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  1. As-salaamu alaikum wr wb, I call it like I see it! Besides its Ramadan and to keep such information from a fellow sistah has got to be wrong! Y'all are a herd of hungry rude nomads. Flying sweety thnks for that warm wlcm... one thing never seizes to amaze me, that strong bond that we sisters share! ah that gives me an idea, we should start a topic just based on that...hehe if you want to give your new found sistah some advise you might want to tell her how this is the deep end of the pool and if she can't swim she's bound to drown. underdog... walalo I have no fear of that, now that I know I got sisters like flying as my safeguard... I wonder if you could say the same? hmmmm Remember guys, a woman who is pleased in her relationship with her partner, would have no problem bending over backwards to please her man, so keep that in mind. quizit I absolutely agree with you... "you will catch more bees with honey than vinegar" sis I never heard this before, its really nice, hope you don't mind if I use it... hehe:D
  2. salaamu alaikum wr wb, I'm the queen of procastination, I'm probably a chairwoman for the ancient order of the two-headed turtle ... So after this post I better log off...I thought this was too funny!!!!!!!! so I had to share it with you guys.... BTW to all the brothers, don't even think about posting a similar joke! hehe ==================================================================================================== Seriously. I’m getting sick of this. My dad is freaking out. My mom can’t sleep and walks around all day crying. Nobody’s interested in my hooking up with my sister. She’s been single her whole life. That’s 30 years of solitary misery for the poor girl. The last time we had a guy come to our house for a marriage scenario, he said something like "Excuse me brother, but where is your sister?" I don’t think she’s that bad looking. They say that the truest form of beauty is on the inside, right? Well, it must be buried pretty deep. Don’t get me wrong. She’s not that bad looking. People say she bears a strong resemblance to Barry White so it can’t hurt to resemble a celebrity. I think she resembles Barry in her voice more than looks, but who am I to judge. My folks got really desperate last summer and rented out a booth at ISNA for her. It was way in the back of the bazaar with a sign that read, "For The Sake of Allah, Please Marry Me". One guy stopped by but he was just asking where the bathroom was. My sister thinks that guys aren’t interested in her because she doesn’t wear hijab. I tell her to flat out go for the niqab. She needs all the help she can get. Shoot, wear sunglasses with that niqab while you’re at it. We registered her on one of those matrimonial sites but they keep turning down her membership because they think that the pictures are faked or it’s a joke of some kind. I guess that in the end, we’re all destined to end up with someone, right? Let’s just hope that guy comes along before my mother starts interviewing the blind.
  3. As'salaamu Alaikum wr wb, Is it only me or are most somali's extremist when it comes to the religion, you have to be either one or the other, you can't be a "sheikh case" hehehe... no seriously though...What happenned to practising Islam in moderation?
  4. I thought it was hilarous, so I decided to share with ma fellow nomads :cool: to spice up this joke add the accent to it while reading! ------------------------------------------------- "This is suck!" Look, buddy...some tings are really estarting to pass me off. Hawing the guy say me not talk the English when I AM talk the English is insulting enough, but now this happens. How many guys I gotta explain?! I'M NOT ARAB! I'm Sikh, dang it. Sikh, sikh, sikh! You aydeeots hound me and say me go home. But I say I am home so what? They look with confuse and start throwing the thing and the other thing. I drive cab for long, long time in this country - at least 3 day. I have people say me go home cuz some plane crash and hit the guy and I say "How I know who the guy is, man? Why I gotta be the blame?" Blame the responsibility people, whoever they be at. Leave me alone, please. I done I save document?
  5. As'salaamu alaikum wr wb, Well as you all are aware of, its that time of the year...shhhhhhh no need to utter that word "exams" ...anywho,I was wondering if ya'll could share with us what you do when you reach your peak of zombiness... You know when you feel so drained out, and you feel like giving up... well you get the picture dee! even if you got no advices for your fellow nomads, atleast share with us some qoute that you read, anything really...The following is an advice on motivation for anything : Passion makes the old medicine new: Passion lops off the bough of weariness. Passion is the elixir that renews: how can there be weariness when passion is present? Oh, don't sigh heavily from fatigue: seek passion, seek passion, seek passion! -Mathnawi VI, 4302-4304
  6. salaamu alaikum wr wb, oppppsy dazzy! I was suppose past the site for ya'll huh? mensa International-Mensa workout
  7. salaamu alaikum wr wb, for some odd reason I wasn't permitted to write the name of my 1st choice, so I guess I'll go with my 2nd choice... Dhagaxbuur
  8. salaamu alaikum wr wb, ******ia
  9. salaamu alaikum wr wb, To answer underdog’s question: We are the wombs that bear the future generation of the nomads...Need I say more? Aite on the serious note tho'... Aside from being your best friend, companion...nomad sisters make every effort to inspire their men both spiritually and intellectually... Reading to your partner in a room filled with candle light... and probably give you a Greek picnic, at teh comfort of your home, u could even play dress up if you like .... Don't laugh at it, it was only a suggestion dee!
