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  1. War Deg Deg ah– Madaxweyne Xasan Shiekh oo itoobiya Raali galiyey sheegayna iney saxiixayaan heshiiskii LIVE FROM ADIS ABEBA—Iyadoo Ergada Dowladu ay goor dhaweyd sheegeen ineysan saxiixayn heshiiskii xalay isla markaasna lagu kala kacey wada hadalkii ayaa hadana goor dhaweyd waxaa Ergada Jubaland lasoo xiriirey Wasiirka Arimaha dibada Itoobiya oo sheegey iney wada hadleen Madaxweyne Xasan Sheikh ayna isla garteen in heshiiska la saxiixo Sharuud la’aan. Xasan shiekh wuxuu itoobiya ka raali galiyey isbadalada ay sameeyeen Ergadiisu wuxuuna ka codsadey in saacado la siiyo oo uu amrayo in heshiuska la saxiixo. puntlandi Adis
  2. Hobbesian_Brute "Disprove that assertion with sources, go ahead." Why does he have to disprove your assertions when you provide no evidence. Anyone can make claims including me but without evidence it is pointless. At least the Doctor provide evidence for some of his assertions. If you want an intelligent debate back up every assertation with evidence other wise shut the **** up for we have no time for propaganda.
  3. Egyptian army gives Brotherhood ultimatum Military official says group has 48 hours to join roadmap after army calls for rallies on Friday, Reuters reports. Egypt's army has given the Muslim Brotherhood until Saturday afternoon to sign up to political reconciliation, a military official said, after the army issued a statement saying it might use tougher tactics against the group. "We will not initiate any move, but will definitely react harshly against any calls for violence or black terrorism from Brotherhood leaders or their supporters. We pledge to protect peaceful protesters regardless of their affiliation," the official told the Reuters news agency, saying they had 48-hours to comply. The army deposed President Mohamed Morsi on July 3 and installed an interim administration that has set out a roadmap for a new political transition leading to parliamentary elections in about six months. Earlier, the army signalled it would change its strategy for dealing with "violence and terrorism" after protests it has called on Friday. In a statement posted on a Facebook page affiliated to the army command, the military said it was ready to turn its guns on anyone involved in either. Supporters of Egypt's deposed president and his opponents predicted blood on the streets ahead of what could be a violent day of mass protests, summoned by the Muslim Brotherhood and the army in a struggle for the country's future. Army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who overthrew President Mohamed Morsi on July 3, has called on Egyptians to take to the streets on Friday to show their support for action against "violence and terrorism". Some pro-Morsi supporters are stocking up with bandages and syringes ahead of the mass rallies and those holding tent vigils fear violence and military crackdown, the Reuters news agency reported. Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi, head of the interim cabinet, said there was escalating violence by increasingly well-armed protesters, citing a bomb attack on a police station. "The presence of weapons, intimidation, fear - this causes concern, especially when there are calls for many to come out tomorrow from different sides," he told a news conference. Meanwhile, in a recorded statement, the deposed prime minister Hesham Qandil has laid out his plan to restore order. He called for the release of all detaineed arrested since June 30 and for a delegation to visit and ensure the well-being of Morsi. Al Jazeera's Nadim Baba, reporting from Nasr City, said that there were a large number of people camped out and that the demonstrations have been peaceful, with both sides claiming that only a minority have been involved in clashes. The White House has urged the Egyptian army to exercise restraint and caution and has said it is concerned about rhetoric that inflames the tensions.
  4. You are all assuming that the military will stay united and follow the generals. I see a lot of bottom rank soldiers refusing to take orders to clear MB supporters from the streets. What will SiSi do then? Only chaos is ahead. I will enjoy watching this political drama on Friday like I enjoyed House of Cards. There will be no winners. Egypt will lose bad.
  5. Carafaat "shell, bomb,arrest nor expelled" who are we deluding. We all know the SFG doesn't have the ability unlike Kenya.
  6. Carafaat Just answer this question. Did SFG troops fight along side Hiraale and co in the kismaayo battle? If yes I arrest my case. If not i take it back.
  7. Carafaat "why the later is requesting for Kenya to be replaced because they choose sides between different factions. " Has the government chosen Hiraale over Madoowe? Talk about the kettle calling the pot black.
  8. GAROODI "The government correct Kenya have no mandate to choose one side over the other" Tell me who gave the SFG the mandate to side with Hiraale? Can it choose to side with any warlord it wants? What is the difference between Hiraale and Madoowe in their eyes? Did the parliament give that mandate? If the SFG can make up a mandate, then why not Kenya?
  9. Carafaat I wasn't accusing him of being Al-Shabab. I was reporting the news and if the news is wrong I take it back.
  10. Carafaat Who sets Kenya mandate? USA What does USA care about? Al-Shabab Who is hurting Al-Shabab? AMISOM forces including Kenya, not the SFG Who has a bigger voice with the USA? Kenya or Mogadishu? Kenya probably What can SFG do to Kenya? Nothing but complain to the international community All that matters is the reality on the ground, diplomacy will change nothing. Those who cry about Kenya actions are wasting their time. Kenya liberated Kismaayo to give to their RK allies who helped them and they don't recognize other militias. I was laughing when Mogadishu said to AMISOM to treat both warring factions equally. Somali political positions may change at the drop of a hat but Kenya position is consistent. Kenya may actually go to the international community saying other militias are trouble makers and in order to restore the peace they have crush the other militias in Kismaayo. What will you say if Kenya openly said they support RK like how the SFG supports Hiraale? Why would the international community care if Kenya destroyed a tribal militia? The truth is nothing would happen.
  11. Dabrow Kenya is fulfilling its mandate of fighting alharam and the SFG will soon have to praise the Kenyan assaults on Hiraale as great work in defeating Al-Shabab. How quickly thinks can change in Somali politics. From supporting Hiraale to distancing themselves within 2 days. What is the plan for Hiraale now?
  12. Dabrow "I don't think" Check out my thread and tell me if Horseed Media are telling the truth.
  13. Dabrow So the final solution for Hiraale is to become an Islamist? Can you enlighten us?