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  1. There's something I want you to know Matter of fact I won't even waste my tight flow So I'll just spit a verse for you I'm pissed off with the things you do About thirty years old if I may recall? Each year you seem to lose a little soul A struggle evolved into your destined birth Resulting in your own identity here on earth Your daughters and sons derive their livelihood watching you Now they turned their backs and you allow them to screw you Pardon my French, but I'm ****in' angry Everything you say there days revolves around money All you talk about is bling - bling, ballers and tricks I've even forgotten that you have the ability to think You're so blinded by evil You've forgotten that we're still one people! I'm ashamed of what you've become I write to you now because I'm still your son What happened to teaching the kids? Reminiscing about all the things we did? Now you hang with a totally different crew I find myself constantly asking questions like 50 Cents who? And what's he really saying in that song `wangsta'? And these fake ass emcees trying to be gangstas Mademoiselle your real son died in 96 Since then a few actually make any sense Nas, X, the Roots, Common, Lauryn Hill to name a few The others I'm afraid still ain't got no clue They must be giving free record deals if Fabulous can rap If I were in charge, we wouldn't go out like that Nah I'll stop here before I continue dissing My point is simple - something's missing We're neglecting the real truth And constantly poisoning our youth How many pregnant teens you know or heard? How many emcees really embrace God's word? I see the cross they normally wear all iced out How many actually know what that's about? I'm ****in tried of the bling-bling I ain't buying your product till you start saying something So Mademoiselle I hope now you understand why And in time you might send me a brief reply. One love always Your son
  2. That was tight! Beautiful expression of poetry...much respect and one love!
  3. When I look at your skin tis me I see Yet I realise we don’t share the same vocabulary Perhaps that explains why you’re trying to kill me Black on Black and that’s your reality As a minority we should learn to love each other I can’t understand why we hate one another We spend more time trying to hinder our own progress Instead of uniting as we deal with the daily stress We plot and plan our final revenge Without realising we won’t win in the end Let’s unite so we can all beat the system Bridge the gap by helping the poor for instance Look what we did, created a whole industry ‘Hip hop for life’ and I know you’re all feeling me! Imagine if we all united and left Babylon To a place called Africa where it all begun Where we’d wake up and actually notice the sunrise The freshness of the air is your daily prize Great minds enraptured as one to create unity Using our God given gifts to provide for the community But that’s just a dream; it would never work Dreaming is free, plus it doesn’t hurt This Black on Black mentality doesn’t just exist on the block Even in the office as we compete to reach the top Gunning each other down with our verbal onslaught Ignoring our conscious and the many lessons taught Inferiority complex is one the traits Identity crisis is yet another mistake You see me and somehow we’re not equal Our skin colour tells me we’re one people Do you think they see the difference between us? Do you think they care whether it’s us killing us? Breaks my heart as I watch the news Makes me feel like we will always lose In my heart I know we’re bigger than this I truly believe we can all co-exist Look what we did Hip-hop went global Soared to new heights over a billion dollars in total Prime example we can do this together I’m proud of you all – Hip-hop forever! Above all else, let’s seek mutual respect This is all I ask, this is what I expect You don’t have to greet each other every time you meet Just acknowledge one another when you’re walking down the street Irrespective of your status quo, our roots bond us as one Through time zones when the world begun I believe love will carry us through the bad weather One love my people, let’s do this together. A_nigelmugamu_verse copyright 2003.
  4. You know I was enjoying this, but you are right...I do have something I want to say... I just came here to learn about you...and maybe you can learn about me....there's nothing sad like an ignorant person I tell you....keep it real and keep posted....I'll be love
  5. I'm from Zimbabwe my friend.
  6. I see you want to battle me? You game to battle against son_of_eve? I told you I’m here to feed your mental Don’t be defensive and don’t hide behind your ego I’m your brother in reality It’s okay if you want to share with me I was serious when I said we’re the same My soul cries out coz I really feel your pain I know I’m studying your cause and your truth In my teachings I admit I’m still a youth But I want to embrace as we both learn Teach you about my faith as we take it turns I don’t understand why we have to fight Knowledge is power and creates a little insight You say Islam is too profound to share with me? Your whole verse illustrates a high level of insecurity My brother I came to embrace you and show love I came here to show you that it was you I was thinking of I told you I am a poet scribing my reality I sense a deeper fear and down deep you’re so angry I won’t lie 9/11 changed the whole globe I came here to show you I'm also involved Admittedly I don’t know much about your faith But I can tell these days you feel unsafe You’re blinded by pain, ego and pride My arms wide open, you no longer have to hide God blessed me with a gift I intend to use Spread my message of tolerance less mental abuse I too see what they do Believe me I know what you’re going through No need for this verbal attack In the end they still regard us niggers & blacks I’m here to teach about life complexities. I’m just a conscious poet and they call me son_of_eve One love Her Son
  7. mz-alpha-soup - I understand where you're coming from. You are allowed to air your views by all means. This is indeed a forum after all. What I said was really simple....we all need to respect each other that's all. This part was out of line and indicated a lack of brethen respect in my eyes:"acudhu bilaahi mina sheydhani rajiim...plz delete that from your poem"...and like you mentioned it is your view, but perhaps you should learn to respect mine too. Since 9/11 the world has changed and the world seems angrier than ever with the muslim world. I feel for you and I came here to learn about your me see the other side that I never saw before. Irrespective of our different beliefs we're think they look at us as if we're different? I doubt that very much... As for for your skills, I don't doubt them at all. I don't write to the fame either. I write coz I have something to say, something to teach. If you re-read this piece, you will see what I'm talking about....particularly the 5th stanza.
