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  1. ME, your last statement is one of error. It goes far beyond our clannish quibles and cements Ethiopia's claim that "Somalis where never a coherently orginised lot, they were clans who had no common interest other than looting each other's camels and driving each other out of territories' . I resent such a deangerous premise. I dont want these silly mini states. It is not in the interest of our people (Somalida). We need to have a central but loosely governed Somali government that is coherent and progressive.
  2. Mr Gheele, My fellow, it is terribly short sighted of you read the above words other than what they are- a empirical observation done by a concerned citizen perhaps unlike Xiin you couldn’t see through the thickness of harshness in my words. Further, I Mr Fahiye of 3 Duke Street is far from angry, if anything I am indeed jubilant at the outcome of this constitutional election. It proves my reasoned theories which I have long formulated in forums outside the cyber world. Gheele “.....Those votes alone would have clinched him to the bench” If it was not friday I would I have accused you of being a fabricator and could have substantiated with figures. You will then come back and say, it was a mistake then I would have you where I wanted- to portray you as unreliable expert in Puntland’s political system. But I will let you off as I am feeling generous this dawn. Xiin, Xaasha inaader, I won’t wish that on our home. However, when the home you wanted to build for your family is made a muck of by the hired builder, oftentimes, to rectify it would seek a serious rethink and you might want to deconstruct it in order to build the suitable home you wanted. I am of the opinion, we need that deconstruction as the house isn’t balanced otherwise, it won’t be the 6 rooms we initially wanted. This is a serious and needs blue sky thinking. Ngone, I like Duke as he is a believer. PS: Gheelow Calaal halamash naagaa leh- Are you an student of out people Somali Lit, perhaps Baashe and Xiin might lend you a helping hand.I cry not even when I am in pain- today I am in a jubilant mood as my predictions has come pass; I know that sounds rather uncaring
  3. Xiin, do you mean you agree with my brash but truthful depiction of our sorry state of affairs? I am waiting Dukey's input on this. Emperor and Co- I will simply ignore your comments as you are partisan. Ngone and Co- you will deserve one liners. Others- you shall have my undevided attention. I will respond any question you have however silly it might sound to the enlightened mind
  4. Puntland, the state that was! More than a decade had elapsed since the making of this state. It was initially dreamt up by his Yey who wanted to solidify his power base- it was initially a SSDF affair. After the first days of the meeting, SSC leader gate crashed the conference and pleaded “brother where art thou? The cries of younger H sons were responded to the brave sons of elder Mohammed who of course thought Siciid and moorasaante will be left in the cold at the risk of the neighbouring jackals. Thus Puntland was born. THIS IS HOW GAROWE, GALKACAYO and BOOSO citizens remember that monumentally consequential meeting- young brother’s gate crashing to their older brother’s party – excuse the poor imagery, but you get my drift. 2009, January. Numerous people who hail from Puntland and in particular the SSC are mourning as they see once again their intelligent, proven, honest and superb candidate cheated by a charlatan of a man. A man who was disgraced and widely known to be nothing a Mo$YA&AN in a silky clothing. Why one must ask? The answer lies under the rubric of..... oh well, you know I mean. Let me explain in the most simplest way my dear nomad. Remember in my first paragraph. Let me refresh your memory Puntland was as many believe instigated and was for Booso, Garowe and Galkacayo. It was the SSC tolnimo (but according to 'Trinity' fear of the jackals up north) that made them join this venture. They did not negotiate with others and accepted the shambolic power distribution which was based on regional and districts rather than empirical clan divisions or census led population distribution- that is why dear reader Bari alone has almost same number in the parliament compared to all SSC put together and the rational behind that is; wait for it because Bari has 5 districts- I am saying this as a matter of fact; yes BARI deserves such large number, cirka soo boowe ama odeygii siyaad ahaa kasoo saar qabriga maqaraaree?. So, you see the disparity is enshrined in the constitution of Puntland where the elder brother has more members in the parliament than the rest of the other tribes put together--- balance of power? my horribly formed foot I say. Road forward? Either the complete disintegration or re-constitution of Puntland otherwise the ‘Trinity’ will always be in power because of unbalanced parliament. Domocracy wont work bruv when dovernments are based on such idiotic measures. DUKE It is an affront to compare the Makhir people (to be fair I have inferred the premise) to the African Americans. How double dare you guv? Or was that a Freudian slip? Disclaimer- I am a Puntland supporter and keen to main the status quo. This whole thing was an excercise of .......!
  5. It was foolish for many to presume that Ilkajir would become the first man though he can is supremely better than the governor-elect in his genes the blood of MS does follow through. For likes of him to ever have a chance at the helm, Puntland's to be reconstituted as the composition of the parliament severely disadvantages his group. We need a revolution or sida Somaliland Baqtisuga ahaada--- I am told Faroole is not terribly healthy man
  6. ^ no, this time it will be 80 + graabada LA lagu soo urursadey.
