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  1. Gashaan means whore. Gashaanti mean a great girl,I don't see how either would work for a guy. About the internet dating/marriage thing, I think its really wierd, besides people are not as they seem in real life, the internent becomes an outlet for them to be a different and they take that chance, so the person you have met on here might not be the same person after couple of weeks of dating/marrying. I know this one guys (well I don't know him, lives a cross the street from me) who married two girls that he had met on somali-life (?, Mod why can't we type that), and lets just say they flew fro Toronto and Australia and went straight back after weeks; apperently the guy was very conrtolling he would not let them out the house or let anyone see them, and a liar who said he would throw a magnificent wedding, which was not the case, for he had a little get together at his house with a cd player and couple of his cousins.
  2. Alle,waryaa, Puntland has peace and stability, so why is there a need to attack them? You're not a religious man, your qabil-motivated just like your ilmo adeeryaal, and there is no way the ill-trained,weak, incompetent, new-born muslim moryons will capture Galkacyo; stop using religion.
  3. General Duke is right, I think the best option for the courts is to conrtol all of thier clans degaans, and show us they can pacify those degaans, attacking galkacyo will make this into a qabil war, we can not ignore the fact that the top leaders of ICU all hell from a certain clan.
  4. Originally posted by Lieutenant Xalane: quote:Originally posted by Pure blood: quote: siyaad bare having bombarded them and by the way,siyaad bare bombarbed almost anything that came on his way Maj.Gen.Jalle Mxamed Siyaad Bare (Ilaahay haa u naxariisto) didn't bombared the citizens of "Somaliland," waxaad u baraten inn markasto afkiin aad kuso tagtiin. Really?Ok,on whose orders was the somali military carrying its large scale operations against somalians in somalia?The truth is,the man was wicked but he had his reasons,atleast he was better than the warlords.One more thing,tell me any one who got spared by siyaad bare's phangs for power?No somalian group was spared. P.s.The maj general part was quite decent of u.Am glad that many show their respects in honouring our soldiers,whether wicked or good. Adigo in'aad marqaansantahay iyo in'eey ruun ka tahay waxaad qortey baan garanwaayey.
  5. siyaad bare having bombarded them and by the way,siyaad bare bombarbed almost anything that came on his way Maj.Gen.Jalle Mxamed Siyaad Bare (Ilaahay haa u naxariisto) didn't bombared the citizens of "Somaliland," waxaad u baraten inn markasto afkiin aad kuso tagtiin.
  6. ^^^ Lets be honest you guys are looking for our approval, I mean why else would you guys post every little thing about "Somaliland" on here. "Somaliland's very own country code," who cares, if your a country good for you, I mean its not like you guys are important (be economically or politically) to whole of Somalia. Secondly, this is Somalia online not Somali online, and Somalia is country not an ethnicity, since you aren't form the country of Somalia (as you see yourselves) I don't see the reason why you would be in this forum. Message to the "Somalilanders," if you want recognition as a country then go to the damn UN, the SOL nomads can't make that decision, I see no point in your daily whining
  7. ^^^Madiidinteyda lama murmi Ina maga'allay, new nicks I see.
  8. If one is lost it's good to ask for help, otherwise we'll always just be the lost ******** _________________ Absolutely no name-calling, baliis. [ August 04, 2006, 01:16: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  9. PB, This is cyberspace so don't lose your cool. No need to refer thousands of Muslims zionists. You're going to the extreme and these guys are dancing for you. Get over your emotions and contain yourself. Address the subject matter civily, not the person. Adeer cidii ka hadasha your Holy Father ayaaba kaa gardaran. Count me out. Please do not reword what I wrote, if your not competent enough to understand what I wrote, kindly ask me and I will explain it to you. AllaMagan, support Hiiraale never the less kindly spare us the bull. There's no bull in what Allamagan wrote. Teda kale, Mudane Barre Aden Shire Hiiraale is more entitled to reign over Kismayo then the indhaburis from bari.
  10. pb, Somalilanderyada uu ka hadlayo waxan umalenaya rer waqoye oo dan ee maha snm kaleya. wexey noqotaba, iska taageer bahalayahsas ama barreyashas, caqli xumadada uun bey mujineysa. meda kale, waxba ha ku degdegen jubbuyenka oo dan, ghedo iyo gagaduudba la tagdarantaheena. Horta boqolki ba sideedtan kama garan waxaad so qortay, lakin from what I understood I would like to say this, the government of Somalia never fought with the masses of northern Somalia ("Somaliland"), so therefore the only people xiin could be talking about are the treasonist zionist mujahids (the SNM). Teda kale, Kismayo, Cabudwaaq, iyo Beledxawo waa isku key mid
  11. Barre is a hero for the family Mudane Barre Aden Shire Hiiraale is not only a hero to the family, but to all the inhabitants of the Jubbas for he disintegrated the mahbar moryons from mudug who used to prey on those poor souls. Ask any Somalilander and you’ll feel the wounds of Barre regime are still fresh, after 16 years of his death. By "Somalilander" if you mean the SNM rebels that formed in 1988, well, I hope they remember daily from salat subax untill cisha (thou I hardly believe they pray)the actions that were taken against the zionist mujahids as result of thier treasonist ways; and if they don't repent , may thier crimes against the state follow them to thier grave. Now, I see it as a waste of my time to debate with the losing-lot. Goodbye
  12. waxad uu igtahay mid dagal deyar oo ihe, maad aded Somalia, koley barre wu ku bahnan donnaye. The family is always ready to serve Barre in any way they possible can.
