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  1. You see I intended to But then I just couldn’t pull through I had the courage too But my fingers where telling me not too It was a fight mind over body And in the end lets just say I’m sorry When I finally tried to something just came over me Like a cloud covering the SUNSHINE It could have been my insecurity Or it’s cuz I lack maturity Either case I’d like to apologize I know I’m like 3 hours late And even now I’m contemplating doing it But then I just can’t commit Don’t tell me I already know I must admit There is no commitments attached he said I guess I’m a coward And you sure don’t make me feel empowered Actually you’re pretty intimidating come to think of it But still in any case I’d like to apologize Does an apology suffice? I’d sure like some advice! I admit I aint no marry jane Nor am I insane I’ve tried to explain And I hope maybe we can try again Next time I’ll holla back You can count on that Give me some feed back people would you accept my apology
  2. Love- Because it is better to have loved than never loved at all Trust- your instincts Believe- That anything is possible Fight- For a brighter future because with difficulty ease is not far behind Carry the burden- because good deeds are never gone unnoticed Laugh- Because it makes the heart grow fonder Sleep- Because you know a better day lies ahead Don’t cry- Because nothing is worth your tears Marry- The person who you were destined to marry Hope- Is what makes the hurt more bearable Give- Because there is always someone in need Pray- Because the Lord is all Knowing and hears what you’re saying Joy- In the small things life offers Today-is only 24 hours and tomorrow isn’t far away Never make a promise- Because you don’t know what the future holds Wishing- is the same thing as hoping Wish-God grants you paradise Breathe-Even when the going gets tuff because someone somewhere cares for you Remorse- Because it shows your human Live- life to its fullest "The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind." Cheer up mate
  3. Well I must say, this I think is one of the best pieces you’ve wrote. I really enjoyed reading it, keep up the good work
  4. That poem was very thought provoking; it was a good reminder that this world is merely a test. The way you managed to place the words in a sequence which flowed so gracefully was excellent . I could almost picture the whole scene in my head. Great job… Keep up the good work… SeE yA AroUnD!
  5. I applaud a trillion times and more.. First and foremost I’d like to be the first person to offically welcome you to Somalia Online. I loved your poem.. keep up the good work mate..
  6. Okay.. so who would your top 5 favorite Somalionline poets be…
  7. once again i must clarify that i'm not a brother but in fact a sister
  8. Ya when I was choosing my name I didn’t want it to be gender specific.
  9. LOOOOOOOOL if your talking about me.. i'm not a male..lool yes the name is rather masculine i agree
  10. Me, I know who I am I know myself as me I am the person I was raised up to be I am who I believe myself to be And know myself to be If you’re an introvert Then I must be an Extrovert Because I’m nothing like you i'm almost certain But I wouldn’t mind being you Because I like your poetry Its has its own flowetry You’re confused about your identity But I’m sure you’ve got a great personality You ask who the hell am i? Well Madame that’s simple I’m the person you know me to be
  11. Look deeper into the mirror And the reflection might get clearer For what you see is not what I perceive you to be Your dark eyes are very hypnotizing Can you see the sparkle? They glow and tell their own story A tale of glory Its darkness is like the night sky minus all the street lights And the stars visible even at those heights I see an aspiring poet A nomad with spirit Your eyes are half wide open And the reflection is hazed Take a deeper look And you’d see that Your exactly who you want to be I hope you’ll agree Viewer D
  12. Bus Ride Ever feel like the world is against you And feel like nobody really cares for you That if you weren’t there everybody would continue Doing things they’ve always been doing Going places they’ve always been going. Ever stop to and notice…… Ever notice how people stare at you And when you look at them they pretend not to see you Wondering why you look the way you do Or dress in the manner that you do To them its oppression to me its liberation Evey stop to be….. Ever try and be someone your not and change your whole attitude just to fit in Do things you just normally wouldn’t do Wish you could just blend in with the background And blank out all that surrounds you Ever stop to reflect… Ever reflect on what’s going on in the world And think of what you’ve done to make a difference Like giving a homeless person a cup of tea for instance Small things can make a big impact And that’s a fact Ever close your eyes Ever try closing your eyes and being in that place you’ve always dreamed about A place where your brothers and sister aren’t dying And the breaking news isn’t about the increasing number of dead found in sir lanka Where aids doesn’t affect the people in Africa And people would just stop “misunderestimated†bush lol Every stop and think.. You spend way to much time on the bus And think way to much about a lot of stuff That will never change And that I’m probably insane. lool
  13. I wish I was handing this in for an English class because you gave me a lot of useful tips
  14. okay so was it that horrible.lool i mean if so, give me some insight about whats wrong.. i like to know how i can better my self..holla back
  15. Hey farah. I thought that was a very humorous piece.. Keep up the good work
  16. Bravo! Bravo! Very well done if I must say so myself. I enjoyed reading all three parts of your poem.. I’m not sure which one I like the most, it’s a tough decision because they were all just so delightful. I must agree with Word I think this is one of your best pieces.. keep up the excellent work. Wonder were all this inspiration is coming from.
