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  1. LOVED IT.. keep up the good work
  2. The way your touch feels against my skin The way you whisper in my ear The way you always know what’s on my mind Always know how to make me smile When I see you It’s like the sun peeking through clouds as it rains Bringing hope for brighter days And promising much happiness ….. Ever after Two halves of one heart A piece for you And one for me Together we complete each other And if ever our love fades away I know this to be true Nothing foul can be said about you Because you’re the perfect gentleman You put me on a pedestal I’ll never forget And remember that BABY>>>>> I really did love you!!!!
  3. Brotha that was one fine piece of work.. I don’t know how anyone could misunderstand that as a one night stand.. IT was EXCELLENT Stay positive GOODBYE=Until next time
  4. Thanks for your replies and feedback...
  5. Eloquent in his speech Considerate in his manner Patient with his temper Attentive of his tone The perfect MAN Sweet when he should be Protective absolutely Confident with himself Conceited about me Always ready to please The perfect MAN At least 6 feet tall Smells “fresh to death†Nice Build And always clean shaven(some exceptions can be made) And don’t forget his attire Prada Gucci Polo Who am I kidding? Clean clothes Nice colors That’s all I really need Someone who truly loves me Entirely
  6. the first one is the stars
  7. I see the light But haven’t yet won the fight I might never really be the same And I truly never liked the game Had my heart broken once, twice But never thrice You learn from your mistakes You had me in a dream world So surreal Thought it was the real deal Seems I had my eyes wide shut After all love is blind And i really didn’t mind On top of the world Flying through clouds Soaring through the wind You had me on ecstasy Actually Words couldn’t do it justice Things came to an end When I caught you with what’s her name I couldn’t see the signs Of a good thing gone bad Made me really sad And maybe a bit mad Life goes on I guess just waiting for time to pass me by
  8. I’d be willing to be your wife And say the vows kinda thing I’d pamper you As well as comfort you kinda thing I’d be your queen And you’d be my king kinda thing You’d hold doors And pull out chairs kinda thing I’d whisper in your ears And ease all your fears kinda thing You’d hold me tight And always in sight kinda thing Together forever For all eternity kinda thing I like your flow Please share some mo’
  9. So can i really call your name... huh huh huh//lol....That was a nice one.. keep up the good work, there should be more guyz in the world that are like you, keep reppin lovin it
  10. My topic seem's to be dying out, was it that bad....
  11. I lie So you wont cry If i told you I couldnt call you Would you try and understand? If i told you We couldnt chill Would you love me still? If i wanted a break Wouldnt you cry a lake? How about..... If i said i was busy Would you try and kiss me? If i told you we were through Woudnt you send your crew? How bout If iw as playing you Wouldnt you break in 2? I'm sure instead... Youd like Me to send you flowers And talk for hours For the world to revolve Around you and me If you try and understand That sometimes I may feel down And wont be around Tried to be considerate I wouldnt need to lie And there wouldnt be no need to cry I'll always keep My promises
  12. Another day The rain persists And I can no longer resist No one is around I’m sure I won’t be found What joy it brings To see the rain Water the trees For them to grow If you’re lucky Both you and me Can catch a glimpse Of an exquisite thing (Well it is to me)…… A rainbow I’d run And jump And scream Aloud Indefinitely I’d thank the lord How gracious is he To bring such beauties For both you and me Allah is truly great!
  13. Used and abused Passed down Like hand me downs Treated like objects Livin in the projects Don’t generalize Rather comprehend And recognize A Woman Then came you Bad times A few crimes The result Being called a *** Is it really her fault? Mistakes happen Things should be forgotten Live life Quite simple
  14. Always there to comfort you Never will forsake you The end is awfully near Hell we shall always fear Be kind And surely you will find That Paradise Lie’s under momma’s feet Cherish her Lover her Respect her And never let her suffer Be grateful Repent And forgived You shall be Hopefully Mothers always forgive…..
