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  1. Alle-ubahane, salamu alaikum, Your point is well taken, but where are the good guys when we need them? And for how long would you have this child to wait for the good guys to show up and relieve him of his pain? The way I see it, the best solution for us right now, and we don't seem to have many options, is to accept whatever results come out of this conference in good faith and let things sort themselves out. As we very well know the problem isn't just these guys. Each and everyone is supported by his tribe. That means we are all in it, whether we like it or not. The best we can do for this child is for all of us to return to Allah, repent of whatever sins we are guilty of with sincerity of heart and goodwill, and return home. Allah doesn't change the condition of people until they change what is within themselves, that's a paraphrased verse from the Holy Qur'an. In other words, a good government won’t fall from the skies. If we want things to happen we need to put in some effort, and if we are honest and sincere, Allah subhanahu wa talla will change our condition. Let’s just say these “guys†are the fruits of our own actions. If we (the Somali public) change for the better, they too will change. Needless to say, it is in the interest of every Somali who has feelings for their people to want to see a working government in their land. The international community is supportive of it, and we should jump at the chance without letting cynicism and emotions getting in the way. Wabillahi tawfiq Safi
  2. In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful Introduction: It’s Monday, August 23, 2004. A new day has dawned for my people today. Through the efforts of the world community and through the efforts of many good Somalis, a Somali parliament has been sworn in today in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. The plan is to appoint a president, inshaAllah, within the coming two weeks. Our people have suffered under the yoke of anarchy for full fourteen years. Our people are scattered in the four corners of the world, those who could not make it to a foreign soil to escape the wars and poverty that followed are for the most part suffering from lack of development. The child who was ten years when the civil strife broke out 1990 is today twenty fours old. I pray to Allah for He alone is the Supreme Commander, to make this day the beginning of a new era for our nation. I do not really care who becomes president as long as justice is served and the chosen leader is repentant and is willing to serve God and his nation. I so wish for my land to become attractive once again for all the peoples of Somalia to return and take part in the rebuilding of their nation. Ameen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ And now let's listen to this: I am a Somali child I am the tomorrow of my nation Who becomes leader is no concern of mine, I beseech Allah to guide And pray for Islam to take root For without His Help My people never will mend. I am only a child All I need is education A shade over my head A glass of water And a morsel of food. I have plenty of room for hope I wish to grow in wisdom I long to carry books I wish to watch sunset I want to watch birds As I graze my herds. Copyright Safi Abdi August 23, 2004
  3. If she survives...By Safi Abdi It's her fate to suffer the foolish The only glue cementing the ruins A dried flower without the care. She feeds the baby And keeps the man on board, too. An expert in ducking bullets Graceful to the core Though offended, Wholesale, The woman In the flowing dress's a veteran, Voiceless in a tragedy absurd. Her plight no hairs ruffle Her hopes neglected remain Overwhelmed by men Sightless in the daylight She hawks her wares In the sunlit mess; Knowing God counts her woes. If she survives this reckless age It's no thanks to the man on board. Copyright @Safi Abdi...2004
  4. There’s talk of God talk of Islam With every bomb that falls With every limb that breaks There’s talk of God talk of Islam A cry for help unperceived But the talk goes on Never ceasing to amaze: God why me? Yes there’s talk of God In some minds it jams A bubble on some lips In some hearts it rhymes. For some: Wavering distress calls Undiscovered truths Messages confused But there’s talk of God Talk of Islam. Race against the hour looms Lest the bomb detonates By the foot of one unready downs Voice from voice separates. Yes there’s talk of God talk of Islam Speeches of blame Finger pointing in disputes A question of when’s the dawn? Talk of things unknown On both sides of the ocean Currents walls erect Noises in the hawks beak The airwaves pollute For partitions to persist. But there’s talk of God talk of Islam For some futile For others a boon This talk of Islam. Copyright: @ Safi Abdi 2004 For more poetry visit:
  5. A heartfelt tribute to the beloved of Allah, salla allahu alaihi wassalam. ------------------------------------------- When God loves a man He makes him upright Sincere to the core that’s Muhammad the man. He is my hero Anytime anywhere A more excellent guide Never shall walk. The beloved of God’s A treasure vast The perfect pattern To emulate, extol The Lord supreme To praise each day. He is my hero Anytime anywhere The easiest of man This earth to walk Hard at work At the break of day All night with his Lord This servant of God The first to believe First to pray First in line For any act of God. He melted the hearts Spread out smiles With a tender hand Turned the pages Protector of Orphan The mother And the widow And all those in need A special friend Was he to the child. This is not the place to reside blind The garden eternity for that heart should burn For this yearning to belong God I should thank If God’s love the travelers desire The chosen of God is my hero anytime Anywhere I go in his light I walk Anytime of the day the beloved of God What better being ever walked this earth? Copyright @Safi Abdi...2004 For more poetry visit:
  6. I know how to shoot: The confessions of a Somali warlord ----------------------------------- I’m so in love So deeply in love Love’s sword is sharp It sliced off head I’m hooked and wild The allure magnetic. I'm one possessed I see a throne I see me seated Presiding over things. I see a throne It’s larger than life My clan’s the rope They butter me up And bless my sins. I’m blind like hell So enamored with me Whose orphan is this? What widow you mean? Whose farm’s torched? What land’s ruined? Whose nation’s sold? What's dignity to me? I’m just lovesick My sight’s flawed I see a throne It’s empty as you see Its lining is silk It's made of gold It’s hoisted and leggy I’m so in love Brisk in leg I’m here to jump I know how to shoot Credentials my chair! Copyright:@Safi Abdi For more poetry visit:
  7. For more details please visit Author's websites:
  8. Offspring of Paradise .......... Molly's Reviews By m j hollingshead Saturday, January 03, 2004 good book for a quiet afternoon... Title: Offspring of Paradise Genre war fiction Author: Safi Abdi Line/Publisher 1st Books Library ISBN: 1410794091 Available as print and eBook Buy from Amazon Interesting read … Happy to Recommend … 4 stars The Review Hana is only six when her world is turned upside down. Clan wars have begun in Somalia. Her father is dead by only hours, her brothers are taking part in the rampaging, her uncle is trying to spirit his mother and his brother’s pregnant wife and young child away from danger when they are ambushed. Hana and her grandmother spend two years on the run before finally reaching the faint sanctuary of ‘the wall’ where they will live for a time. Hana becomes a school girl, the pair meet Mulki and Rune who offer hope, her grandmother dies, life goes on. First one then another apparent friend surface, prove themselves true or false and perhaps disappear again. At last Hana is on her way home to meet the mother lost to her when her sad journey began. Writer Abdi states that the characters and specific narrative in her work are fictional as she details with clarity of one who has seen much of the horror of war and desperation of the refugees living in Somalia during the ethnic cleansing that took place during the last century. The Somalian Civil war lasted for over a decade, Abdi brings to life some of the thousands who were killed, raped and maimed in the process and the thousands more were uprooted and left to try to make some type of life for themselves. From the opening lines found in the pages of Offspring of Paradise Writer Abdi has created a gripping if chilling work. As we follow Little Hana and her family making their desperate try for escape right on to the last paragraph when we find a more grown up Hana hopeful that she will have a better future Abdi outlines the desperation of a whole body of people. Those who were facing discrimination were willing to use any means available for escape from the destruction and spoliation that becomes a reality in the country that was once the Somalia Democratic Republic. Reading Offspring of Paradise brings the reader right into the plight of the downtrodden; writer Abdi skillfully presents the notion that you are in the thick of what may well have taken place during that troublesome time. On the pages of Offspring of Paradise Writer Abdi has crafted a startling, potent work filled with generously drawn characters, perilous story line, near to overwhelming state of affairs, prejudice and at times pleasantly puzzling discord in this powerful read. Offspring of Paradise is the second book from this talented writer who is already hard at work on her next offering. Abdi also writes poetry and short stories which she posts on various writing sites on the internet. Some minor language issues for the American reader are easily resolved. Offspring of Paradise includes a glossary of terms to aid those who might not be conversant with some of the terms. Offspring of Paradise is a good book for a quiet, thoughtful afternoon, happy to recommend. Available as either print or eBook. Amazon Visit Author's website for more details: Reviewed by: molly martin reading
  9. Salamu alaikum! The issue of women's rights is an interesting subject that needs discussion and understanding, I hope our nomad community will benefit from the following articles.