  7. Peace Action, Goldogob is part of Mudug C/Rashiid is from Nugaal unless you mean qabiilkiisa- Nugal is a multi clan region.
  8. THE TRINITY IS COMPLETE Now all others must wait in the line.
  9. Dont be glump my brother, now the Trinity is complete Congrats to the new president and his vice. Do you know where these guys are from? Faroole President- from Nugal Col Cabdisamad- from Nugal Speaker of the house: Mudug It is interesting that both the President and his Vice are from the same region (different tribe though). Tis is the first time this has happened in Puntland. Also, what happens with the Maakhiri's?
  10. Jaceykbaroiow malahubaa adiga arinkaan inuusan kugu dhigin? I say this because why would anyone with an iota of sanity share this shameful episode to some stranger? These things happen. Human beings are week, someone weaker than others and those with little advantage will continue to exploit the less fortunate; nothing strange about that. However, what is strange is a grown Muslim man sharing this with his fellow muslims on grounds of entertainment. My womenfolk would say 'akhas caleeyk'
  11. Whatever the romance, this man will not win. We want Cade to come back. He has taken all the money he could, it is time for him to rebuild the country. We dont want another returnee from Europe or North America to appropriate our funds. Yacqoob, boowe sophist iyo anigu ma sawir ayaad naga wada daawatey waa yaabi. As I have said many times, Fahiye is Fahiye and Sophist is another man, though I wont mind to be mistaken to be him as he is a fine young man.
  12. Gheele, I have no personal grudge against Nuradin walaalkiis. I know he is not the right man to take us out of the current quagmire. He has a very little intellectual capacity which falls short of what this task requires and to make it matters worse the man has bigger ego than our incumbent president. As a Punite, I have responsibility to warn my people from his lies. A massive lie is that he claims to have good relationships with international figures and governments because he from London- such connection does not extend beyond Jeremy Corbeyn who is a left wing MP from North London borough, Islington. Jeremy is a man who is lost in the British political wilderness of that is Labour Back bench. I am writing a dossier that will find its way to those who are in power in Puntland, this man will not win MARK MY WORDS. I am against him not because I dont like him on personal level, but I KNOW that he is not right man for the job. Now Gheele, run along and keep cheer leading.
  13. Jamster

    21 Oktoober

    ^ More importantly why xaasasku luuqyadoodu ufuranyihiin? Though I doubt DQ will knock the door of married women knowingly neither would a married Nephthys answer it without her Muxrim.
  14. Nuune, SOL is not represented by what several people are saying who s don't know the guy on both personal or professional level.
  15. NGONE the young vagabond is nothing like the old fox. Silaanyo has experience and some will argue he is a man of the people.
  16. Emperor Correction " Ahmed Said Kaarshe, Former Education minister during good days of Somalia" Ahmed Siciid kaarshe was never a minster nor was he a wasiir kuxigeen. What he was was head of the Civil service with the minster of educationk- Agaasimaha guud ee waxbarashada. A very good man I must add.
  17. Emperor of course if is my opinion though it is backed up by facts, facts that are not available to some of you people. I know Nuradin and had known him in both mogadushu and Pakistan. The man is nothing but a fraud who will not be even in 3rd place. Sheekada ciyaalka xaafada lee soo sheegeysaan. Odayaashaan wardoonka ah ee sawirkaan kasoo buuxisey wax u utarayaan ayaanba jirin. I was at the meeting too and trust me all I saw was ina dhoos usual BS.
  18. No, that is when he was in late twenties. He has't changed though as I saw him in Virginia last year; very humble man. Did you hear the interview JB; I liked his jokes and the way in which he has addressed our 'leaders'.
  19. Quite a funny interview- Abdi is an interesting interviewee.
  20. http://jidbaale.com/fullpage.php?sscid=7005
  21. What sort of leader does Puntland need? Honest, fair, experienced, intelligent, forward thinking are some of the adjectives that come to mind. Now, is Nuradin that man? I very much doubt it. As a Punite, I think it would be a terrible tragedy for a someone of this man’s ilk to either take the helm (highly doubtful outcome) or be the VP. Nuradin is someone who is economical with the truth. He has very little experience in matters of politics or public service which he is trying to sell himself with. His lowly local Environment desk experience at the borough of Camden becomes high sounding civil service experience--- oh if you need a reference just call up the Camden council who will be happy to provide you with which band his role was. Also his post at that Humanatarian role in Booso was a post he has not applied but was given to his by his close friend who was at the time in Puntland. It is this role his failed to discharge his duties and within couple years was shamefully sacked as he was alleged to have behaved dis-horoubly whilst at the role.. He is someone who indeed lacks the integrity, honesty and the experience to be a national executive. The man lacks substance and not very good friends with the truth.
  22. It is not BuDHcad-badeed it is BurCad-badeed. Budh: A fashion accessory loved by men of Burco* Cad: Colour white. *Burco: A town in the northwest of Somalia
  23. Shootin above the hip! Ibti, what is this charity thingy?