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    Baashi....Bro thanks for the link I AM LOVIN' IT. Just got done listening to Michael Jackson "The way you making me feel" ohhh I love that song.
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    Q: If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes? A: People did not evolve from apes sis. Scientists actually believe that we are from the same ancestors as apes which basically means that we are related to apes or something. but other then that Q the rest are hilarious sis.
  3. Where all the Nomads at? Come on ppl all your profiles say your a why don't you let us now what Institution you attend. p.s Thanks to those Nomads that already replied.
  4. Sign me up if it is not too late Hipo I cant take this anymore lol.
  5. Yo!!! I could never imagine asking a guy to marry me....I would rather remain unmarried for the rest of my life.
  6. Legend of Zu you took the words out of my mouth why would I choose to save anyone when I am not on the sinking boat lol.
  7. sorry abaayo I thought you were a dude.
  8. Fidel do your research pro the government does pay for that they pay for everything you just gotta find the ways.
  9. yo this is a freakin kids book...stop wasting your time and energy on this potter crap and head over to Barnes and Noble and pick up something nice.....and please make sure its for your age lol.
  10. I liked the doctor and lawyer piece that was some pretty stuff bro.
  11. yo that is a crazy question I would have never thought of the answer that the job aplicant came up with what a genious. lol.
  12. Nice topic is my two cents lol 3. When it comes girl friend material guys will go for easier ones that give them what they want but when it comes to wife material they will go for the opposite. 4. guys like girls that are always quit in public.
  13. Fidel bro thanks for trying to make this more clearer for me but what still doesnt make any sense to me is what if I wanted to stay home and become a housewife or whatever it is you wanna call it why cant I get paid for that just like a maid? Also its not really about wheather I could afford a maid or not because if I cant they still get paid by the government right? so why cant I get paid instead and make things easier for me instead of having to go outside the house for work and come back in eight hours for more unpaid work?
  14. To me the thing that makes no sense is how you can hire a maid to do the house chores for you and she gets paid but when you do it your self you dont get a cent. Why is that? Your doing the same if not more chores then the maid? This world does not make any sense.
  15. This is simple all you have to do is reply and let all of us Nomads know where you go to. let me start it off: University of MN, T.C
  16. Just a comment...Galkacyo is the safest place in Somalia.
  17. SOMARICAN>..... UR just another qaxooti with the wrong perceptions and understandings on who you are and where you came from. Also not to mention who has lots of free time to write up bunch of crap that just repeats itself and might I say again does not make one sense at all. Hey fiirii I dont have time for your sillyness so I am gonna stop right here. PEACE TO ALL.
  18. Somerican...ur name I guess says it all. But let me tell you something you cant be both Mali and American you gotta choose. Plus am sorry to say this but what your saying makes no sense at all. At the beginning your saying Who cares about the problem facing our beloved country, next you say that others malis do not care about their motherland and then you finish off saying that Somalis in Somalia need to do something about the futures and the future of our country. What YOU should have said...that YOU dont care about Somalia b/c YOUR too busy trying to worry about other problems (such as Palestine and Iraq) like YOU mentioned. Also you should have added that YOU dont want to do anything about helping our country become the great country that it once was because YOU too busy trying to be something YOUR not. ANYWAYS plz ppl dont post for all Somalis just say what you feel like saying and do not feel like you have to speak for the others aight specially to Somarican. Tnx
  19. I would advice to wait if ur a women and to go on if your a man. All the girls that I know that got married during college had to quit school because they could not juggle school and marriage.
  20. Here is a few that I have came across in my time: 1. I wonder what our children would look like. 2. Hey I am new to Town. Can I get directions to your Place. 3. Your soo hot...your *** is on fire. 4. I lost my # can I have urs.
  21. Nice bro...They are almost all true EXCEPT for the 2nd part of what White ppl know and Blacks wont admit #5 O.J did it....Thats were your wrong He Didnt Do It But just the fact that you said makes it funny.
  22. Plain gonna be living there in the future Insha Allah once I am done with school.