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  1. In brief: I never edited any post in this thread. That is more than abuse of moderatorship, it diminishes my character in person and in life -- not on this cyber world. Waa cadaalad daro, even if mentioning tribal names, I didn't edit lest you accused me of bias and etc, as you already did. Waryaa beenta naga daa, either way if you edited it or not, you had something to do with our post being deleted; atleast be a man about it. Teda kale, bring all the documents you want what is that going to change, do you have the means (milatarily) to get your "rightful land" back? No, right? Bas maxaa yaalo meesha oo muran ka aheyn. Its like the Native Americans all of the sudden trying to claim the United states; thou, they actually can make such a claim because they are the original settlers, but in Gedo Oromo iyo Boron ayaa laga kaciyey, so where do you fit in. War waan is naqaana Baydhabo iyo Buurxakabo meel aan aheen miyaad degtiin. it is a town with rich historical sultanate Bal heede, ma isku dad baan ka hadleynaa boqortoyad aad shegeeysid xagee bey katimid? War heede Ina Maga'allay, your claims, are just claims, and you can believe whatever you want. This argument is useless, and I see no point in bickering with you back and forth over this BS you heared.
  2. Allamagan, your post was deleted because you actually mentioned the name of a qabil, but there is no reason mine was deleted, I did not break any of the SOL rules; maybe as you said, it was too much for him to handle, and since he has the power he thought he might just excersise it. Cajiib! Dhubad wallahi I was about to say that [Madax Timo Riman M*****Na Gedo Riman] mah-mah on my post
  3. Well, its really sad this poor man had to be the victim of those court sheegato;probably hailed from the minority clans; makes him an easy victim.
  4. ******************** [ May 07, 2006, 01:13: Message edited by: Admin ]
  5. I fully support the Somali-land secession, so long as they don't claim the land of my fellow brethrens i.e. Sool and Sanaag; I mean seriously what importance is reer Somali-land to the rest of Somalia; they'll just cause more chaos for our future policeman in put a stop to the khat dilemma
  6. I can guarantee that man who was excuted does not hail from one of the amred clans that live in Muqdisho.
  7. Isbahaysiga dooxada Jubba Marines promise to protect the Southern Somali ports from pirates. ------------------------------------------------- Amar Ay Isbahaysiga Dooxada Jubba Ku Mamnuucayaan Dekedaha Macmalka Ah Ee Jubbooyinka In Doomuhu Ku Xirtaan Isbahaysiga dooxada Jubba ayaa waxa ay ciidammada badda ee mariniska oo ku hubeysan doonyo iyo hub kala duwan u direen xeebaha gobollada Jubbooyinka, iyaga oo shalay galabna ciidammadaas badda oo uu hoggaaminayo col. Ismaaciil Khaliif Shire ay gaareen dekedda magaalada Baraawe isla markaasna halkaas ay maanta qado ku leeyihiin iyagoo halkaas kula kumi doona saraakiisha degmada Baraawe si ay uga wada arrinsadaan ammaanka badda ee labada gobol. Arrintaas ayaa waxa ay ka dambeysay ka dib markii ay doon u soo socotay dekedda magaalada Kismaayo koox burcad badeed ahi ka afduubteen inta u dhexeysa magaalooyinka Marka iyo Baraawe, isla markaasna ay la aadeen degaanka Xarardheere. Si kastaba ha ahaatee IDJ ayaa arrintan waxa ay ka sameeyeen diyaargarow si aysan mar dambe u dhicin arrintaas oo kale waxana ay xiriir la sameeyeen ciidammada ilaalada badaha ee gobollada deriska ah si ay degaankooda u soo dhaafiyaan doomaha ku soo jeeda Kismaayo iyagoo ciidan ammaankooda suga soo raacinaya, ciidammada Badda ee IDJ-na ay ka soo kaxaynayaan xudduudda ay la leeyihiin gobolka shabeellada Hoose sida uu xaqiijiyay maareeyaha dekedda Kismaayo. Maareeyaha Dekedda Kismaayo Mudane Cabdullaahi Salaad Yaroow ayaa sheegay in aan la oggolaan doonin in dekedaha macmalka ah ee Jubbooyinka ay doomuhu ku soo xirtaan, dekedda keliya ee Jubbooyinka ka shaqeyn kartana ay tahay dekedda Kismaayo ee caalamiga ah, wuxuuna intaas raaciyay in doontii lagu arko iyada oo deked macmal ah u socota in ay ciidammada badda ee Jubbooyinka soo qabtaan, waana lala wareegayaa iyada iyo waxa saaranba. A T Gedonet
