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  1. Bent-Omha

    hey you guiys

    Alahamdullilah , i am doing well. just final eaxams spoiling my mood . peace
  2. ya fulla esh rayej philipiny , a9le thaqafte philipinia . Ya Quet 3araby 3endek mosh ba6al.
  3. Salam Jadawy: ana mnal danatel-khalej, enta ya halla feek , o noktah 7elwa. 3ajabatne o no9. mashkor .
  4. dunya , i read ur post and my opinion... who cares my opinion... girl do ur things .. "kama toden to dan" ..what goes around comes around. peace
  5. eeb,bla boy friend bla qelat adab we r moslims so nothing such b/f..if u want marry and invite me ur wedding party .. peace.
  6. lol fullah. Aqool ako mo3arethen ahene? wallah a5af ana. ana aqtare7 al e5wa somaliyen yasharekona o naktob bel
  7. lol@Moti. Don't loose ur breath with those wanna be Americans. they r ******* like their P** Bush . emla2 al fara'3 peace
  8. Salaamz i am going to Hargeysa with my family. I am so excited this is my very first time to see Somalia. Safe trip to all .. love and peace.
  9. Salam bro maajo .. look at my smile do i look some one hates u , hell no i don't hate my people. (ya qareb kon adeb) means ..hmmm how to say it in English! means if u r stranger be nice to the people who own the country ...hope u understood or call 1800-OG_Moti
  10. Salaam ya banat: ezayokom, a5barekom eeh. wallah zean yakon 3endana topic lana o bess . ya ret ya fullah nasawe lama o nat3araf 3ala b3'9, ana esmy methel mentom shayefen Sweetrose.ya hlaa fekom. matashofon shar .
  11. Well, i love my parents and brothers and sisters to death, i was born and grew up in "gorbah" we never had relatives, so all what we had was each other. They r all my life i can't imagine life with out one of them. God Bless them. salam
  12. Heyy Moti is allowed to post in Arabic that would be with no errors at all <--wink
  13. Mizz, to him i am his baby sister Not a chick
  14. Salamz: Is my brother Moti, i have to take his advice before even think to talk my father and mother. peace
  15. Simple Woman, sister not all sujui r same.we love our somali people after all we r somalian. salam