  15. I liked yours.. it was nice....But i dont relate to it, but nevertheless it was good A man of such kind I’m sure is definitely hard to find You say he made you “Speechless” “Breathless” Emotions at all time high Most Probably a lie Take a breath Realism isn’t far away No man has such powers To leave one without breath And worst of all Speechless Incapable to communicate And Converse Positively a horror Words give you supremacy Security Wrapped up you seem to be On this mans ability Admiration and stability Let your mind free “in his presence I flourished, like a beautiful rose” Sister you are what you perceive yourself to be With him or without. Without a doubt.
  16. How weary I’ve become Traveled that road many times before Been there done that Looked into your eyez……..And Don’t get me wrong Definitely Alluring And certainly ensuring Saying one thing meaning a next Dazzled and amused Compliments abundant Promises you’ve made Countless they were You were my all my everything High hopes Led to false hopes From false hope went to no hopes Waited and Waited True gentlemen Perceived you to be Guaranteed me comfort Call you when I need you We’d be like glue Just me and you Two souls Making one whole Pulling chairs Holding doors Together we’d be For now and all eternity Sadly reality struck And I went out of luck Seemed to be I was the only one in this dream And everything was going downstream I liked you And the same could not be said for you And now patiently awaited For the wounds to heal Its said that time heals all wounds right Its been a century The wound still hurts and the scar still there Is life really FAIR?
  17. Nuff respect i really liked this poem Intinerant on nights path... I seek knowledge between lands. Days on the road, nights I rest my plans. From here to there, I wintess the same game. Lacking plays,what can I say?...its the same game. Party freaks, thongs & skirts in winter... Damn! For me?...Thank you, but what happens after I enter? Expect me to stay till summer? Not wit' dat dress code, not wit' dat attitude. Sorry if I sound rude, but you know the game is ALL GOOD! Understood? lol Intinerant on nights path... Got nothing but love 4~U. Trying to be the top dawg! Open oprotunities door 4~U. Even though you just another rabbit with a bad habit, got more hops than a frog! More change than a chameleon, lost in a black fog! I teach you how to walk the talk! Than show you how to maintain the walk. 1st dont meet me in the Mosque, tellin' me about a Jam around the Block! Cause out on the street I knock ya stock! 2nd says you got to be real, let her know u really feel. That your only out to wet ya lil man makes u feel still solid as a steel. No long term plans, you holdin'her back from other mens. She into ya sweet talks, laugh at ya jokes on knock knocks! And NO, dont fake it around me when u see her species, cause I may break ya front rocks! Chew how u do, drink ya brew; smoke when ur feelin' blue. But, Du' kno' wat to do! 3rd dont play; talkin' 'bout Macca will take away my sins. Just to have a reason to careless around ya pretend friends. Speak a sinfull bla'bla- "Blah-Bla" Not knowing faith consensus in senses. You settin' a bad path for the youngs! You old and blind folded, learn to read to gain the knowledge cause I wrote it. 5days on a slavery shift. 5ways to repent my sins and notice my gift. 5fingers to complete my palm, so am able to lift. The book of life. 45 for my right. 25 U good if u see the light. Now, remain Kool-Kalm-&-Kollective when u fight. Intinerant on nights Path...
  18. PROMISE A word of trust A lie not just Dont worry i'm told "I'm a man of my word" Lo and behold As sweet sorrows unfold Patiently waiting As my hopes start fading What words are left to say "I'm a man of my word" Surely i'd disagree Infact i'd second that times THREE I speak of course as a stranger to this crime Surely i've never met A man of this kind For verily a man is just a man A human and nothing more And for that an excuse is ALWAYs at hand Work Rest This That Endless possiblities True to his word A promise always kept Are things still foreign to me Unfortunately
  19. Very nice if i must say so myself. Its very well laid out And dont worry i wont quit my day job, although i dont have one. SistAH