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  1. Allah swt is Just, Everyone can try to sugar coat this current situation, but Whom ever that does an atom's weight of good allah will reward them, and whom ever who does an atmo's weight of bad allah will punish them. Allah swt is Just Like i said sxb, keep referencing everything you do to Qabil, and continue parotting your TFG line. Your lack of sincerity is striking in everything you say
  2. Taliban i Admire your energy and zest in debating endlessly with these Nomads who continue to Parott the TFG line. Just look at the thread's name, the lack of shame is particularly striking. As Gell Jire12 said one clan defendig the land and the shariah (which wasnt the case but still since this is your chosen label "clan") is a 1000's better than what we have now. Oh i forgot, its not your clan, so its inherently wrong and must be rubbished & defamed whatever it takes. Subhanallah, somalis (and i stress when i say somali's i refer to somali's as a whole, dont think with your mind frame and assume things) somalis are a sick nation, the addiction to qaabil can only be cured by a return to Islam. One of the reason why am inherently against this Terrorist Foriegn Gang is they will never be a sincere force for recognition (we have already seen ample evidence for this) and they are without a shadow of doubt full of hypocrites who instead of embracing their brothers who cleared the path for them in Mogadisho their refused the invitation, and went for an inherently poor option by invitng the Ethopian and Americans to Kill. Allah swt is Just, Everyone can try to sugar coat this current situation, but Whom ever that does an atom's weight of good allah will reward them, and whom ever who does an atmo's weight of bad allah will punish them. Allah swt is Just
  3. Its posts like these that remind me of another crucial factor, and national trait that continues to afflict the somali way of thinking. When people refuse to accept universial facts, cannot distinguish between what is right and wrong, then what future does its voice less people have? None. The Economists, GD Captain X something are prime examples, with their slogans and mantra's. When you refuse to acknowledge that you supported and continue to cheer lead an organisation that is full of warlords, corrupt, tribal people, with blood on their hands. And yet dismiss the UIC as a tribal fake-islamic (first ant-islamic term i've heard termed by a person calling himself a muslim) because of 1 or two individuals in the whole organisation. When you choose to slander your Muslim Brothers who bravely waged a war against the hypocrites of the TFG, the Ethopian who in turn who supported by the Americans, and yet somehow suggest that this dubnked illegitmate, puppet organisation is somehow better than those (mashallah brave young men) who fought and died for Islam is beyond any comprehension. When you reject the reality of your tribal opposition to any critic raised againsts this b.a.s.t.a.r.d..i.s.e Trechories Foriegn Government such as the recent known rape of the somali women who was brave enough to tell her story, and the fact that Mogadisho is now far from peacefull and its populus (Albeit not from the political specturm that you care about) are indeed escaping the deally hardship and occasional shelling and shootings from the ethopians, and the getting killed in the cross fire between those fighting for freedom against this Regime. I've always been asked why somali's despite speaking the same language, sharing the same culture, ethnicity and religion fight and kill each other, till this day i dont have an answer to this question. But am a long way foward now in understanding how Somali's, Muslims (or so-called) can kill each other.
  4. Do you see the bright smiling faces in the second 2 pictures of this thread. Subhanallah
  5. Dont be so shocked, this is your fellow somali, a self proclaimed Nationalist, yet your views and positions are as diverging as they can be. Instead of the curse, ask yourself sincerely why somali's are in this state of mind?
  6. The TFG fan's are busy cheer-leading elsewhere & Posting pictures of the President. This is just collateral damage presumably
  7. An interesting insight into the how the public, albeit (since the door ****'s insist that UIC and their supporters are clan court terrrorists)the irrelevant public view this dubnked illegitmate organization. You pose many valid and important questions Northner, still there are no responses worthy of the servity of the situation. Looks like somali's are heading back into a long and potentially deveasting civil war similar to the one expirenced back in the early 90's. Inshallah i hope this wont be the case, but it doesnt look good though. lol K.N.O.B has been censorded out?
  8. Insurgency is such an illegitimate phrase, when I here it brings to mind the use of words well coined by occupying forces such as "collateral damage or friendly fire". This is a war waged by Somali's for freedom. No matter how you or myself my seek to protray them, and certainlly irrespective of whatever Al Jazeera Cnn or BBC my report them us, they have their right to fight against those who occupy them. Allah alam, when innocent individuals are killed its not to be trivialised, whether by the hands of the TFG via the Ethiopian Masters, or by Somali's aiming for TFG forcers or AU Occupying forces. The Ugandan's No the score and they will be better armed than the people the come to occupy, but every single last one will remain a legitimate target until the leave.
  9. March 24 -7 2007, 01:26 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar lol poor old MMA his having a hard time trying to maintain a balanced approach. Somalia Online's forum, better known as Camel Milk Threads, is the most respected opinion forum for the Somalis. Camel Milk Threads is where big name media outlets such as the Guardian and the Star Tribune come to find diverse opinions on Somali issues. This discussions forum has been recommended by the BBC and is quoted by numerous website. It was once guys, and idiotic clannish contributors and their facilitation has all but ruined that reputation.