  10. salaamu alaikum wr wb, for some reason I find english rather dull... so I'll go with math... I don't know the rest of you, but I would love it if ya'll could elaborate the reason as to why you picked one over the other. Einstein or Ghandi?
  11. salaamu alaikum wr wb, take this workout test if you have been curious about ur IQ, n if your up to it let us know how you did? I'll go 1st I got 26 :eek:
  12. salaamu alaikum wr wb, this is just a guess... in their pocket?
  13. salaamu alaikum wr wb, lets face it we live in a self-interested society... If I cook him baris n hilib(its adorable how somali men know so little about food, it won't take her more than 10 min to prepare him that )...anywho, what's in it for her? how would he show her how much he appreciates what she has done for him?
  14. salaaamu alaikum wr wb, I have to frank, I would feel superior next to a midget, opps let me be politically correct "short men"...(its a joke) Bukhari or Muslim?
  15. Salaamu alaikum wr wb, Walalo, mahad sananid inaad naxasusid khair inuu fican yahay bishan... Ilahay kuligeen huuno khair kisa hanala wada kulmiyo... sweety, hal kilmad maan kuwedin kara, anigu waxaad igu cuneesid so ma aha inaan topic romantic ah kahadlay, watahay huuno waan joojinahaya... lakeen huuno, bishan fadliigasa farahabadan cala oowgiis magacaga maad ubadali weeday? runti huuno dee ilama aha topickeega inu siduu magaca graphic(couldn't think of somali term :rolleyes: ) u yahay inuu uyahay... walalo iga ralinoqo hadan kuxasusiyay wax oo adan umaleen inaad ka fa iden san karto... :confused:
  16. Salaamu alaikum wr wb, Me personally ‘m looking for a brother who has the characteristics of the prophet(scw), the strength of prophet Musa, and last but definitely first on the list, he has to be as eye blinding as prophet yusuf ...well on the serious note, now a days its hard to find a religious brother who idolizes the sahabas, would I be exagexaggerating if I was to say such brothers are phantom...anywho, I agree with Allah "Women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity" (Quran 24:26)
  17. salaamu wr wb, since I got a labtop, I've to promote labtop Miyi misa magalo?
  18. salaamu wr wb, amiin ya Allah! star hon thanks for taking the time to share such a beautiful dua with really touched my heart, again jazak'Allah khair hon hon it was really beautiful..
  19. salaamu alaikum wr wb, when you kids like Ali Muse Duale I just hate all those warlocks more! I just hope one day insha'Allah we all get a chance to confront them...Anywho, sista unique jzka'Allah khair hon for the post, insha'Allah I'll try to help him the best of my ability
  20. As-salaamu alaikum wr wb, Walaloyiin ya’ll jumped to conclusions, and I have also observed in this forum how people partake in a fruitless debates, you’ll see two folks arguing about something they obviously agree upon...Aite let me start by pointing out the obvious here...the tone of romance is ofcourse mutual respect, kindness, love, companionship, and harmonious interaction. We want more than just Hollywood-style romance. I honestly don’t get the concept of flowers :confused: (they would eventually die, so what does that tell you about your love for her? Another thing, :rolleyes: ‘m not cheap, but what’s the point of spending $50 for something that’ll last for 5 days? I rather have you spend that money on charity, which would last a life time) aite, to the ones who were complaining about their women gaining weight, well you might want to start reflecting on whether you want to get her *hint hint* chocolate on your so called day of love "valentine's day"... it shouldn't take you by suprise if she starts putting on few pounds! We are not asking for much, we don’t the five-star dinner reservation or for you to buy us three carat diamond. If you want to show her how romantic you are be unpredictabl...getting back to the subject, I’m sure every muslimah would agree with me when I say we don’t date prior to marriage...would I be correct to assume ya’ll know the reasons? So, I was actually referring to romance after marriage, and on selecting a partner...As a practicing Muslim I shouldn’t tell you how our methods of selecting a partner differs from the to the brother who was bragging about dating outside his race, walalo I just hope they are muslims for your sake, cause know the saying if you sleep with dogs you wake up with flies...well in this case with disease...huuno, this is a joke, so have compassion when ur about to retaliate ...Some of you probably think this is outdated, but ah well, that’s my two cents, and I hate nothing more than to waste my energy n youth on few stolen moments...