  10. Salaamu alaikum, akhyarta, New book on Somalia just released, check it out here: Safi *********************** APROVED BY ADMIN *********************** [ October 06, 2003, 07:17 PM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  11. Salaamu 'alaikum all! Actually, it's through my Baby sister Khadra that I got to know this site; a wonderful site by all accounts. Am particularly fond of the 'camel milk' threads and it's good that the Admin is trying to give it a facelift. A little advice from an older sister, though: let's leave the generalizations "about our Arab brethren" to the western media. We Somalis have plenty of dirt in our own backyard, anyway. This is a good forum to address these and you are the future of Somalia. JazaAkallahu kyran! Safi
  12. Salaamu alaikum! Thanks all for your support. And yes, my second book is coming soon, inshaAllah. I have the cover artwork posted at And yes, I'd love to see you all there to critiqe the works. Besides the books I've some other stuff of Islamic interest, do check them out. Your feedback is most appreciated. I'd also need a Somali reviewer for the second book, any takers? HornAfriqe: I don't know about the "wonderful" bit but it's me trying to sound more professional:) In writing circles they tell you to refer to your self in the third person! Just following the rules! Wassalam, Safi
  13. Salaamu alaikum! happy to share this with you all: Contact author at her website: Thanks!
  14. Assalamu 'alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatu, MashaAllah! This is a good thread, and I just couldn't resist adding my own thoughts. Now on to the topic: 1. MUHAMMAD (SAW) by Martin Lings A must read for anyone wanting to spend quality time in the company of our beloved messenger, and the men and women who surrounded him and shared his life and struggle. 2. In the shade of the Quran by Sayid Qutb...a marvelous book by a most brilliant mind. 3. Zero Hour by Sheik Mahmood H. Rashid. A very slim book, but important all the same on the Signs before the end of the World. A good story book for children (if you have any). 4. Don't Be Sad (in Arabic: Laa Taxzan) by 'Aaidhibn Abdullah al-qarnee. Very popular here in the Middle Islamic version of the Chicken Soup series... Indeed, a balm for the soul...especially so in these trying times. Incidentally, A Mighty Collision of Two Worlds by Safi Abdi isn't such a bad deal either. I would recommend this topical novel to be added to your collection of good reads. And since I'm the author I wouldn't mind selling it right here: And last but not least, The Book of Allah, the source of all Wisdom...this is the Book to pick up everyday, for it will guide you into all truths. Safi
  15. Salaamu alaikum, everybody! I have posted the same message on newsgroups, message boards, and CNN got it on its feedback tray! And it would be beneficial for our own survival as Muslims if we all circulated our ideas and our feelings all over the place. And let our prayers and sympathies be with our brothers and sisters in this hour of need. As we all know, this is not a war over a territory, this is a war on Islam and Muslims, and the enemy of Allah is very active. As brother Yusuf Al Qadrawi said on Al Jazeera Jihad has become "compulsory" on Muslims everywhere. Hibo is right, Arab leaders (including our own) have let us all one takes them seriously anymore...indeed they have become the joke of the century...they are holding another pathetic conference in Cairo today...and Allah alone knows what blah blah will emerge out of this one, too. It is heartbreaking to see us all in this ridiculous situation when Allah (SWT) has given us the perfect way of life. But let's not lose heart, or give up to dispair, for as long as the sun rises from the East, true power belongs to the man and the woman in the street, and there is yet a chance for us Muslims to unite. Brothers and sisters, Islam is power, and that is exactly what is worrying the Kafir. We have it and they don't have it. Safi