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  1. I saw a bumper sticker that said *Mine earth first, we can mine other planets later*. It also had another one that said *I love Animals, they are delicious*. That was freakin hilarious.
  2. Here is what i found on google. They are too many webpages for me to list them is the few that i liked. In this little discussion board, they said the romans coined the word. But in another one that i just visited they said it was the Greeks that invented the word. And you asked why its called Africa? According to the same forum----Aphrika is a greek word which means, always hot and warm.
  3. C/Yussuf. One bullet to the back of his neck would send him into darkness.
  4. C/Yussuf. One bullet to the back of his neck would send him into darkness.
  5. And some of you say that you like winter? I hate winter, and i always did. Its not that it snows much here in Virginia-----but there is this annoying freezing-wind (it sometimes goes well under 30) and it instantly freezes you. ARRRGHHH!!!!! In Nairobi i use to go-out wearing just *mawaciis* ( ) and *BUUME* and not even so much, feel a bit cold. Kuleel aaba marwalba i qaban jiray. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaH.
  6. That's not gross as it seems when an individual witnesses some being shot!!! Yea, i'd seen someone get their head blown by unseen hand that was holding a handgun. It was even more gross than what Xplaya posted here some-while ago. Very shocking. And they even had a video clip from Somalia that showed a man getting both his hands cut-off. I never thought such a sites exist. :-(
  7. I just hope these arabs finally get the picture that behind all the smiles, the yanks dont really give a damn about them. Knowing them they would probabaly produce more barrels a day to support the kafur's economy and avoid a sharp rise in oil prices! Yea, true...but how do you seriously think the Arabs can respond to this? Oppose America, and they would be next on the growing list of countries America has its eyes on. When Iraq falls, close to half a million Americans will be in the Mideast---and thats large enuff to scare the daylight out of anybody. I resent the Iranis are next. :-(
  8. CHINA will be the next superpower, for that matter even INDIA. I think population mass will be crucial in this century, becuz these countries literally have millions of soldiers since their pushing the billion people mark. One million, or even two million-----they'd still be slaughtered without so much as even causing minimal damage to the enemy. That was the case in the gulf war, when the Americans completely wiped out Iraqis one million army in matter of days. And its technology that tiped the scale of war. I pity the iraqis didnt' understand the importance of technology in fighting a war. And they are many other Muslim nations who still dont.
  9. caplity is alot great then all of the european countries....onli france n germany n uk come close...n germanys military caplities r limited due to a contract singed after ww2.. France has a good military (the best in europe?) but you rarely see them display that might. I think they enjoy people not knowing much about their military might. UK is alright, but they're not militarily powerfull as the Germans and the french are. Britain is like canada, they dont spend much on defense compare it to other nations. And the reason for that is, they enjoy good relationship with America---and that always translates into enjoying america's military protection.
  10. Yea, the chat rooms are temporarily unavailable, and this is not the first time it happened. It usually happens when new features are being added into it. Somalinet chat rooms are another alternative in the meantime. My handle is Kommander if anyone cares. :-()
  11. United States of Arabia! Saudi Arabia, or All Arab states? The Saudis are dumb mofos. An African state has a far better chance of becoming a world superpower, than the stupid sauidis will in a life time--and with all the wealth in the world. The Sauids are the dumbs of all the Arabs.
  12. Really? What makes you think so? It was a JOKE.
  13. Does anyone know of any somali telecom companies? It could be either wireless, or fixed line telecom companies. I know of NationLink, BurcoTell, and Punt-tel (sp?). But if anyone else knows more----please post it here. This is just one thing i like looking it up on Google.
  14. Does anyone know of any somali telecom companies? It could be either wireless, or fixed line telecom companies. I know of NationLink, BurcoTell, and Punt-tel (sp?). But if anyone else knows more----please post it here. This is just one thing i like looking it up on Google.
  15. believe it or not...but i think it will be ISRAEL military wise i think their fourth in world..they got everything even nuclear power ...but their econonmy is in serious chaso at the moment....the other counrties i think that will emerg are CHINA...n GERMANY. Nah. Their military solely depend on American aid and without any support and aid, they wouldnt' last a single day in the mideast. Isreali is too small of a country to become a superpower anyways. Not with their current 50 mile stretch country. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa Its either Japan or Germany. Thats if we see America fall from stardom in our lifetime. And from all the appearances, even that is unsure. Bush is on a track to conquering the globe. Just look at their military bases around the world. Its amazing. Not even Jabuuti has escaped their military expansion. Its currently hosting 800+ American military in its soil. There is even more talks to put some in Somalia---how crazy is that?
  16. Wlc Anime Queen. We dont really do much chattings now, the rooms are all padlocked and would remain so for a while. We POST thing here for each other and reply to it. And you are very welcome to join us. There was time i enjoyed *Anime* myself, it was mostly those dragonball ones.
  17. P. S. 2 Play Station Two I thought it was obvious by now.
  18. This is a little far-fetched, but if I had to choose a country at the moment, I would say South Africa ... I have always thought it was our Djiboutian cousins who really moved and shaked things in Africa. NO?
  19. every one know what Bush wants 4rom..... and da ARabs are never able 2 say even one single word (No, we shall not let u.... when we are around....! Hashi. Not all Arabs are spineless *******s, its their gov't that is licking amerikan boots to stay in power. But thats quickly changing and no more do the concerned population wanna be treated as the underdogs, just to make the amerikans happy. I predict there will be uprisings, in many muslim countries. I pity the amerikans can't see that coming.
  20. Its Nuune. He has the *high post-count* that i am trying to beat. Say, how did you all of a sudden got all these posts? I'd be crossing to the 400 mark soon.
  21. I forget to add that we use to watch it in Nairobi. Even with the language barrier, it was funny as hell.
  22. Its the FRESH PRINCE of Bellair (sp?) for me also. What they have here now is the re-run.
  23. PS. Military spending and military strength are two different things! Yes Saudi Arabia spends 14 some Billion a year on its military but poor Iran or Iraq would kick its *** any day, YES Iraq, even at its current sorry state! Peace You are very right. In paper, their military capability and how much they spend on defense is even greater that of Isreali. But in reality, and in real war, they'd get beaten by the weakest country. High tech stuff wont do anything by itself, unless you learn how to use it. The ******s buy all these fancy hardware, and know jack about using it. They all american, or other foreign people virtually ran their military. They are soo dumb on learning new things and incorporating it to their already existing military. Try Pakistan. The only country in the muslim world to know the importance of learnign from the west.
  24. China is NOT like Iraq! Militarily it is only 3rd to USA and Russia if not overtaken Russia already. I think you are mixing up between their *huge* readily available man-power, with their military capability. China is more or less like Iraq in many ways. For one thing, they both are *third-world* countries, and dont indigenously build any of their own military hardware. I dont think a country that imports many of its many *high-tech* weoponary from Isreali should be called *3rd largest* army in the world. This is the new century brother, military superiority is what wins the war at the end of the day. America spends more on defense than the next 10 countries put together. You'd seen the numbers yourself. Instead of making toys and shoes the China of the future would be the leader in technical innovations. And that could also be true for India. Huge population doesnt' always translate into a *superpower* statue. You better be learning Mandarin or Cantonese because within fifty to hundred years these two languages would also overtake English and become the languages of power! 100yrs? Why wait that long? why not now? Even with 1000yrs i dont think anyone would bother speaking their languages. Many people said the same for the Japanese language--and we still haven't seen its impact on the world. It will remain a local language spoken by the local people, nothing more and nothing less.