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  1. in my opinion, i think the admin should at least close this topic. its devisive and doesn't serve the interest of Nomads, who applaud democracy and justice in our country, but reject an illegal seperation of some parts of somalia. honesly, the idea of an election would be a tremendous progress if the northerners didn't want to disintegrate somalia into qabiildoms. given the nature of somalis ,and the reaction to this topic which is drawn among clan lines, its fruitless to keep such discussions in SOMALIAONLINE, where the aim is to bring nomads from every clan and region of somalia. to set the record straight , i do applaud the relative peace of the northwest, and northeast regions of somalia.
  2. last night i was watching a program on the history channel that seem to relate to this discussion, more scientifically though. it was about whether the vikings and people of the british isles have genetic relationships ,and they tested the dna of men of norwegian descent and some drunken irish, goat herding scots and cricket playing english men. the scientists proved this relationship, so is it bad? no. people hypocrically tend to distant themselves from qabiil, which is a somali fact. in a historical context, its perfectly okay to research the origins of the somali tribes, but it's another thing to use and prejedice fellow somalis because of their qabiil. any intellegent person would recognize the fact that qabiil is some thing that exists, but in addition, they would do their best not to use it to harm others. this is the correct philosophy, unless one is hypocrit.
  3. come on Hanna, sharon may be the BULLDOZER,but he deosn't deserve the bullet. yaser arafat might be a better choice, since he is a coward and an enemy of somalia, yes in the 1977-78 somaligalbeed war , he sided with the ethiopians. its ridiculous to only have one bullet and one chance, becuase i don't beleive in golden bullets. we, somalis are spent cartridges and should not be thinking about killings no more. i would fire a bullet for the birth of my son on july 1 2002, what a great co-incident since that day was the day somalia was born july 1-1960. since iam a great patriot of this wretched country and it's people it was a blessing from Allah.
  4. Weak-decentralized government, with a mandate to mediate provinces ,and for foreign affairs. seperation of powers,and the independence of courts and the executive branche. a supreme council made up of mullahs to oversee the military, security and courts.
  5. cashflow, wax oo ciyaal waraf ladhoho majiraan baaba. doorooyinka hadaa aqoonin ragii layaqaanay maba tihid. cumda , aniga geedka jacaylka zoonihiisaan daganaa, godkana kaalshaan ku dheeli jirney, beerta isbitaal madiinana waa udhici jirnay. khaliif tuug , mashiidiyo, ciise dheere, iyo faarax guluus aan isku xaafad aheen. intaasu waa inta waagii la ahaa ciyaal xaafad, hadana odayaashi xaafadihii baanu noqonay!!!
  6. nasra, what ninxoon compiled is very scary wallaahi. we somalis have curiosity to know one another's qabiil, despite our denials, but iam wondering how did he get so many people's qabiils right. well, there are litmus tests, especially in politics ,but i don't think he used that. the funny thing is he made me some seedi, and some habar yar in this forum!! don't take this serious though, its just your somali social id , made public.
  7. a good peom. this is about the ideal somali in the good old days. insha allah we will look at ourselves the same way as the poet described us. way to go hanna.
  8. throughout the history of mankind , atrocities were commited on the names of great leaders. this deosn't extrapolate to the actual deed by the sayid. in addition, what some soldiers commited under the dervishes shouldn't be put on the sayid's shoulders. iam in no way claiming that he was an angel, but he was the best ever, given the circumastances and the socio-political realities at the time. sayid , overall accomplished something no one else in the continent of africa accomplished despite his shortcomings. Gediid, adigu waan ku fahmay meeshaad ka hadlayso, but my simple question to you is who is your hero? i hope it is not ceydiid or some other hooligan.
  9. baashi , let me respectfully correct your statement that sayid was a coward. quite contrary, the sayid was one of the bravest souls, among a rare breed of men like ahmed gurey,and garaad wiilwaal. if you look carefully at his history , you will find that he didn't discriminate traitors,and killed all regardless of their tribe. the people he killed the most were his own,and the particular family who were the majority of the darvishes(reer laascaano). when the northern suldaans and northeaster kings were blindly obeying the italians and the british, sayid moxamed fully aware of their strategies and aim was waging a jihad against them. the farthest thing from the truth is the fact that sayid killed people who just opposed him, queit contrary , he killed the guides the translators and the nomadic tribes who supported the emperialists stay in our country.
  10. Originally posted by Sophist: [being single and actively searching a lady to emotionally pre-occupy him creative indeed. i love the way you articulated this point. its very true, at least to myself in my prowling days, when i was a young lion in search for a pride. you win the pullitzer price for Nomad creativity!!!
  11. very interesting and informative indeed. kudos for the great efforts and research. you should be our social issues commentator on this nomad net. jazaka allah
  12. Dear shakira, you are in the right direction , but often thoughts stay thoughts unless one does simple things to help. case and point, you have realized the demise of our people in somalia, but you have to go beyond that and do something about it. the simplest way to help is , if you have family members , then send them money. if you don't have immediate family members then send your money to the next closest kin, so on and on.(walithil qurbaa(ehelka), then wal yataamaa(the orphans) wal masaakiina(the poor) in that order. additionally, on fridays or saturdays, give atleast five bucks to the masjid box. this is the best way to help alleviate the plight of the unfortunate and collect ajr from Allah.
  13. Gediid, good observation. althoug there are good topics of discussion usually. this is more like an entertaining forum. what i love it above all there are no faggots or atheists posting poison in here.
  14. jaaluut

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    war jamaal, aflagaado iga ma ahayn sujui nimadee raali noqo. owrboogays mise uurboogays?mayee xudun agagaarkeeda. geel laiga soo iibsadaa lagu dhaqaa fuqiful. saaxiib adaaa sifiican laguu gartay, laakiin anigu wali banaankaan joogaa!!! saaxiib shimbiraale sow mahayn meeshii ay kutaalay qalcadii daraawiishta, halkaasoo dagaal weyn ka dhacay?
  15. jaaluut

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    Darwiish kabtu waay ogtahay inay laxdu qortaye, laakiin laxdii baad inoo koombo koombaynaysaa. laxdu ma mid faras saaran baa mise mid badmaax ah? loooooooooooooool!!! this is interesting. anyways keep up the good job Sophist. cilmu tasawufku waa cilmiga "purification of the soul" waxaa takhasuskaa aad wax oga qoray sheikh xaamid bin abii ghazali , such as amraadul quluub "sicknesses of the heart" could you elaborate sophist on this topic. iam sure you are an expert.