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  1. Are you disputing what your ayeyo did? Ask me to provide evidence, you dont dare, because unlike you.. I will happily oblige. And you know it
  2. You are probably right, deranged dhbayaco like Tillamook probably enjoys getting humiliated.. brings him back memories of his ayeeyo Aamina Boqor and her infamous escapades. Bullying him is so much fun though
  3. Dhbayco, you have made a statement that you are now desperately trying to distance yourself and backtrack from. You will not dare make that statement ever again on this forum
  4. Dhbayaco.. this is the 4th page.. and we still have no evidence. The one who has been evading for 4 pages straight is not me. Just admit you got carried away and made yet another baseless claim
  5. Translation: been baan sheegey ee iga qalee!! If this was real life Tillamook would offer me his female relative, like dhbayaco boqor offered his daughter to Douglas Collin
  6. There you have it people. A dhbayaco's worst enemy is the simple sentence of: Where is your evidence?
  7. Dhbayaco, you lied.. and as soon as you were caught you squealed like a typical dhbayaco, attempts to change the topic away from your lie wont work. Add as many emojis.. qosol gariir as deeply as you need, even do the dhbayaco butterfly dance like your ayeeyo Amina Boqor... my next question will always be: I am still waiting for your evidence, do you have any?
  8. The Dhbayaco lie cycle: Dhbayaco: "Mercenaries from Somaliland frequently visit Somaliland, this is a fact." - We would like to see evidence please. Dhbayaco: qosol gariir.. emojis.. shuban...etc - You've still not provided any evidence, do you have any? Dhbayaco: more shuban.. what is your clan?!!... more emojis.. etc
  9. The langaab loomaooyaan is the one crying in utter desperation "tolaay yaa constitution ah" in 2020 Dhbayaco, dance all you want around it, you are not escaping. Its simple.. you made a claim, either provide evidence or stfu.
  10. I rest my case Dhbayaco and lies go hand in hand, as soon as evidence is demanded they begin their qosol gariir folk-dance.
  11. Dhbayaco, facts are easy to substantiate. I will give you the opportunity to do just that: You claimed that these mercenaries "go back home frequently", please provide a single sighting of them in Somaliland whilst holding office. Just one. If you are unable to do so then you've just confirmed you are lying
  12. The dhbayaco tried to lie and claim these mercenaries "go back home frequently"... based on what? Did Galbeedi's infamous Jin whisper into your ears too? Since you are just spewing random lies with no evidence, might as well claim Farmajo also frequently visits Somaliland albeit under the disguise of a burqa to keep it a secret
  13. The dhbayaco has broken into an episode of qosol gariir. There is simply no way of spinning your largest port losing business into a positive thing, none. And yet the demented dhbayaco tried to do just that
  14. Dhbayaco, seriously, you need to stop and leave this for your betters. You are a layman. The fact that you think Bosaso being devastated and your parliamentarians calaacaling about the dwindling business of your premiere port to be a positive thing speaks of a severe case of retardation Whats next? Somaliland's annexation of Tukaraq is a great military victory for beesha?
  15. There is a reason why I stopped responding to this dhbayaco. Read above to witness the incredible flexibility of this low-ranking yoga enthusiast. Somehow, the devastating loss of business in their largest port, the flooding of Berbera products in their markets, to the point where the matter is brought before their parliament.. somehow this is a great thing. The mental gymnastics of a retard