  13. Barre is already including the minority in the government. Secondly, Barre is a religious and god-fearing man!
  14. Ilaahoow maxkadamaha noo keen Maxkamada can't take the power away from Barre's family in Kismayo.
  15. It still baffles me, that the great man who gave some of these people equal rights as to I, or Allamagan, or even General Duke dare speaks negative of him, yet praises a man (he is dead so I'll let him be) who was associated with the group, that sought to minimize the very existence of some of these people, by means of killing and withholding food aid at a time of a severe drought. All of this because some of these people have utter hatred for the qabil that the great man hails from.
  16. Forget the 4.5 formula, I don't think we should even share the parliamentary seats with anyone who is not from the family, why did our boys die for that city if we are going to share with those involved in their killing. Now that is pathetic. One mistake Barre Aden Shire did is proclaiming Jubbaland State and Kismayo, as a place equal for all. Barre is pacifist :mad: I am truly disgusted. Nevertheless, Viva Jubbaland State, and congratulations to Sir. Barre Hiiraale for being a greater man than I am.
  17. Somalis are NOT ARAB, we have never been Arab.We have NO Arab ancestors. I don't think I was talking about all Somalis, my mistake if you took it that way; I was just speaking for/and of one certain reer hebel Pure blood- I thought you was a pure blood Somali? or are you a pure blood arab [smile] , yes there are people with Arabian ancestors, but they are a small small small minorities. Most of us are Cushtic Africans. You can only speak for yourself, because I know who I am and who my forefather was. All you need to know is that I am a pure blood. Pure-Blood: Explain how are Cushitic names worse then Arabic names? Magacyasha nabiyadi iyo kuwa illahay (abdi-something) are better than any names in this world, be cushitic, asian, white, and whatever else, ma fahamtay
  18. Dadkaan qaarkood maalintee awoowyaasheen diinta suubban ee Islaamka qaadaneyeen hadee joogi lahayeen, maalintaas ayaa Soomaalinimadooda ugu dambeyn lahayd ka waran! Yaa ogaado isla maalintaas ayee la bixi lahayeen 'abuu carab' mise 'umm carabic' oo Soomaali la iska iloowi lahaa ka warama? Miskiino, dad ba awooweyashod carab ahayeen oo magacyaasha Ahmed Abdirixman Ismaciil iyo Ibrahim heysteen. Magacyasha cushitickah neh waxaa boqolki iyo boqolkiba ka ficaan kuwa nabiyadi iyo kuwa illahay (abdi-something).
  19. The TFG is led by Geedi and Jurile The TFG is led by adeer and he is the one who makes the idiotic choices, Ghedi and the other guy are his stooges.
  20. My mother and father are very beautiful and so I'm I ina adeer. Marka I am sorry hadi gurigada aad ka weysey dad quruxbadan (its not our fault your family genes doesn't not include beauty) and thus has made you to think that all Somali people must be like that then.
  21. So, Jimaale is from the losing-lot Well that summons up everything for me, GOOD BYE, end of discussion. Xiino you have thought too much of the 67-69 moment, and the actions of adeer 04-09 (possibably sooner) just proves who are or are not fit to rule
  22. warlord: noun 1 : a supreme military leader 2 : a military commander exercising civil power by force usually in a limited area. That "definition"---thou I was looking for your own definition of the term warlord--- defines every leader(s) in Somalia, from Riyaale, to Yeey, to the ICU. It’s not an accusation I or someone else makes, or a perception, it is a reality that Barre Hiiraale not only a warlord but will go down in the history books as the most ruthless butcher of Kismaayo, if not South Somalia. Its not an accusation you say, but I have yet to see any evidence that you have presented thus so far, which shows us the "ruthlessness" of Mudane Col. Barre Aden Shire (Hiiraale).
  23. Kale horta, Barre Hiiraale ma guri bu ka heysta, ma dad bu ka diley, ma asgo dad dilayo ayaad araktay, mise waxaad jogtey meeshu ka dahay "reer hebel dagaal baan ku qadeyna"? Waa maya, so what gives you the right to make such accusations [that he is dagaal-ooge, gacan-ku-dhiigle]. Teda kale, what is your defination of a warlord, and in your opinion who is a warlord?