  8. This is such a beautiful poem....still one of my favourites...thank you for posting love
  9. I don't know if you're a poet or an emcee What I know is your style makes me sorry Bottomline, what are you trying to say? Do you think you're that good at creative word play? Look at your work - eighth and nineth line I hate to tell you this, but you can't rhyme I asked for 5 mics and I made it really simple Food for the soul as I educate all my people I write floetry for them to assist in today's reality I write about life and its usual complexities I write because I can I don't do this so you can call me the man I try to avoid the spotlight and vainty Conscious thoughts and love are my speciality I'm trying to plant seeds for you mental Spit something so I can strenghthen you as an individual. So next time you want to battle like this? Come back with something that actually makes sense.... One
  10. Muslim or not, we're still one people, all equal....looking at today's world I would have thought that was very evident. I have nothing against your faith, what you do in your house is your for my name? I am son of Eve. Eve being my mothers name...and if you want to spit next, the floor is all warned spit something worth spittin'.... Originally posted by mz-alpha-soup: Son of eve..good one...but.."u believe jesus is the son of GOD??????and that he will b resurrecting?????" acudhu bilaahi mina sheydhani rajiim...plz delete that from your poem , before my eyes burn to this notion of chrisitianity that makes our muslim faith beg to differ... Do that and ima spit mine next....
  11. Tight work on this verse....loved the way y'll all flowed...keep inkin' love
  12. The idea originated from reading the album reviews in 'The Source' magazine. Gimme my 5 mics Verbally profound How does that sound? Am I a poet or an emcee? No - I'm just son_of_eve Scripting Depicting Stories untold As I teach while the truth is unfold I write because I can Preaching so you all understand My message for the youth My version of the truth Gimme one mic at least Prolific words without a beat As I attempt to bond all my people I keep my message clear and simple I'm not trying to divide or segregate I'm trying to feed you as you contemplate Thought process in constant motion As I spread love like smooth body lotion Challenge me if you will Gimme one mic at least for my creative skill My futuristic rhymes deserve two mics Holding my own opinion and avoiding the hype Not to mention my own creative flow I warned you before I must let them know Rhymes intertwining depending on each scenario Adjusting casually from corporate to ghetto Speed it up a little bit then suddenly take it slow Rhyme-slaying as we both enjoy the change in tempo As I attempt to make it unique I try to represent for my people on the street Three mics just for the versatility Home-grown for the masses plus you and me Switching styles, themes and energy As I slowly increase your vocabulary Spitting issues on consciousness and good old-fashioned love To the greatest Himself, God up above However versatility comes with responsibility Responsibility for the gift presented to me You see I really believe I was born to teach There are issues I need to discuss and people I need to reach Four mics for keeping it real Laying it down and telling you how I feel I believe in God and Jesus His Son I believe in the end we shall overcome I believe He will come back one day Where are you going to be at and will He come round your way? Racism still exists in this world Not everyone believes in nice boys and girls We have grown so suspicious of one another Pre-nuptials and all, see you can't even trust your lover Capitalism I fear will never work Why don't we care whether the world still hurts? I believe the world is undergoing human genocide Why are so many kids committing suicide? See I ask questions most people will I just do it with a certain floetic skill Gimme 5 mics and I'll add a hook Matter of fact, let me first finish my book "Verses from the heart" Thoughts now turned to art Influenced by what I see Tupac, my upbringing and my whole entire family 5 mics for just being son_of_eve 5 mics for describing life's complexities 5 mics for overdue respect 5 mics is all I expect 5 mics for giving you food for the soul Just gimme the whole 5 mics in total A_nigelmugamu_verse copyright 2003.
  13. Tis me, son_of_eve...thank you for following my work. I am honoured. I will post here as well.... Originally posted by Fouzia_Bella: WHOA!! this must be an extremly small world....i neva imagined i'd see you here on somaliaonline son of eve. well, if this is really you and it aint some low life who has extra tyme on his/her hands let me just say you are 1 hella talented brotha and i was feeling every single poem you wrote.....keep it up, stay positive!!!
  14. I heard about this page and had to come check it out....thank you for feeling my verse....much love....Her son