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  1. Cheeseman farmajo and his allies were caught in the act, literally there is no way out of this one for them.
  2. If you think swearing three times on the name of Allah that you want to be an obedient servant of an Englishman is intelligent or sharp, then there is no point discussing anything with you "what I should like is to be under the orders of an Englishman. I swear to what I have stated above, I swear and swear again to it"
  3. He put out an SOS to the Brits in Aden to come and save him from the mad mullah. Bringing up random youtube videos has no place in this discussion, we have witnessed what the historical record says on the topic at hand, real documents showing that he was a loyal British subject. To the point of getting a medal! The age of historical revisionism is dead. The man was, by his own admission, an obedient servant of the English. He swore three times on the name of Allah that he wants to be under the orders of an Englishman
  4. Just face the facts, your lie was busted. - We have his begging letter declaring himself to be a servant. - We have an actual photograph of him getting a medal for being a loyal subject of the queen. - You want more? Here is the story of how he begged the British in Aden to save him and his community from the mad mullah's attack on Las Qorey: There is no spinning this. You should be thankful that Ina Cali Shire sent his SOS letter to beg the British for help. Otherwise the mad mullah and his crew would have decimated the Las Qorey community. Trust me when I say, digging this history is not good for you.
  5. Dont even try. He is a subject standing before his queen, waiting to be given a medal. You can not spin this. You can tell he is struggling to stay standing still, the man was made disabled after getting punished by the central majority community in Sanaag for trying to steal some camels. Its either a miracle that he was able to stay standing still without his cane, or he really, really, wanted to show his loyalty to his queen.
  6. The letters were fake? Is this your best attempt at justifying the humiliating letter we see above? The original letter is preserved in the Seychelles National Archive, it is stored under: C/SS/2 17.7.1922 You can not escape this one I am afraid. Ina Ali Shire was a registered elder of the British colonial administration, he received a monthly stipend from the Brits, we have all the records to prove this. It is impossible for you now to revise history and claim he somehow was a freedom fighter. Waar miyedaan xishooneyn? How can this man standing before his queen as he receives his medal as one of her loyal subjects be a freedom fighter? Waali cas
  7. Your view is meaningless in the face of explicit text declaring his servitude to the Brits and swearing to Allah 3 times on it. The man was no rebel, he did not control much land, nor did his people make up a significant segment of the population (only 3.1% of British Somaliland Protectorate). These are the facts we have. This is the age of the internet and, unfortunately for some, historical revisionism stopped working the day Afweyne fled Mogadishu inside a tank.
  8. If it is normal, why do you think those who seek to revise documented history hide the fact that he was begging the British and signing letters as their most humble servant? Or calling the British his masters? You are being obtuse.
  9. Are we fabricating history this unashamedly? Before you continue with your revisionism of history and presentation of this man as some kind of super-nationalist, read with me the letter he wrote to the British colonial officers, and tell us, if you will, if these were the words of the hardcore nationalist you are trying to paint: Note the use of words by the Sultan of Warsangali: He swore to Allah that he wants to be an "obedient servant" three times. You lot must understand, the Kacaan is dead, you can not make up history any more. Another lie, it was a concubine girl of 16 years of age that the old man took! Read the original sources.
  10. Pirates simply can not compete with Berbera due to container handling facilities. Bulk-shipping via containers ensures goods imported from Berbera will always be cheaper than ones imported in Bosaso. Here is a Pirate MP decrying traders and businessfolk belonging to Pirateland who are flocking to Berbera due to better service: A killer move by Somaliland is issuing tax exemptions to Pirates who use Berbera and use Somaliland's tracking system to re-export goods to Garowe
  11. Items arriving from Sool and Sanaag will not be exempt. As stated by a Puntland MP, in accepting that any items arriving will be taxed at Yoocada, is to accept Somaliland's authority over those regions. If they enforce this tax they kill their bogus claim, and if they dont they kill their small port operation at Bosaso. The pirates are in a tough place.
  12. Again, this is not how it works. The enitre territory votes, and whatever the majority chooses the rest goes. You can not give choice to clans, what if certain subclans have a different view? What about sub-sub-clans? It is unworkable. Which is why in every referendum in history, the entire territory votes. If you think the majority of people living in Somaliland do not favour independence, you should not be worried about the results, right?
  13. Whats even funnier is that they will tell you with a straight face that the majority of people in Somaliland are against independence and that those favouring independence are a minority. - Fine, lets do a referendum then. At which point they lose it completely and start making up retarded rules that no one has ever used. Imagine Sudan suggesting to be included in South Sudan's independence referendum.. wuxu miyaaney xishoon?
  14. It is international precedent Sudan did not get a say in the South Sudan referendum, Canada did not get a say in Quebec's referendum, and UK did not get a say in Scotland's referendum... what makes you think a failed state like Somalia is getting any say in possible future 2nd Somaliland referendum? If there is ever a referendum, it will go down as set by precedents above. And we know that the results would be overwhelmingly Y E S