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  1. Malika You can send the cheque to Faahiye Faanole 31 Mudane lacaglaawe Street London SW3 7.. PS: would prefer cash if you dont mind as we will need to send it same day through Amal Xawaala.
  2. Congrats mate though not the best time to be a Muslim pilot- calling yourself Abdi O'leary will take care of the problem.
  3. Worried sick Ibti. These crazy people are capable of causing a massive destruction. The heat and the pressure might have sunk in the debt of the sea since we an ISLAND.
  4. Uni class? Are you student or teacher in Hargeisa?
  5. Morging gang. What a diff a day makes; feeling much better today no headaches. Did you dream about the experiment last night? What a weird dream.
  6. Nuune: Naughty thoughts arent allowed in Ramadan
  7. Nuune Habarta pays my HALAL morgage dude!
  8. Today is one of these days that I have some work to do but time seems to walk slowly like an old blind lady without her walking stick. The Regional head is in town today, cant leave the office till she goes of to her shopping in kings road or whereever she goes! What a pain.
  9. Hello people, I am famished and it is only 12:45 where I am at.
  10. Good morning folks. Hope to survive monday blues. Great weekend everyone? Mine was short.
  11. Afternoon people, what wet day. I am wearing what I could call fillip follops second cousin and it isnt summer at all. How is everyone, london is a delight.
  12. That is cool. How Dublin, the city of James Joyce?
  13. Nuune, that is not the case brother. I stole nothing; it was kindly given to me by the man who owned it. JAceylB, I have no idea what you are talking about brother. It might be helpful if you could explain yourself or not.
  14. Morning, I just srted work, had a nightmare of a morning but wont share that with you lot. PS Ibti 7 months guys, not the original owner.
  15. ^Of course, rationality dictates that!. Have a good afur people.
  16. I think you are confusing me with someone else Ibti. I AM NEW, have been using this account for the past 7 months.
  17. Pray tell sister? Am I the paraiah of SOL; have mercy I am new to SOL.
  18. Ibti; you could have left that you agreed with me-- needent to qualify it
  19. Hayam oh well, import a geeljire who has all the good qualities of a geeljire. Such a man will surely be able to tend to all the city needs you might have
  20. Treu happines is attained through the purity of love thy Allah.
  21. Ibs "Malika True happiness can be found, but you are looking in the wrong place if you look to other humans" well said indeed. Hayam, human beings and not developed wholly to consider all the options and choices at their feet in a timely fashion-- time is of essence for the fairer sex
  22. Sometime numerous options and choices are not the route to heppiness. Ngone, how was your turub session at the maqaayad?
  23. Waking up early is not an issue for me, the killer is working after 6-- I know, I am modern day slave, who else works after 6
  24. Nogone thannks for the detailed info. JAcaylB so, how is hargeysa? are you one of those sane people who chose Somalia over the cold countries in the nothern hemisphere? I think the day is going terribly slowly; I cant wait for the Duhur prayer.
  25. Lucky for some. Morning all.