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  1. At least someone is optimistic huh, lol its not all doom and gloom.
  2. The United States hopes by year's end to establish an Africa Command that will anchor military operations across a continent seen to be of increasing strategic importance and threatened by transnational terrorists. The new force, known informally as AfriCom, will preside over all countries on the continent except Egypt and is expected to be operational by the fall, according to Pentagon officials. They say it is needed to secure vast, lawless areas where terrorists have sought safe haven to regroup and threaten U.S. interests. I wonder why Eygpt isnt covered by this lool. The future looks bleak for the region!
  3. Please excuse me for borrowing from some of your thoughts to highlight an important point, well to me anyway. Baashi Warlords or not they are still Somalis in leadership position and they DID "invite" Ethiopia to come in and help out . Ayoub ^^ The so-called TFG is nothing but a Union of Warlords. The warlords Ethios created invited her to save their bacon, that's the truth. Dabshid Ayoup,ICU were threath to Ethiopia, Man,they declared war . Ethiopia is already war with Eritrea, and there is no way they would allow another govenment against them in the region, bro they are NOT sstupids, and send thousands of soldiers, many died for what,to secure their country. Now With such verying opnions, so stark in nature, exchanged by words, how do you think the politics will pan out at home when these mutual exclusives positions are debated at the end of the barrel. My opnion is clear, this TFG government is doomed because from its inception it has showed a distinct lack of anything resembling the word. The events of the Last 6 months has only gone to polarise somali's sharply as the examples above show, and its the divisions so sharply and incisely constructed by the actions of this "government of reconcliliation" that will leave somali's without peace for a long time to come. For the record i think Ayoub speaks for me in the section i have taken the liberty to quote. And for that matter pretty much every other Media organisation and "so-called experts" some countries and NGO groups have voiced the some concern.
  4. Amiin But i fear that the seed's for future conflicts, deep hatered and mistrust has probably been firmly sowed in the last 6 months.
  5. At issue is TFG’s legitimacy in some quarters. The way many Somalis sees it is this TFG is an imposed entity. Its friends happen to be a known historical rival of the Somalia that once existed. Given the recent events, TFG itself has become a part of the conflict. It is no secret that this TFG put all its eggs in the basket labeled “the only feasible way forward is to use any means necessary to impose order”. That approach could work for awhile but it won’t solve the long standing core issues that pitted homogeneous Muslims against each other in more than 16 years. I believe the Ethopians and Americans have successed in just sprikling enough water to sow the seededs for further divisions within the differen somali group "leaders" for years to come. The TFG's Position in Practise might not be an Issue that can be tackled given it's Backer's. However as you quite rightly point out, it will be the stern challanges of which they are many and how the tackle these which will either negate the brutal begining. Thats assuming that they govern well allow desient within the ranks, arent dictated to by the Americans and ethopians etc etc. In Reality i believe that its Imposition on the Somali's after a war with which the sided with the Countries Arch emeny and its involvement in the genocide on the population of Mogadisho its lack of leader's with strength vision and a government composing of old faces, criminals and warlords alike will mean that they will only bring more bloodshed to the population and plunge somali's further down the road towards oblivion.
  6. It's amazing how similar the rethoric employed by the Ethopian Official Berhanu Kebede is compared to what Some supporters of the TFG have bannded about in the Height of the Genocidle aggression by the Ethopians an Americans a Few Week's ago. In tone, lack of fact's & seeking to present the situation as a Fight against One group of somali's. The Phrase Looters could be replaced with the word Brutality and we won't exactly be a mile off what had been previously aloud on S.O.L. Which suggest to me that someone is painting a picture for the Xabaashi, a picture his more than happy to display and ban'd about.
  7. LOL -- 1. Frank Lampard is to be questioned about the Reina burglary as he is unable to account for his whereabouts between 19:45 and 22:15 hrs Tuesday night. 2. In the wake of the ] GMTV competition scandal Man Utd and Chelsea are to sue U.E.F.A for being entered into a competition they had no chance of winning OFFICIAL NOTICE TO ALL TOM TOM USERS... are you having this problem too? "I wonder if anybody could help me, I seem to be having problems with my sat-nav. I think it must be knackered as I can't find Manchester or Chelsea anywhere in Europe ... "
  8. Piracy has been rampant in Somalia for many years, but stopped last year for several months under Islamist rule. Maritime officials fear that the recent hijackings may signal a resumption of lawlessness on the seas.
  9. ^ lol love the quote ^ Its becoming increasngly clear that a lot of people have identified genuine points that could help facilitate some form of reconciliation, or a meager quantity of that. Is there one member of the TFG that isnt going to Toe the line of the Gang and perhaps echo these sentiments as well? A true measure of an organization that is supposed to be democractic (which is a fantasy as we have seen if the end is not what is desired) is tolerating desinting views. Realistically, Warlords Inc are not likely to accomodate such thoughts or sentiments, and their Ideoligical masters certainly dont engage in two way discussions.
