or this shenanigans will continue.

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Puntlanders habaar baa haysta. 

No way out of corruption, nepotism, backwardness and poverty. The longer this goes on, the more these traits become part of population DNA according to Charles Darwin. 

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Worse of all they are celebrating for staging this auction of the highest paid horse.

They could have increased the pool of the electoral voters by adding women, youth, business community and civil society. They could have convened a larger caucus that has up 400-500 people to increase diversity and make it difficult to buy everyone.

It is a shame they doing the same thing since 1998, and just like Somali politics the new guy ridding the white horse presenting himself as savior . I do not expect any thing to change.

The two good men of the contest Cali Ciise and Farah Shire had no chance.

Jug meeshaada Joog. At least the Puntland public is patient and civilized which is why they do not get emotional or worked up whom ever comes in. For them , this political contest that should not disturb the public since the larger public is the deep state.


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Galbeedi, we agree the people that live there are the deep state themselves and they keep this jugjug setup in place. But at what point do they get fed up with all of this and say enough is enough. Why doesn't the public (deep state) hold these leaders accountable for their lack of vision to bring about a change or any kind of improvement? If I was the deep state, I would always demand improvement and nothing less.  The corrupt leaders keep replacing each other. They come, they go and nothing changes. 

Faroole's family is back. 




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You right brother. I should have probably framed differently that the deep state is led by the elite and the elders not the larger public which has more power than anyone else. When Faroole tried to extend his term by calling political parties for the last minute he was stopped by the deep state, just as they told Gaas manage the elections and do not try anything disturbing the peace.

The best way to remove these things is by starting municipal elections and electing governors in order to limit the power of this big fish jumping in and out iof this small pound. The budget of Puntland can't sustain these huge entourage and bureaucracy that is surrounded  the leader.

The Faroole Family are becoming not only a joke but a mafia Don that is constantly there. The man was defeated five years ago, yet couldn't disappear behind the curtain and being honorable former president. He couldn't get over of losing that election. He is behind the microphone weekly criticizing C/weli while trying to manage other campaigns. 

Real local reforms must start now , not after four years or just before the election. Strengthen the local authority to manage and develop them  the locally.


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On 1/11/2019 at 9:20 PM, Peace Action said:

Oodka you could be nice once in a while and congratulate the new President of Puntland Deni. But the geeljire in you would not let that happen. Do you know how many MS in the Puntland parliament? Of course you don't. This is high level politics which will be very difficult for Jeegaanta abused geeljire to understand.

Peace Action,

I see that I have touched a raw nerve in you, my friend. Which in turn may account for the reason you are blind-siding us with this sort of piffle and the bile in which you are withering on with it in here. Or at least, may account for the deeper animating reasons of why you are spouting this level of tiresome cow's manure at us in here.

No, mate, that wont do. And it won't do for this specific reason. And that is, firstly, the "Trinity Brothers" may not have a larger numbers of MPs in Pirates-Stan's fiefdom and its parliament. But, still at a face of it, that doesn't really tell us much about the day-to-day politics of the place.

However what it tell us is the reality of how ever since its creation back in 1998 only "three-family-brotherhood" were the ones who were running the show there.

Which was actually how the regional politics of your fiefdom have existed it ever since then. And this in turn is "akin" to like so much of an Italian's crime-Family handing over the leadership of the family's business concern from father to son and so on it goes. Which is the essence of "Cosa Nostra".

Consequently, it's best to stop flattering your folks into thinking that they are doing anything that could be "characterize" as "High-level-politics". When in fact what they are doing (and basically were doing it from the get-go of the first day of the existence of their fiefdom) was to essentially hand-over power from one "clan-family" within the "trinity-brotherhood" to the next "clan-family" of the same "sub-lineage-trinity-brotherhood".

And then they go on in circles of "rotating" such "political baton" between themselves, exclusively.

Hence, unless you are one of those kids who actually think others will be rapturously entertained with his own soiled bull's shit, it's bust not to chance this kind of trite of an argument on any one else's ears, my dear ninny.

For it's ordinarily best to keep this sort of nonsense only within the usual "tea-houses" and within the rest of the "clannish joints" of your "Tolka". Given that those denizens of those places may actually think of you as if you have well and truly told them some "deeper flattering truth" in which others weren't privy to it previously. 


On 1/11/2019 at 1:47 AM, Suldaanka said:

The new Cadde Muse of Garowe, he is a man of peace. We can work with him, at least we have something in common. 


Bro, I take your "point" well and truly on board. And in particularly of how this "new Boowe", has some on-going business concern in Somaliland. And how he is (shall we say) a "mild-mannered-fish-eater" sort of a fellow, who in turn doesn't like sight of aggression or that of armies battling over a semi-desert empty areas.

And in particularly, how he doesn't like that sort of "confrontation", given that it will be his militia who will end up the ones who will take the short end of a defeat and the tragedy of that sort, if there is any aggression between Somaliland's army and his poorly-paid (or sometimes never even paid) clannish militia.

All of that I take it, quite easily. Hence, lets hope for the best. But still all the same, it's also best to be prepare for the worse, if and when he tries to "pull" off the same kind of "futile stunt" in which Mr Gaas (i.e., the head-tablet-guy) tried to pull it off back in January of last year in and around Tukaraq's village of Sool region.  

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