  8. The people who some years ago killed our men, tortured our young ones, and gave absolutely no sort of equality when they reigned, dare ask us to share power now? Absolutely NOT!!! They should be lucky they can still live there; and that unlike them, we give them equal rights. Barre Hiiraale and his clan have an absolutely right to claim all the land they inhabit: from Kismayo, to Bardheere, to Yamaruugley. We have more right to control Kismayo then people who came on ships some decades ago, when we have been living there, and our camels have been grazing there for more than a century. An as thanks to walaalaha-galguduud for guideing us through Moryon-territory they will have some power within the state; but as for all the little minorities and those from the losing lot, they will have the freedom to live there and roam as they please, while obeying the laws of the state. Now children lets not forget why we captured the city in the first place. Many of our boys blood was shed for Kismayo, and I'll be damned if it is re-captured; I will be buried there before that happens.
  9. What made it so important now then the yesteryears when he picked up arms against the nation, and the people :confused:
  10. I don't see where Abdiqasim fits in; Duke you have great fascination with Abdiqasim, quite disturbing.
  11. When Siyaad Bare (allah haa u naxariisto) came into power, the whole Somali nation flocked to the streets and rejoiced; why would they do that? The reason was that the previous governments were corrupt; there was absolutely no form of equality, as many of you would like to believe. There were no rebellions in Somalia before 1987: were a group (thee SSDF) of men who all hailed from the clan that lives in northeastern Somalia, and who believed that it was their divine right to be the only leaders in Somalia, and could not except the fact that a man who hails from a different clan be in power, attempted a coup right after the Og*den War -which was a war to liberate our fellow Somalis from the Ethiopian empire, and its disrespectful of you to utter the word “useless†in the same sentence, when so many men have lost their live in the hope of uniting all of Somalia- with the help of our foe Ethiopia; the country we had recently fought. Their plan was foiled, and the treasonous were executed. As for the second rebels, the SNM, their rebellion was ignited by the ban of Khat and their envy of the flourishment of Mogadishu, and as of yet I have no idea what else could have motivated them to rebel, care to explain (try not to be so “obvious†this time) Just as the previous rebels they went to Ethiopia for help, and they had to be dismantled because they were bring corruption; while in the process few innocent people died, just as in all wars. Siyaad Bare (allah haa u naxariisto) cared for his people, he was nationalist; just as dhubad pointed out, he had no homes, tell me of a president that has no home that he bought; he always put the interest of the masses before his self-interest, and I believe that your are blind to the goodness of Siyaad Bare (allah haa u naxariisto) because of clan hatred.
  12. Couldn't answer the question huh? Know your history before you speak again
  13. the country engaged in clan killings never before witnessed in its history. I think that is out of ignorance, and lack of knowledge about Somali history. Tell me, why did those people rebel against Jalle Maxamed Siyaad Bare (allah haa uu naxariisto)? What were there reasons of getting rid of him? I want a precise answer, starting with the first group of treasonous, what was the motive of their rebellion?
  14. First and foremost, Imam Axmed Gurey was not oromo nor xabasha, but a Somali, who hails from the same clan as Jalle Maxamed Siyaad Bare (allah haa uu naxariisto). Secondly, Sayid Abdulle Hassan was a Somali hero, who fought against British rule and thier Somali worshippers. Finally, Jalle Maxamed Siyaad Bare (allah haa uu naxariisto) is one of the greatest man Somali has had, and a great leader who did so much, no matter how hard you try to discredit him. I dare any of you to bring forth any Somali man (alive or dead) who has done more things for the Somali people as a whole like Jalle Maxamed Siyaad Bare (allah haa uu naxariisto) has done. Let’s admit to ourselves, you guys are clan driven, and it’s because of the false stories your mother and father have told you guys, which then gives you guys the impression that Jalle Maxamed Siyaad Bare (allah haa uu naxariisto) was a bad leader; contrary to what has been told to you in your upbringing, he was not a bad leader, but a just, genuine, nationalistic, and free of clan hatred leader.