  10. ^ Brother Nur ^ Am afraid this is exactly the kind of points, notions and assertions that are banded about by those who are in Favour of the TFG, whether articulately or just brazenly, withut fairly representing the whole picture of what has been happening in somalia in the last year or so. How anyone with any common sense, after analysing the events that have occured in somalia since the turn of the year use Legitmate and TFG in conjunction i dont know. The out look will remain bleak for the future so long as the TFG and its leadership continue to be sustained by the Ethopians and US, and are not held to account, along with the ethopian backers for the genocide in Mogadisho.
  11. Trust this to happen in Liverpool Scousers lol
  12. You reckon JB? lol, A problem is the understatment of the year!
  13. lol Shameless attempt to equate the actions in Mogadisho with the reailty in Somaliland, but shameless as it maybe, it is perhaps admitting the reailty that is there for all to see. Lol, you are one confused brother. you sure you wasnt in Addis . Anyways there is nothing wrong with ethiopian civilians being in hargeisa or any other part of Somaliland for that matter. they are normal people who have done us no harm so why should object to them. The problem is having ethiopian troops occupying your country which is what is happening in the south. that is intolerable and it is a grave crime that your uncle has commited against the southerners to invite them there. You need to wake up and smell the air of reality coz that is something sadly you and your folks are lacking To the poster of this Post.Stop blinding yourselves take the advice sincerly Garaad Canood, Riyale Kahin welcomes Ethiopian ministers and so forth to Hargeysa, not tanks, choppers, jets or thousands of filthy axmaaro troops to kill, and rape other Somalis in neighboring regions. What a lovely comparrison this is, to distract people from the shamefulness commited by their kinsmen. Indeed they are the confussed one's, and shameless at that. I wonder if the take time out to read some of the News Articles on S.O.L's front page,, Reuters, BBC the Guardian. They all post the same thing
  14. I cannot think of anything more frighting than somali's wth nuclear capabilities! But staying on point, you got to admire his defiance of the US Lead Hegemony drive. Even though his now starting to demonstrate small dictator type tendancies like Castro did, but in all fair ness that TV Station did plot against him
  15. May allah give these people the patience and faith to get through these difficult times ameen.
  16. The anaylsis now takes a distinctly less intellectuall and more emotive outlook. The more and the quiker, ppl dislodge themselves from this cancer, the better for,our country and us ... Indeed. WE DID IT DUKE...WE HAVE REVENGED FOR THE PAST DEEDS...LET'S STOP IT goodness..... Tahliil this is what i fear now, a new and confirmed hatred that will polarise somali's across more well defined identities of Clan and region. As much as the recent attorocities cannot be attributed to any somali people, but a few ruthless individuals being subserviantly directed by their masters in Addis Abba & Washington, it can nonetheless have that effect.
  17. Excellent Stuff Guys keep up your good work.
  18. Africa must step up to the plate and show spine and leadership in a drive to protect its civilians, and work with Europe and the UN to convince the US to swiftly terminate its latest destabilising adventure. I think the stench of Paid Colonialism must by shouted back at the AU for allowing itself to be used by a Foriegn power to imposses a Regime onto a people whom they were never elected to govern. I think this point is Key.
  19. Thanks for sharing this. Its a sad state of affairs but its a sign of the times we live in. US's Drive for Hegemony and Domination of Oil reserves/prices is directly or indirectly resulting in the death and destruction of many a people and country. The UN EU AU or what ever other block you might look at effectly dont want to challange America on a variety of issues, or at best voice a strong opposition against them as was the case with the French government leading out to the war in Iraq. Its just a shame that we have amongst our Ranks somali's (irrespective of what clan they belong to) who decide to turn a blind eye to the reality of the recent events. Brother Nur, i wanted to ask, do you think that whats happening in Somalia now is a punishment to somali's for the way the have been are are still living today i.e. the tribilism which sporns of the hatred and killings? Thanks in Advance
  20. We have won the fighting against the insurgents," said Ali Mohammed Gedi, the prime minister. "The worst of the fighting in the city is now over." He added: "We have captured the stronghold of the terrorists. We will capture any terrorists who have escaped." Yet gunfire and heavy artillery could still be heard in northern Mogadishu. President Abdullahi Yusuf's regime is entirely dependent on military support from neighbouring Ethiopia. He was installed in the capital by the Ethiopian army, which captured Mogadishu almost unopposed in December and ousted a radical Islamic regime. About 350 people are known to have been killed and large areas destroyed by heavy artillery. "We face a very critical and dangerous situation where the rules of international humanitarian law are being flouted by all sides," said Sir John Holmes, the United Nations under-secretary for humanitarian affairs. Speaking in Geneva, he estimated that as many as 400,000 people may have been forced to flee Mogadishu. Most of them are now beyond the reach of aid workers. Ethiopian forces and the regime's militias have disrupted the flow of emergency supplies. But they have recently agreed to allow the aid operation to work unhindered. Source: Telegraph Were are those who claimed that this was merely a few neirbough hoods that were fighting, and that it didnt effect that many people? what happens now? Ethopians Arresting people, on what basis who dont know, other than the governments assertion that they are terrorists. 400,000 is now quoted as the number of people displayed and made into internal refugees. Ethopian forces are hindering aid efforts why? Even just mentioning these three issues, the probably likely hood of an on-going insurgency, and more intereferences from the americans and ethopians, who in here can genuinely, and not deludedly point to any hope for the immediate future of any reconciliation process? If you can please state how and why.
