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  1. Bisinka, walee waa dhibaato in waqtigaan sidii ciyaalka labo saf loo kala baxo oo lais xagxagto. War nimanyahoo rag aqoon leh oo wadan dhan u maqan baa tihiine wax iskula hara oo sida isku dhaama.
  2. Muqdisho:Madaxweynah a Soomaliya Shariif Shiikh Axmed oo xaqiijiyey fara galinta caalamiga ah ee Soomaliya ku soo socota On the one hand, the government is complaining about foreigners who have "invaded" the country and on the other, it's calling for more foreign invaders to kick start the liberation movement. Interesting how that logic works!
  3. ^^ Lol,the pisture says a thousand words indeed. Indacade is toast! Aways needs to tread the waters carefully, or he will be next on the Shabaab hit-list. Surely Alshabab are not jocking when they make their pronoucements.Waa kadhab!
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  5. Kash, you may be right about Shareef and he may not be as genuine as most people thought (think). But what say you of his opposition? Are they all just innocent victims who have nothing to do with the chaos in Xamar? Shareef is in a position of leadership and he is justly criticized for his actions. On the other hand, the Islamists (for lack of a better word) are surely not as blameless as we like them to be. So let's be fair and call a spade for what he really is, a SPADE! All of this finger pointing won’t do us any good, especially the people who are suffering from the mayhem. May Allah have mercy on the innocent victims who are caught between these never ending wars. Ameen!
  6. If shariif is desperate enough to relly on A/Qaybdeed, the matter is worse that i thought it would be. He might win him the war but imagine what it will do to shariifs credibilty, that is if he has any left in the eyes of the public.
  7. Posted by Kashafa Your problem is that you consider these fifth columnist peaceniks to be 'brothers'. Nin deen-tiisa gatay, oo gaalo la saftay, qabyaalad-qurun lafaha ka miriritay(rust) aa ka sugee caqli ama xishood ama walaal'tinimo ? Kashafa, that's is a bit unwarranted, don't you think? You can disagree with what the brother wrote rather than attacking him personally.
  8. I hope and pray that this situation comes to a complete and sadden end. It's just unneccery and waste of blood and treasure. Masaakiinta ku dhimatey Allaah ha u naxariisto inta dhawaca ahna Allaah ha caafiyo. Ameen!
  9. Sadnimo wey dhaaftay oo ciil ayaa ku qabanaayo now. MMA, I agree with you. When I first heard about this news, I didn’t think much of it. I thought maybe this was just "sheeko Somaali la buun-buuniye." And then as read more and the facts came out, Dhiiga ayaa igu karey. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. However, what’s even more sad is what is happening in Xamar as we speak. While we're busy annihilating each other, the enemies of Somalia are busy planning and plotting thier evil deeds. So unless and until we fix our problems, we will always be faced with this and even worse situations.
  10. I'm sure that most of us on this section heard about the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recently signed between Kenya and the TFG of Somalia. There has been alot of confusion surounding this matter and a lot of people are rightly concerned about what this could mean to the future of our country. So what is all the "fuss" about? Who are the main players behind the signing of the MoU? If the deal is finalized(it's being Forcefully pursued by Kenya and her ally, NORWAY!) , who does it benefit most? Did the TFG consult with somali scholars who have a specialty in this kinds of matters before it signed the dotted line so hastly? These and many more are discussed in an indepth Analysis posted on Garowe Online. Since the article is a bit too lenghty, here is the link to the article in Af-Somaali. “Iftiimin: Heshiis Is-afgarad Badeedka” Here is the English version: "Off Somali Coast, Norway, UN and Kenya Make Plan for Drilling Rights, Pirates of the Pen." http://www.innercity a041909.html
  11. Asalaamu Alaikum Brother nur, Masha'Allaah! Runtii waxaad soo joodisay dalabaad aad iyo aad khiimo badan oo wada macquul ah waana in loo gudbiyaa madaxwayne Sheikh Shareef sida oogu dhaxsaha badhan. Waxaan Allah ka baryaynaa in uu Sheikha wanaaga waafagiyo, dhariiqa sunada nabiga SCW na ku toosiyo, shaqada hortaalana ufudideeyo. Allahuma ameen!
  12. Good move! Just hope that the Shariah will be implemented not just in words but also in deeds (where it matters most).
  13. Salaams to all, first time poster, long-time reader. My 2 cents on the topic: This is certainly an ill-advised move on the part of the president. Wrong place at the wrong time. What he should have done is first and foremost, send condolances to the families who lost loved ones and visit (if possible) the wounded civilians in hospitals. Had he done that and then payed a visit to the AMISOM soldiers, it wouldn't be as bad as it is. Our country is in a challenging time right know and everyone is watching the moves of this government and hence the president (of all people) should tread carefully.