  10. Added: Saturday, 3 March, 2007, 19:14 GMT 19:14 UK US has chosen for US-peace in Somalia. It means that any situation is preferable over islam-rule. So there was peace by Islamic courts, and after US-sponsored invasion by Ethiopia there is US-peace now. Anarchy, random murder in the streets, and warlords loaded by US-weapons. AU-troops is a cosmetic operation to maintain the US-imposed anarchy. Paul, Netherlands READ, INSTEAD OF CUTTIN AND PASTING READ See what the rest of the world Says, what the rest of the world knows. There are no "clan court" phrases here only U.I.C and what more only praises for the U.I.C, and frank admissions of the reality, namely that the TFG is a Foriegn imposed entity that wont last its course, so keep cheer-leading for your uncle.
  11. Ana_Juwa2


    Long live the Mujahid and Emir of East Africa, our tigrey brother "Meles Zenawi".........we thank him for freeing us from the clan courts......Amen ^ Subhanallah lool ^ Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic. But dont worry if its of any consolation your not the only one struck down with this dieses, there is a national trait. Never the less, i'd like to thank all those Nomad's who took and continue to take the time and effort to challange the campaign of denegration and mis-information on here by the Triabilists (Since they are readily facilitated by the site owners). Allah know's best, but everyone of sound mind can clearly see (without having to delve into anyone's heart) that we have a lot of munafiq-nimo in the somali people, alhamdulilah if nothing else am glad that this recent conflict has serverd to either distant people away from this trait, and expose to everyone the true nature of the prevailing culture of the somali's. Warlords such as AY and the croines of the TFG aside, we have the af-moroyan such as those on SOL and in every meduim in the somali community from the cafe's, to the raido's etc etc.
  12. Nice to see you can find time to see the funny side of things JB. Why do qabil loving nomads find dealing with reality so challanging? Why is it so hard to admit that debunked traitor's murderous organisation called the TFG (F = Foriegn as someone so aptly coined)didnt winning nothing in this recent conflict? And Now fearing the very population they are suppose to serve, the bombard and kill the very same people they are suppose to serve (at least in mogadisho), were i observe some of the dob ****'s and gaal raac's would like the government to "liquidate" the population to borrow one phrase. Ethopian Soliders and Heavy Arteliry proped up by US Air support was the decisive force, in forcing a military defeat and a change in the nature of the conflict. Many suspected then, and we know this now as Fact with the recent Admission by the american's. The TFG and its members have at best done the usual bidding to their masters in addis abbaba, and of course begged when possible on TV, Radio and in Fund Raising Trips Why are the moderator's chosing to be so selective in their editing actions? I saw a perfectly healthy question raised by a poster regarding the campaign of mis-information that has continued to be allowed on here and instead of having a debate about the purpose of this fourms in either accomodating, facilitating these ill conviced attaempts at convicing everyone and all with their Ctrl & C and Ctrl & V tacticsThe topic is Closed? lol citing a breaking of A rule as being the reason. lol If thats the way this place is run, i would argue that perhaps you should close down the Whole Politics forum, lest you by being passive give the already burgeoning impression of being a one sided Mouth Piece.
  13. Originally Posted by Rudy its the fact jack! it aint coming, u might as well look for a real job!! lol Aint that the truth.
  14. subhanallah lol i tell you what it is a (joke) that is, though the subject is far from it.
  15. ************************** lol I believe the home page of SOL Quotes itself (very fairly if your thinking retrospectively, and in some respects of the fourm now) as being the Best somali fourm usual referenced by some big national dails here in the UK and across the Pond in the US (Satan Land). Well i believe the above quoted example and so many other more, would challange that assertion. As i said in my first quote, its nice to know who is who and what everyone stands for. [ February 23, 2007, 02:37 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  16. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by Rahima: May Allah give them victory aamiin. May the Kufaar and their supporters be defeated swiftly. May Allah reward the dead with janatul firdows. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cosign May Allah(SWT) be with them all Ameen.
  17. Its been a while since i've posted in SOL! Infact i never imagined i would return back to SOL for more than just Silent reading, but the events of the last 6/7 months and the tribal trash that would come to be tolerated and inhabit SOL got me itiching to write something. I never imagined that SOL would become yet another somali website which would go from being no-baised and factual in most respects, to becoming a tribal/regional affiliated website, tolerating qaabilism in a re-markated style & protecting certain group of individuals who promote the propagation of this *******ised Organisation Called the TNG simply becauses of relation to members, a haterated for the success of UIC's & tribal affiliation terrorists, Clan Courts etc etc would become their defaming solgan I could have posted this in so many different topics such is the hedonistic nature of SOL tribalist posters and the sheer number of posts dedicated to mis-informing, insulating and defaming in the pursuit for there own self-fufill-ment, their clannish mentality. In all fairness! somali's are qaabilsits through and through, so i suppose it would be naive to assume that SOL Somali's could be anything different i.e. the good the bad and the tribalisits. But lets call a spade a spade, a lot of people here have shown there true colours over a period of time, some have tried to hide it under elaborate arguments, some havent bothered trying, and most importantly that powers that bee have tolerated it, and what more have also tolerated the insulting, defaming and just plain tribal bashing threads and posts to go along with it The mujahids that fought braverly against superior fire power and treason still lie dead across the battlefields slyain, and many depraved and shameless individuals like this one above me continue to resort to calling the terrorists, or clan court etc etc, without reprimand or challange. SHAME ON YOU SOL, SHAME ON YOU. May allah forgive the dead marty's that have fallen fighting in his way, and may allah swt punish those munafiq's that have conspired to bring about the downfall of there muslim brethren in the pursuit of their own egotistical ambitions and interests.