  21. Somalia is 'worst refugee crisis' The UN said displacement in Somalia was worse than in Iraq More people have been displaced in Somalia in the past two months than anywhere else in the world, the United Nations has said. Stephanie Bunker, spokeswoman for UN relief coordinator John Holmes, said at least 350,000 people had fled fighting in Mogadishu since February. There is also concern for those trapped in the city, where more than 600 have died from acute diarrhoea and cholera. A BBC correspondent says gunfire has stopped for the first time in 10 days. AFP news agency is reporting that Ethiopians and government troops are moving house-to-house in northern districts arresting suspected insurgents. All men are fleeing from the houses because the Ethiopian forces are arresting them Shamso Nur Mogadishu resident However, the city's Coca-Cola factory, opened in 2004, was looted overnight by gunmen in 12 trucks. "Our offices were broken into and all computers looted. We had supplies of sugar that were supposed to last the whole year - they were also looted," manager Bashir Mohamed Araye told Reuters news agency. On Thursday, Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Ghedi said his forces were in control of the capital and the worst of the fighting was now over. Bureaucracy charge The BBC's Farhia Ali says the sound of mortars and shelling had stopped on Friday morning. UNHCR map shows where thousands have fled to from Somalia's capital Mogadishu Enlarge Map People were venturing down to the central Bakara market area to check on their businesses and to see if the buildings were still standing, she said. Meanwhile, there are reports that insurgents are leaving northern districts, captured by Ethiopian troops on Thursday. "All men are fleeing from the houses because the Ethiopian forces are arresting them," Shamso Nur told AFP. Another witness said that bodies were being collected from the streets for burial. The UN had requested that fighting ceased so that aid could be brought in. Aid is ready and waiting to be delivered to the city, but it cannot be brought in while the fighting is still going on, it says. 'Charged for shade' Ms Bunker said displacements in Somali had topped those in Iraq, Darfur and Sri Lanka. "If you look at the situation from February until now, in that one timeframe, more people have been displaced inside Somalia than any place else in the world," she told the BBC. Clan divisions behind violence "We are very concerned about the people who have had to flee their homes because of the fighting, but we are also very concerned about those who are still trapped inside the city of Mogadishu." Earlier Mr Holmes said aid was reaching just 60,000 people. Some 300 people have been killed in the recent clashes, after 1,000 deaths last month, local human rights group say. The UN refugee agency reports that people are continuing to flee Mogadishu, for the nearby town of Afgooye. It says that armed robbers are roaming the town, where shop-owners are charging extortionate prices. The UNHCR has also been told that land-owners are charging refugees to sit under the shade of their trees on the road from Mogadishu. The Union of Islamic Courts controlled Mogadishu for six months last year - reuniting the capital for the first time since 1991. They were toppled last December by Ethiopia-backed government forces. The Islamist fighters have been joined by gunmen from the ****** clan, which does not back the government. Somalia has not had a functional government since 1991. Peace talks led to the formation of a transitional government in 2004, but it has so far failed to take full control of the country. Ethiopian troops announced they had begun to withdraw, to be replaced by an African Union peacekeeping force, but only 1,200 of the 8,000 troops the AU says it needs have been deployed.
  22. And yet the phrases TFG wins or successed is continuously parroted around by GD, he has no shame. The combined Force of the Ethiopian Modern army funding and co-coordinated by the Americans, and the American tactical support and bombings hasn’t yet managed to quell the resistant to this attempt colonize Somali’s and install this Gang of a "government" Where is this phantom force you keep referring to as the TFG, if you mean the Ethiopians and Americans then perhaps your accurate, otherwise its an utterly inaccurate and blatantly lie. But still if it makes you happy and sleep well at night keep deluding yourself