*another lamme joke* I have this dream like Mr Luther king did, that one day our men would be capable of being as romantic as the sahabas and that they would be able to feed us like the prophet (scw) said, "that when a husband feeds his wife, he gets a reward for this act and allah increases the bond of love between them" ... Brothers it wouldn't kill you to be her best friend, it just seems to me that mali brothers see this buddy scenario being highly inappropriate. We want a brother who is well balanced, not an extremist...I know each coin has two sides to it, and that the brothers would view us being unromantic...give us your feedback on how we could improve...‘mma sum this up with the following ayah “they are your garments and you are their garments.” (2:187) would it kill us to be a warm garments for one another *another pathetic attempt for a joke*
  21. salaamu alaikum wr wb, I read every post up to page 7, than I was fed up with it... I can't be the only nomad who is impressed by the human psyche! at any rate...I'm majoring in neuroscience... I can't be the only one! right? :confused: I would really like to know other mali's who are also majoring in the psychology field
  22. salaamu alaikum wr wb, forgive if I have stated anything that might have frustrated some of you, for it wasn't my intention ...Let me respond to certain sisters, hon there was no need to lash out on me, :eek: so that you might be able to get the spotlight you probably were craving for... Walalo Ramadan indeed is holy , and I for one is saddened by the fact soon it will come to an end ......however darling, I hate to remind you, but if you think that we ought to censor ourselves about certain topics, why should we do so only this month? and if you think its wrong of so cover it this month, what about the other 11 months? my darling sister, Ramadan is not the only month where a creature is to turn to Allah and conduct oneself in a reflective manner...I agree with you, it is a month for spiritual reawakening. However huuno, Allah has not asked us to renounce the world...This is a month we are to spend praying every chance we get... can ya’ll believe in less than 2 weeks no more taraweeh and tahajud ....FYI to the sister that was curious about me neglecting this holy month, walalo I haven’t missed a night of my taraweehs n Alhamdulillah so far I have attended couple of tahajud prayers, so don’t say I’m ruled by my desires, you do not know darling if I were you, I would be careful about accusing a fellow muslim, I don’t need to remind you about the saying if you point a finger there are three pointing in your direction...Anyhow, as I have already suggested I'm new to this forum, again forgive me if I was out of line... it was wrong of me to think we could have a heart warming friendly debate. :confused:
  23. salaamu alaikum wr wb, I'm new to the forum, so technically this would be my first post. So let me 1st of all wlcm myself ......For the past 6 months I have been working on this theory, let me apologize in advance if what I have to say sounds like 'm generalizing somali men...for the past 6 months I have conducted a research on how romantic somali men are? what has alarmed me most about this research is the fact that they know so little about romance...Some of you would probably say that its not only somali men, and that the philosophical roots of romance has been lost in the mists of time for every culture...which I agree, the ladies would agree with me when I say that we expect more out of our men. Every mali woman expects to be treated like a queen, but since that doesn’t look like it would happen… and ladies ‘m not saying lets settle for less… to all the guys in here who have sisters at one point or another probably had seen their sisters heal some scars from failed relationship… and you probably wanted to kill the man who had made them go through that! Right, well think of how the guy whose sister ur dating must feel. Anyhow, we are not asking much… all we want is to frequently be told how much you love us, n for goodness sake don’t think that’s sufficient, we would like to know the reason. What makes us so special in your eyes… and another thing, don’t just verbally utter these words n think it would be sufficient, no show her how much u adore her in action as well. During my research I found out that mali men do not put any effort into being romantic. Pleasing their women has become the last in their list of priorities. Why is it hard for you guys to be creative with your romantic gestures? Ofcourse to be romantic doesn’t mean you have serenade the woman on balconies and write her dull poetic love letters…it would not kill you to be just as creative as us somali sista's
  24. salaamu alaikum, well u only forgot how to smile, I turned out to look like a darn turkey... thnks rudy, it actually made me smile, after a long dreadful lab...