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  1. its been a while...a really long while. hello good folks! *waves*a snow day jogged my memory of this little niche.
  2. is a jet involved? yea? that kinda ex con? TOTALLY! so long as the money stays....if not, PASS.
  3. hmm i wonder if green card marriages still happen.
  4. Aaliyyah;739348 wrote: lol@ Min-Jee.. bt luving the name aragsan..I love that name! alle hakaga dhigo ti ku anfacda..laakin waxad korean uso xaresatay wali is waydinaya...and there are million single Farahs in T.O..see weeye salaam calaf my dear, its a force one cant fight.
  5. studies like these really irritate me. how do they get funding when so many other researches are worth funding?! complete nonsense!
  6. Valenteenah.;739083 wrote: Ha ha ha @ Pucca. Masha'Allahs and Mubruuks are certainly due. What did you call the little sprog then? Do tell me you won the battle and it's a Somali name? Looma dulqaadan karo mid Korean ah. Aragsan Min-Jee is her name. min-jee is her korean middle name, her daddy had to give her a proper korean name. thank you huuno.
  7. i rarely eat suxuur, but when i actually do wake up... a yogurt with some oat clusters (the cereal kind that you can add to yogurt) is perfect for me. for afur its a must that there be xabxab...anything my aunt cooks is welcome after that. oh and plenty of water.
  8. oh thank you both, amin. and aaliyyah, indhaba ka qaadi meysid hadaad aragtid, walle weeydhameestirantahay alhamdulilah.
  9. agah! war dee mashallah ama mubruuk nagu dheh...and some duas too
  10. Aaliyyah;738621 wrote: Pucca, so what if they are different, no one asked anyone to accept this sister or her hubby. They can just mind their own business!..this girl doesnt need anyone's acceptance but alleheeed. I am guessing the korean dude was just a phase..puuca hada somalinimadeeda ayeey accept gareesay. Alhamdulilah that is a good thing..I am the kind of person who support dadka inay dadkooda ku ekaadaan laakin haday ku ekaanwayaan wa sheeko u taala we don't need to judge them.. salaam we all been doing it since we were in grade school, everyone looks at the new kid in class till he becomes old...its normal. its the same thing, you got two new people walking into the community TOGETHER and we somalis dont normally welcome our own so to think everyone would be all hanky dory bout it...thats just bs sxb. they need to smell whatever the heck will snap them back to reality. and me and my korean love are peachy. we recently...well not recently since its been like 8 months now but anyway we have a little one. cutest little eyes ever. true love is never just a phase, its a life time commitment.
  11. There's something very unsettling about a jilbaab and niqaab wearing woman carrying such a weapon. There's got to be another way to get your voice heard. subhanallah. As for the female police officers, i applaud them for their efforts...but those uniforms have got to go.
  12. Pucca

    Hair tips..

    wow Aaliyyah, totally outdone yourself here. If i had the time for half the things on this thread i'd try some of them out. wash, blow dry and put it into a bun is somewhat boring i guess... Much thanks for sharing these lovely videos... ps, hello! lol ramadan kariim
  13. These interracial marriage calaacals are oh-so-annoying! nobody forced these people to marry outside of their ethnicity so why do they feel the need to force everyone to accept and welcome them? you're DIFFERENT and therefore we will not only STARE at you but we might just point too...its human nature. consider it flattery i say.
  14. wow, subhanallah. It's amazing what people will say about an individual they don't really know. she is a very accomplished young woman who is humble and honestly the nicest person i have met. Whether you see her as a role model or not doesnt matter, she is an inspiration to many young woman in toronto and i for one am proud of her.
  15. - Femme -;733372 wrote: They were very loud also, and even screamed, wailed, closed their legs and grabbed the caregivers hands with extremely gently cervical exams. They would refuse male caregivers which sometimes meant a very increased workload if the only female available was a postpartum nurse because the other was a male CNA. They will refuse even for males to enter their rooms. And here they don't move or do things for themselves either. They are often very vocal in labour and wail throught labour very loudly. They will remove the hijab whilst in labour but the rest of the long gons they often keep honestly? refusing male nurses cant actually be a problem now can it? with all the female nurses in every ward at the hospital i find it very hard to believe that there would ever be just one postpartum nurse on duty. as for being very vocal during labour....thats just freaking insensitive. i'd be quite worried if the woman was silent, let her wail and scream...she's pushing a human outta her body! i've been to the hospital many times when i had sick relatives stay there or friends/family that had recently delivered and i simply can not stand nurses. i don't know what the heck they're teaching nurses these days but what gives? what happened to the nice sweet nurses that came around and made patients laugh? the welcoming nurses? so if people are rude to nurses then really it's the nurses fault. be nice and people will be nice right back at you. See the thing is there is a certain image of what a nurse should be, and once that image isnt lived up to...well a nurse will run into problems. i have nothing against you femme, im sure you're a great nurse. its just a few nurses seem to be ruining it for the rest. It really has nothing to do with whether somalis are rude or not. somalis in general do not tolerate bs....not from family, friends or their nurse.
  16. putting myself in their shoes...why wouldnt i want a hindi woman? tu hadal la'an cuntada iikariso, caruur iidhasha, aqalka ii hagaashisa, and pretty much worships the ground i walk on? why would any sane man pass that up? lol i've heard my aunt and her friends talking a few months back about some guy who wasnt married and how his mom (who was present) couldnt find him a girl. so my aunt's friend suggests a girl to her and the mother responds "i want a woman who is going to take care of my son, feed him well, give him good kids, and obey him, one who isnt going to cause him any trouble and just does everything he tells her to do." to which my aunt replied "dee tu hindi ah aa raadsado". she was joking ofcourse. but the mother must have believed her because as of now she is on the hunt for a good indian girl. my point is...indian girls clearly got it going on! its just rather unfortunate their men dont have anything going for them...i'd be tempted if they did.
  17. Pucca


    Go for it! if wearing the niqaab makes one feel closer to allah and strengthens their iman, then by all means...do what you gotta do to reach your religious goals. Its all about personal choice at the end of the day. And depending on the school of thought you follow, it is either sunnah or waajib. Personally speaking i don't wear one and i don't see myself doing so in the future, there are plenty of ways i can increase my iman without having to cover my face. Everyone's different. Good luck Aaliyah walaalo if you're going to start wearing it.
  18. this song is playing in my head...i keep humming to it.
  19. Walle inanta niman somaaliyeed oo dhan kaa dooratay ba jabtay. That whole "calaf ku Waa cajiib" statement never held more truth than it does now. But there's no sense in me being so negative, so dude may your union be blessed. Y'all are still Muslims so I wish you both well. Ps, Youre still not Somali, remember that.
  20. It seems the person i wanted to pm does not allow it or something. Thanks again.
  21. you're totally pulling my leg here eh? well it's great one of us is having fun here. I think I've decided to avoid any and all pms... thank you for attempting to help.
  22. oh okay so you actually have that button i was talking about. Can some people disable or not allow just about anyone to pm them? ps. you require permission to send me a pm?
  23. what would i pay you? nothing at all, sorry. but perhaps you'll get ajar for helping me inshallah.
  24. Asalaamu Alaikum good folks of SOL.. this post will definitely make me sound like a complete reer baadiyo but im going to just go ahead and ask...no question is a ****** question right? alright.... 1) whats the friend request thing on here? what exactly am i suppose to do with them? and just what happens when i accept such requests? AND 2) how do i send a pm!? i coulda sworn there used to be a button or something. i spent a good minute or two looking for it, either i've gone partially blind or somethings missing here.