  15. Barre Hiirale is not a warlord, and if you new your history Barre's kin were one of the first people to set foot in the Jubba's. Besides the point, everyone who is a leader within a anarchy state is a warlord. Next you will come here with the "Gedo is occupied" crap.
  16. I think those sheikhs brought Islam to us ands people put them is such a pedestal that their decedents started to think of them as their fathers. :confused: I don't know if its a typo but that very unclear. And no, many Somalis don't claim they descendent from the shiekhs, only two clans do. Besides I'm not going to argue about where my lineage ends up at, because I do know it, and if some people feel inferrior to I because I do have the knowledge of where I came from and they don't doesn't mean they have to attack or make false of my background inroder to make themselves sleep at night. And, if none of you mind do tell me who Somalis descended from, and how they are all related
  17. You are contradicting yourself son. Looooooooool. It's always the same song we are dancing to, THe claim that Some Somalis descended from Arab is just plain disgusting not to mention pure ignorance. THe rest of the world and history itself can attest to who we(east african, nomadic, and Cushitic speaking people)are but we keep denying it. Maybe there is a reason for Arabs to act all superior, maybe they know some of us are dying to be accepted as Arabs. Word of Wisdom: Africans are pure blooded, and all life sprung from Africa. There is no need to feel inferior to the rest of the lightskinned world. In what ways is it disgusting? How is it ignorance on my part to say that I descendent from an Arab father? Africans are pure blood? First walal, Africa is not a race but a continent, and everybody who settles there is African, whether it be the Caucasian in South Africa, the Arab in Egypt, or the Berber in Morocco. Secondly, being "African" does not describe what your race is, nor does the color of your skin. By the way inferiority is not in my dictionary
  18. I wasn't talking about you individualy, and everybody is different from the other. The people I interact with shape that opinon. Just as in my case right
  19. First, there are those who are raciest in every race. Their superiority attitude :confused: Do you mean the same attitude that some Somalis have, the one that cause mothers to have a heart-attack, and fathers to jump off balconies because someone of an inferior clan wants to marry their son/daughter? I think Arabs are just like everyone else. What I have notice is that most Somalis who say they hate/dislike Arabs, or talk negatively of them all the time are from the clans that haven't descendent from an Arab father.
  20. Oh how my granfather would love to be that man.
  21. First of all may the late Father of Somalia go to jaano fardowsa, AMIIN AMIIN. Interview with Dhiigyocabkii Siyad Barre The actions he took against [somali-land] treasonist rebels was a must inorder to have peace and stability in the country; and if the cowardly men had not hid in the homes there would have been less casualties, but they had to be dismantled and unfortunately some innocent people died as a result of thier cowardice ways.
  22. So he is basically going there to lead the militia in battle if necessary?
  23. Justify your use of 'adoon'. JUSTIFY :confused: :confused: :confused: Quite frankly I see them as that way, and I'm not hiding it, call me a raciest, but my argument is about the double standard that goes on here; the mentioning of certain clans. So I can say MIDGAAN now, wow becoming more democratic, were closer to exercises 'freedom of speech' on SOL
  24. ^^^Sxb, although you have a fair point, I think white on black racism is much more common than black on black. Apartheid? Slavery? MLK death? How has this affected you :confused: white on black racism PARTLY CAUSED black on black racism. Years of being told lighter is better, and black IS NOT beautiful (Btw a tactic of slave owners to divide their slaves) has instilled to this day a notion that the blacker the worse off. I don't think Somalis' suffer from this. Are you guy really Somalis or adoons in disguise??? Boon? Midgaan? Jareer? Gabooye? Tumaal? Yaxar? Yibir? Eeylo? I thought the mentioning of qabils is not permitted in this forum, why are the names of minority clans mentioned then :confused: