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  1. What an iconic photo From fugitive soldier to begging for free rides to Adis in Tog Wajaale, deported from his own country. Where are the inagumeeds who were promising us that Caare will end Somaliland? Where are the inagumeeds who were promising us that Galaydh will end Somaliland? Where are the inagumeeds who were promising us that Xaglotoosiye will end Somaliland? F*qash tears are so sweet.
  2. Ol' Beenaale, we are still waiting for official sources from you on the question of Sanaag's districts. Your sh-t-and-run tactics of using Facebook and Puntland Observer as sources only highlighted your jaahilnimo and lack of a basic education. And once your lies were exposed you promptly fled the discussion, as you always do. So spare us your poorly written, "my imaginary sources told" fan-fiction and bring the goods, otherwise kindly stfu Its more desperation that anything. This loomaooyaan actually thinks Duriyada will emancipate him and other hadhaagii kacaanka like him. Its amusing
  3. The forum's Ol' Beenaale back to his usual tricks There is truth to the old saying: "doofaar weligii ma daahiro".
  4. Carre bent the knee, where is the SomaliaOnline inagumeed?
  5. Exactly, so where is the law that has been passed? You have failed to provide a single official source. Do you have it? A yes/no answer would do
  6. Look at these Kacaan simps, still struggling to find a single official document from the Somali Democratic Republic supporting their false claim. Defintely xaga citations iyo academic sourcing ayaa laga habaarey. Their desperate, and lets be honest hopeless, struggle to come up with a single item of evidence continues to be so amusing to observe We did not ask you to bring up a random NGOs as evidence, nor Facebook posts or Puntland Observer blogs... etc etc, we want official documents, exactly like the ones I presented showing there to be ONLY 3 districts, directly from the official bulletin of the Somali Democratic Republic and published by the Madaxtooyo. If it was official as you claim, why are ALL OF YOU struggling so hard to produce any official documents? Keep searching Google, that is all a jaahil like you can do
  7. I was going to abuse the f-qash some more, but I see a great triumphant return that has put me in a good mood, so much so I might give the poor sods respite tonight. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the Ustaad, the Macalain, the Sensei... the Kabiir Mudane Oodweyne Hadhaagii kacaanku wuu isku buuqay, poor guys tried to argue using Facebook, Puntland Observer and Statoid (random website)... caqligoodu halkaasuu joogaa Welcome back our mujaahid
  8. Haduu af ingiriisigu kugu adagyahay af Soomaali iska isticmaal sxb.
  9. Poor guy is running in circles, this is so amusing Dont try to mislead the readers. The link to Somalia's current federal government says absolutely NOTHING in support of your claim. You are still trying to use a random site (Statoids) and have yet to produce any official document from the Somali Democratic Republic (1960-1991) supporting your lie. Horta waxan miyaa laga habaarey proper citation? Keep searching
  10. Mr. Minority, which documents are forged? Tell us exactly which one you mean, I dare you to quote any reply of mine with a forged document. If you cant, then that is another one of your lies busted You can not escape this one I am afraid. On the other hand, your Beenaale old friend galbeedi, who has since fled the discussion once humiliated (as usual!) was so desperate to support your hopeless propaganda that he resorted to using random Facebook posts, Puntland Observer blogs... and once that didnt work the other random kacaanist tried to pass off sites like Statoids as evidence What can I say? Certain things are predestined. Just like Allah made SNM stronger than your faqash isbaaheysi on the ground back home, Allah also made us stronger than you even on this virtual platform
  11. As I said, come back when you actually have real evidence to show. So far, you have presented: 1) A random website (, just like Odey Beenaale used Facebook and Puntland Post). 2)A random draft document from 2005 Not a single official document from the Somali Democratic Republic, instead, we have a mixture of facebook posts, random PL sites, random other sites and a draft document released as recently as 2005. Xagga sources-ka miyaa laydinkahabaarey? If this was school you would get an F. Come back when you have evidence that would trump official government documents released via state news bulletin of the Somali Democratic Republic
  12. Fulmaynimadu waa ta idinku kaliftey to go from Las Qorey, on foot, all the way to Muqdisho, in fear of the people who control Sanaag. Calaacaling for the last 30 years like Palestinians. And yet no one gives a s*** about your plight, Somali or otherwise... ins iyo jin. You are told, everywhere you go, that your destiny is to forever be ruled from Hargeisa. I am content with the status quo and my lot. You and other hadhaagii kacaanka are the ones who are not
  13. This is not up for debate, we are not discussing lies you've concocted out of thin air. Sanaag only ever had THREE districts, this is supported by the following evidence presented above: 1) The official news bulletin of the Somali Democratic Republic published directly by Madaxtooyada Jamhuuriyada. For any normal person, this should end the argument, right then and there. But we have more evidence... 2) A UNICEF report published in 1987. 3) All reputable international organisations e.g. UN, EU clearly state Sanaag has only the 3 aforementioned districts. Besides, the map you are using also clearly shows there being only 3 districts of Ceel Afweyn, Ceerigaabo and Badhan. So, unless you have some unbelievably potent evidence that would trump all the above that you are hiding for whatever reason, and by evidence I mean official documents published by the government of the Somali Republic (not random Facebook or Puntland Post posts like the resident Odey Beenaale tried to do ), I suggest you take your lies to your local maqaaxi, maybe someone there will believe that lie without the need for presenting any evidence