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^^^^^^^Twin kee dee,Ma siddaad i moodey in aan geed ku hoos dhashey and my Drivers license has January 01 as my birthday........Lakkad saaxiib waxaad joogtaa wakhtigii aad dadka wacdin laheyd.

And please no more bling blings,you have passed that stage........ :D

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Farxan I very much agree…. in our twenties is when we find take the world in, find our place, and implement our lives, and vaguely reflect on our misspent youth at weddings, graduation, and birthday parties. In our twenties is when we plan for our lives, switch programs in our third year in university and so forth.


When we’re searching for that special person who will document our life, and create a minimal history based on favourite movies, and political ideologies, while we are consumed with the need to feel wanted, and the need to feel responsible for someone.


Ultimately, our twenties is when we realize that we are part of the lonely crowd, isolated from everyone, the only thing left now is to consume the spectacle and engage in meaningless interactions based on assumptions – good times, let it roar in.

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there is that whole intimacy vs isolation that is a bit of an internal and external whirl wind...

There is also a road to self discovery and exploration that you have started in your adolenscence that stretches into early hood.


And there is a haze of confusion that hangs over 20 somethings... it's sometimes hard to see the path in front of you or the trail you left behind. Past loves,hates,fears and dreams seem like fairytales so long and far away. This is the time when you shed you childhood layers or keep them when you shed you teen layers or keep them.... the time another layer will be added for the decade that was or is the prime of your life.

Questions soo many questions swirl around

and the mantra is why? why? why? like a scared and unsure owl that never learned who.



Sometimes I'm not sure of my surrondings am I in a forest.... that swirls and changes and morphs into a city.... which becomes an open field...

Or have I been looking in the lake and seeing the distortion and warm darkness of the universe in my eyes.


I have been haunted by visions of a woman who stands waist deep in water with her back to me in the centre of a pond and I at the edge of a forest I call out to her except my screams are silent and she dosen't turn around...


Endless dream filled nights that have a familair fog and fuzzy warmth stretch and yawn lazily into endless dreamy days where... I'm sure I'm still sleeping... because I feel like... I'm floating.

I float through hours, days, weeks and months... and I feel like I never gotten out of bed ... that I'm still dreaming... what can possibly happen next?....everyone takes soundless steps around me... and I see the drudging or the dragging of hovering feet.

On some days it's a happy floating that's light and I feel orange and yellow and people smile at me as I walk past.

Other days it's a heavy floating and I feel red and grey and pulled down by the earth.


This fuzzy haziness entraps me... she holds tight to me in the night and caresses me in the morning whispering in my ears of events long ago.

She makes love to me for days, weeks and months... and whenever she leaves to go for a short trip, she takes a little bit of myself with her. She leaves a bit of herself in me.... and that's why I feel empty for a few days afterwards or full... never in the middle...

and I wake up crying like I had been violated... feeling contempt ,love... and fear in eqaul mixtures of a morning soup.

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