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  1. Maaaan....why u gotta do the brotha like that....u wrong for dat.
  2. walaahi that is so true..especially rich muslim countries like saudi arabia who can step up to the west, but as usual..they wont as long as the west(mainly america) buys their oil..cause thas all they care about "money" that they can eat more and their bellys can get more big.
  3. AngelEyes


    section6er.....i know u waz cool wid but had to change it cause there was a lot of comotion going on.
  4. AngelEyes


    u go gurl...hope he knows what his missing huh..
  5. well thas good that u know him....well i know this guy but i dont wana put his info out....and ya he knows am using his pic....peace.
  6. there u go again... :rolleyes: ...well by they way...u forgot to do some grammer check.... i think am too mature for ur hit me back in a couple of yrs when u understand the true meaning of harm.... peace inda middle east. and good bless iraq.
  7. naa han....i was suprised cause out of all those pics...u picked that guy.....well jus had to show u ma taste.....and copying...i dont think there is a need for that...peace
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    mmm..i think he ok...but heyy <-------------i think he is better looking... jus had to put him on ma avator to show ya'll... remember.......dont come up wid a reply trying to be all up in ma harm done.
  9. dang somebody needs some anger management therapy...well han....that reply was for opinionated...i dont know why u all up in ma ama say it this time...think before u speak...and ya if u need an appoinment for that anger management program i was talking about...jus holla..ama hook u up.
  10. which is only found in canada.... well han...the last time i checked i thought i saw a twix and a bounty bar at the foodstore and i happen to not be in am guessing u got ur infotmation from the wrong sources.....think twice next time.
  11. damn man...enough said...for heaven's sake could u plz stop preaching us about american freedom and how america is liberating other countries....other countries dont need a matter of fact america is the one in desperate need of liberation from its oppresed and ignorent ppl....and dont reply with a whole page of junk talking about america this and america that.....dammit get over guessing america dennied u ur permanent residence card huh(1-94)..thas why u trying to kiss their a**.....too bad...i feel sorry for ya.
  12. nin-yaban...mmmm ur son huh? well i could tell from ur pic that u were kinda old but not that old to have a son in the usaf.......... well back to the topic...i jus graduated from ama be starting college soon and i'll be majoring in political science.
  13. looooool...aaliyah preach it sista... hey..i remember that farm..yo nin yaban, dont u remember when me and aaliyah came to visit u and u were plowing that field..dang that was a lot of work..must be missing that life huh.
  14. paltalk...why does it concern america, something thats going on thousands of miles away from here..what kind of freedom will america get from bombing the heck out of innocent ppl...u say god bless america but i'll say god bless iraq and no place else....i wonder if u would still be saying "god bless america" if america decides to take ur behind back to somalia or where ever it is that u are from..
  15. hey darman..isnt that ur funny friend..he is really hillarious, hope he gets well soon.
  16. Lately i've been bumping into darman seems like u are at every somali event bro by the way, how did u like the hassan adan samatar concert that i saw u at...heyy not to mention u were shaking what ur mama gave ya jk.
  17. mizz_unique....u should do that walaahi
  18. damn ya'll making this book sound so interesting...never thought that i would ever read a harry potter book or even watch the movie but now am having second thoughts..might run to the book store and grab the book... and ya someone mentioned the hillary clinton book, i've heard great reviews about that book too, ama add that to ma list.
  19. Although it sucked..we had to make it fun somehow and me and ma friends tried.... anyways the best thing out of this was that i finally saw ma friend again whom i haven't seen for 7 years....MIZZ-UNIQUE...gurlfriend u still look the same...ya'll dont know but me and mizz-unique go way back..(was it 5th grade or 6th grade..mizz-unique??)
  21. THE HEAT.. My rhymes will swell and infect ur brain your clean bill of health will be down the drain when i'm done, these ryhmes will be stuck in ur head, cause i'm sewing u up like a needle and thread i stick to ma promises like super glue but when i'm finally done wid that ama stick it to u, people call me the rookie but am pro wid ma ryhmes i'm countin ma dollars while u countin ur dimes i went from elementary to middle to high as i get older my rhymes do too and thats how i get by, it aint no lie, ay u see ma nose aint any longer(pinochio) i tell it how it is, keep it real and get stronger ya'll know i always come back for more so when i knock on yo house, u better open the door, its angel, im the new kid on tha team, i got the ticket but i still gotta redeem, i'm the rock, instead of ryhming go play chess instead, then u'll know that the rock is always moving ahead, i'll feats on ur rhymes like a meal cause they're sweet, i'm just trying to figure out whats the deal, i've just run over ur ryhmes like i was matt hoffman, let me stop before they wind up in a coffin, its angel dont stop, much love to hip hop.
  22. yeah rite speed meter will break if i ever try that..thas way out of ma league.
  23. whad up ya'll...thought i should interupt u guys and leave ma mark here... >spiritual minds lead to lyrical rhymes leave u hearin my lines to fear in ur eyes make u think about thinkin life is a quicksand and ur gonna start sinkin cuz wut i bring in is more than just singin but a message to bring change to us but sometimes it leads to bring pain too much make me insane and crushed should've changed my lane, but instead i rushed so now im in a position, in a different division about to make a collision, due to the wrong decision, but hey thats life, gotta live wit it when ur full of shit u gotta sit in it, so hold every minute, and spend it, wit wisdom, sometimes u lose sum and sometimes u win sum, but 4 all the times u dont win, and all the times u might have sinned, u'll experience pain and strife, so jus keep ya head high and try 2 enjoy da struggle of life.......
  24. the party was aight...more guys than gurls though..felt like all eyes were on me. hey darman..u forgot to mention that u saw me.