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  1. Facebook made me feel like a stalker, so I deleted mine and it is the best decison I have made so far.
  2. Welcome and enjoy the shah and biscuits P.s lurkers. I had a problem registering via mozzila to all the lurkers who want to join but can't use internet explorer.
  3. In London (and am sure other places) there are some somali girls with jamaican gaal and others married to jamaican salafi (at least the marriage is halal here) Also recently I found out we have somali qaniis and qaniisad... My point is just forgot about them, because they are lost and concentrate on yourself and your family/friends. If you see them tell them what they're doing is xaram etc.
  4. Welcome Sayid! I'll give it a go too. Name: Mafia_gal Location: UK Occupation Uni student Gender: Female alhamdulilah lol What I do when people are not looking: spit outside. Interests: crime> i am obsessesed with crimewatch. Music: X factor
  5. thnx 4 sharing----if only i could wake up @ night
  6. Mafia_Gal


    google urself??? :confused: :confused:
  7. no harm done...yeah i replaced that member
  8. thnx 4 correcting me castro-----i got 2 stop posting @ night
  9. well my 7 year old sister is sweet but chats RUBBISH......cant listen 2 her for a long time lol..and she thinks crying will get her everything its so annoying she cries 2 much i dont know if its cos she's the last my 11 yr old brother.....he's annoying 2 and we always argue..he always thinks he's right and he always wants 2 fight with me..maybe its cos he's the only brother i and there is my 18 yr old sis nothing wrong with her....we are close....and there's 16 yr old me....nothing wrong with me second child is the best
  10. well im no way near i have nothing 2 worry about