  17. Everyone has something in common Which is the hope of a fairytale ending We’ve been programmed to it Cinderella found her prince And never heard from her since :rolleyes: The next question should be What exactly defines that fairytale for me My dream house The Ideal spouse 2.5 children An intellectual boy for Dad And an eloquent girl for Mom Relationship between us that’s unbreakable Love that is unmistakable :cool: A house of serenity And stability My mother’s health Ensure she lives in bliss And never be at risk Of danger, being with a stranger Riches galore And much much more A problem arises But not to my surprise :eek: Is it possible to have that fairytale ending? Its mind bending Compromises are essential and sometimes are Influential 2 bedroom house A decent spouse And God fearing offspring Who pray And get straight A’s I’d be happy with that As a matter of fact…. This life I remind myself is just a test And we all know the rest WE live the life in this world now and pay for it in the hereafter BUT IT NEVER HURT ANYONE TO DREAM
  18. This is a great example of why I think DV is “one†of my favorite poets on this site.. Keep it coming Loved it
  19. It’s hard to put yourself In other peoples shoes Hard to know how they feel When you haven’t gone through what they’ve been through But If we all took the time Just for a minute…. Or maybe 2 And thought about someone else I mean…..Besides you We could stop being sympathetic Which quite frankly is pathetic :rolleyes: (Minus the sym) Put your words into action Even if it’s just a fraction And make a difference for someone We take our life for granted Don’t know how good we got it Plenty of food to eat A place to sleep And in Indonesia 1 million are struggling with poverty And got no more property Living on the streets With nothing to eat Children dead And nothing left to be said Me and you We can do Anything we want to With the right intention And a little perspiration We can help Build that Better brighter Future we always dream about And maybe have that fairytale ending That’s always talked about
  20. good stuff yall. keep up the good work.. And welcome back
  21. Poets: What motivates you to write a poem/piece? Generally what motivates me to write a poem, is my mood, how I’m feeling, what’s going on in my life or somebody I knows life. Other times I’m inspired to write when I read someone else’s poem and I believe that it was so good it needs a responding poem. Poets: How would you describe your style? I really wouldn’t know how to describe my style, I think its just plain and simple straight to the point Poets: Do you see imperfection in your poem that others don't/ are you satisfied with what you write? LOL.. I always am able to find mistakes in my poems. . I really don’t have much patience, I write when I’m in the mood and just post it right away.. I don’t take the time and check it over and see if I can improve it. I’m really never 100 percent satisfied with my work but hey…. Its all gravy as long as the message was understandable Poets and readers: Who is your favorite nomad poet? explain why please (1 or many) (I mean when you see a poem by this nomad you just have to read it) That’s a tough one.. its so hard to pick who I admire the most because there are so many talented poets, but If I had to chose off the top of my head I think it would be Deadly vision, Jamaal and Ms word, ….. I really like there style of writing.. Deadly and jamaal can write about anything and make it seem interesting I love that. Ms word, I like her style, and her pieces are always enjoyable to read.. Poets and readers: Which nomad's style of writting (other than yours )do you wish to emulate? I would not really like to imitate anybodies style in particular. I think everyone should be unique.. No need to steal anyone else’s style KEEP IT REAL
  22. Hey everybody thought i'd hit yall up with another one..... I was thinking Blond hair brown hair Is there a difference? Blue eyes green eyes Is there a difference? If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder Then there is no judge Of what is perfect And what is flawed Everybody is Stunning To that one special person Our outwardly appearance Is just the cover of our book And everybody knows That the cover can’t portray What’s truly inside Our passion for poetry Our respect for our parents Our love for the great One Ignorance might be the reason for your despair You never know what you might be missing For every person beauty has its own definition Some its long legs Others its big lips for me its brains The capability of using the right words At the right time Can turn the ugly duckling To the dazzling swan Words to me Are the essence of beauty
  23. I really enjoyed that one.. keep up the good work!!!