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  1. Whats up with all yall girls havin crush on dugsi teachers...stop lyin..yall know yall have crush on adoons...and jamacains.
  2. You dont have to be a playa to get a girl...God gave you a MOUTH AND BRAIN use it..if you can talk you can get any girl you want...thats how i feel.
  3. I just dont get it...your married and your online chattin or postin topics...thats not good...your kids and your husband/wife is home and your on the computer chatting...like that girl that got addicted to the somali chat room. if i was married i wouldnt even get near to a computer. what do you guys think about it?
  4. Your short, Shy and you sound like them kinda girls that wear hijab and do the freaky things on the side...your're a concieted person.
  5. Waryaa Whats up...No Grown man should wear pink...Real man dont wear pink...next time you about to get some... see what color that inside is... that will show you that pink is for Xaliimo's.