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  1. Every new administrator of Pirateland lost territory to Somaliland: I wonder just how much territory is Deni going to loose
  2. Pirates' port activity F. Pirates' airport activity F. Pirates' security F. Pirates' economy F. Pirates' democracy F. YOU asked for comparisons, adkeyso. Hopefully one day soon your airport will receive increased activity, perhaps something crazy will happen like 2 scheduled flights a day, that is 100% improvement on Sat and Sun
  3. Listen, you can wait all you want. It will not make your dusty airport receive more flights You should be embarrassed. Just as an example: Today is Saturday 22 June. Your "airport" received just a single flight, and it was a Jubba connection flight from Hargeisa. Just a single flight! As soon as it landed, staff probably took the rest of the day off as there was nothing else to do (). Tomorrow: Another single arrival, this time from Mogadishu. Staff will probably show up at 12:30, deal with the Mogadishu flight and be home in time for lunch. This is a June Saturday and Sunday schedule, in theory, your little airport should be overwhelmed by arrivals and departures, busiest time of the year with the constant flow of diaspora Somalis. And yet, you have a single flight each day. Meanwhile in Hargeisa... Go on.. start making up more excuses
  4. It is so funny watching these poor pirates scramble to make up excuses for Pirateland's subpar performance. What makes it even funnier is that it was the pirates who brought up the comparisons in the first place, and yet as soon as comparisons are made, excuses start flying
  5. Hargeisa was completely destroyed in 1988, and rebuilt anew. Dont pretend that it was built by the Afweyne. The terminals and runway in Hargeisa were recently renovated. The number of "airports" (I use this loosely) is of negligible importance, if no flights are operated from it, this is self evidence in the "airports" of Garowe and Galkayo, with little to no activity, and Bosaso, again with little to no activity. Your pal requested a stick to measure yourselves to against the big boys in Hargeisa, adkeyso dee and do not start making excuses now Your port activity F. Your airport activity F. Your security F. Your economy F. Your democracy F. Pirates, enough talk for now. What was your region's budget again?
  6. A stick of sorts to measure yourselves to against the big boys in Hargeisa you say? Happy to oblige Port activity: - Berbera: 9 vessels in port, and 5 further expected. - Bosaso: 1 vessels in port, and 1 further expected () Airport activity: - Hargeisa Airport: - Bosaso Airport: () Security: () ...etc
  7. Before you hear what I think, you need to provide a single piece of credible evidence (i.e. one usable in a court of law, so video footage of the massacre, international investigation by the likes of UN...etc) in order to assertain whether this "massacre" actually took place. Can you do us this favour? Because all I am seeing from reer Garowe (was it not Mudug actually?) are wild claims not backed up by any credible sources. What evidence do you have? IF you can not provide any evidence, what makes you think others would just take your word for it?
  8. What did I say? I know these pirates' lies all too well
  9. You have zero proof for this lie. Not a single credible piece of evidence to support your claim in a court of law. If you do have any evidence I think many here would be interested to see it. Please no random blogs or forum post, no random youtube vlogs either If you do not present any credible evidence, then what Somalis say of your propaganda is true.
  10. Exactly. The pirates keep repeating massacre rhetoric with no proof ever presented. Its bizarre. No footage of attacks, no eye-witness accounts, no independent 3rd-party investigations by institutions like Human Rights Watch or the UN, no international reporting and outcry... they have presented nothing beside their naked claims. And to top it off, they were the only rebel group to surrender to Afweyne and join his genocide in the north. No one in their right mind who has just experienced a massacre would go back on their hands and knees to the perpetrator of the alleged massacre and plead for mercy, even going as far as requesting to rejoin their military. Its complete BS.
  11. Are you actually serious? It is true that President Biixi met Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs of UAE in March 2018, which in its own right was a huge diplomatic coup for the Republic — in spite of all the calaacal coming from Mogadishu. But you are trying to ignore the obvious in your post above. President Biixi's last visit in March 2019 saw the absolute peak of Somaliland's foreign diplomacy in general, and Somaliland-UAE relations in particular, with the first official full Presidential protocol offered to a sitting President of the Republic on a foreign trip. Complete with the Somaliland flag and guards of honour. In fact, it was the exact same treatment offered to the cheeseman not that long ago: Main streets in the capital city of Abu Dhabi were blocked to allow the Presidential motorcade to pass through the streets: Compare that to Pirate Deni who bought an economy seat on Daalo or some other commercial outfit and hired a private taxi upon arrival, only to meet a small-time bureaucrat, having lied and claimed that Pirateland will invest in Abu Dhabi
  12. What has Col. Tipsy aka Xaare done so far? Other than begging Somaliland's parliament via the magic of youtube press conferences?
  13. Around the 0:21 mark in the video above, you can see that the Qardho Pirates who filmed the fugitive blurred part of the video: If you are curious as to what they were hiding, its the embarrassment of the obese mad man turning up to make a press conference without buttoning his shirt :
  14. "waxaan xal u arkaa in baarlamanka iyo golaha gurtidu nimankan commitment u qaadan" I thought obese Caare was ready to wage war? Why is he begging the same parliament and guurti he called "xaaraan" not that long ago? Also, why can he not put two coherent sentences together without the video cutting?
  15. Another lie. Deni did not meet "some of the highest officials of the Emirates", he met a low-level bureaucrat, namely the Deputy Director-General of the Abudhabi Chamber of commerce: Worthy of note is that the only reason Deni got this meeting was because he lied and said that there is a possibility of Puntland investing in.. wait for it.. Abudhabi! Dont take my word for it, here is the official Emirates News Agency news item: Meanwhile Biixi met... Try to invent better "sources" next time