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  1. Ooh I see haddaan fahmay thank you!!
  2. Thank you Abwaan, laakiin what he mean inay (7) galaan?
  3. Ma ogtahay akhristoow in laamaha is guursada ay (7) galaan.. I don't get it what's laamaha is guursada?
  4. Qolsharif Mosque in Russia
  5. Really sad story, laakiin Oba waxaan ku weydiiyay sida gabadha kasoo sheekeysay kuwii dadka masaakiinta ooy lacagta kasoo qaateen doonta ka tuuray gabadhii umushay iyo ilmaheedana badda ku tuuray markuu ninkeedii yiri saan islaanimo ma'ha asna sidoo kale kaw kasiiyay ma Arab ayeey ahaayeen?
  6. Hambalyo hambalyo to Hassan Sheikh. May Allah guide him into his journey to re- build the country inshAllah
  7. Envy can be seen as a positive thing, but the example you provided doesn't support your claim. Envy is a good thing when it propels us to compete with our brother and sister in things that are good; for example, if it causes us to better ourselves islamically. Let’s say your neighbor prays more than you or is spiritually better, and your envy of his good actions pushes you to better yourself. In this case, envy would be a good thing. However, materialistic or mundane things such as your example wouldn’t be a situation where envy is good. Islam teaches us not to be envious of the things our brother have, but the good they do.
  8. ...It's about quality Mr. Somalia, not quantity.
  9. May Allah SWT save us all from having jealousy and may Allah protect us from sins.
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  11. Hilarious!! I guess when you don't have billions in aid, & predator drones to carry out your murders you make do...