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  1. Natioinal Nine News is in Australia. That may have caused the confusion. "Eating Girls in Australia" From the title I was thinking a different kind of "Eating".
  2. Abtigiis Abtigiis – As for your hatred towards people that inhabit Puntland may Allah cure you, because hatred is sickness. Whatever caused you to have feelings know that there are good and bad people in every group. The 4.5 The original Transitional Federal Parliament had 275 MPS divided among Somali clans on the 4.5 formula, and on November 8, 2008, that number was increased to 500 MPs with the addition of 200 MPs from Sharif’s ARS, and 75 MPs from civil society. That is 200 out 275 which is ~ 75% ICU/USC/. Awees According to Aweys Sharif turned into CIA agent in Nairobi after Sharif arranged the release of 11 US Marines in Raas kambooni, in return the US helped him flee to Yemen…and eventually the president of Somalia. Notice how his tune of Ethiopia our eternal enemy changed to our brotherly neighbors. Mansoor According to Mansoor Sharif became Murtad the day he agreed to the TFG charter is not derived from Islam. Maxamed Dheere and other warlords in Somalia have a lot to do with goes on in Somalia, and without their blessings no entity will ever bring peace to Somalia. So far Sherif controls no territory in Somalia... Where is he going to base his government?
  3. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: But blood was not part to it, until one fatal day one Puntlander decided to slay another of his own who happened to be the President of the Republic of Somalia. They, the killers of Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, who hailed from the region now called Puntland, continued to oppose Siyad Barre’s government, which they saw us disturbing the natural succession of power to its rightful owners. Luciky, his blunders and cruel retaliation, made them look like people in search of salvation than aspirants of power who will stop at nothing to achieve it. / Finally, the man escaped, pursued by those whom he oppressed. And the Punties started the quest for the Holy Grail in the form of “power” refusing to recognise the next government. And it went on and on, thanks also to the useless USC and its supporters who kept on fighting for the ill-gotten loot of a nation. Then, they came to power and the rest is horror history. Inviting the historical enemy of Somalia into the Capital to subdue more powerful, but ‘less crafty’ Southerners. But, as it would be, borrowed might is never a might that will keep you on the throne and the adventure failed in shame and frantic evacuation of parliamentarians and officers who descended on Moqdisho, against the wish of its people, to rule and loot. And then it happened again Somali’s got a new president the same way they got the past few ones. Now, the rightful owners of the throne are not in a mood to play servants to those who are unfit to rule them. Or so it seems. That is the message all Somali’s get when they hear the new administration of Puntland is opposing Sheikh Shariif. Sadly, we are re-living that long-held prejudice, and it seems it is not without foundation. Dad saas baa loo nacaa ama waa la iska dhaafaa Why should Somalis support Sharif/Nuur cade... 1) When 75% of the 500 MPs are from the USC clan. 2) When Sharif/Nur cade don't even control half of their city - mogadishu. So far Awees, mansoor, maxamed dheere, faroole, opposed this farce presidency insha-Allah it will fail soon!
  4. Dalmar, Reading this I'll assume that you're still wet behind the ears and offer few botherly suggestions: 1). Love at your age is just a fantasy! 2). Never say this to waman(you can feel that way) "...given that women mostly decide based on emotions,". 3). Anyone choosing your friends doesn't love you. 4). Don't rush into marriage it is HELL! 5). Get to know the real her before you even consider a marriage. ..... ..... 6) There are too many fishes in the sea. If you don't understand her FIND ANOTHER...and so on and on 'till you're in late mid 30's -lol
  5. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: Sheekh Xasan Yacquub ayaa sheegay in "...waa inay ogaadaan in dagaladu ay socon doonaan ilaa saacatul qiyaamo " Waa waqti dheeree see camal
  6. They didn’t have a case that could stand in a court of law ten years ago and I’m sure all of their fabrications will be thrown out if this farce ever makes into any court. I’m ready to donate for Samatar’s legal expenses as are many Somalis and non-Somalis -- LOL.
  7. LOL @ "Ahle ****...waxaan u jeedaa Ahle..." Is Amin Camir trying to say Ahlu Sunnah Clan jameecooyin or what?
  8. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: ^Ouch...Sheemo waryaa... War mexee yhiin dadkaan eedo koriska maqlin? Ar eedo koris kuwo ciil ku koray waaye...Oo hilibka fiican eedada caruurteeda aa cunijireen, while iyaga balaqa iyo lafaha lagu beer goyn jiray...Bariiska digsiga hoos aalooga guri jiray, bariiska gubtay aalasiin jiray...Caanahooda biyo aaloogu baarixin jiray, while eedada caruurteeda ee caano sixin ah cabi jireen... Marax, I guess you put Mr. Gello to rest huh? Ka qalee
  9. Why are you calling Ahlu Sunnah wal Jameeca Clan Courts?
  10. The link to story is broken and Somaliaonline(MM) is blocking the qabiil names, can someone provide a working link for adults? --LOL PS -- No "" My antivirus designated it a dangerous site!!
  11. Aka Osama Jr. He even walks like him and has a cane and the como jacket.
  12. Don't believe the hype, they're going no where adeer. Only Yeey's body guards are moving back, even that is not 100%, as I wrote earlier. All TFG troops will do their as they've done in the past, support the TFG. Patriotism will prevail and new start for Somalia insha-Allah. GOD BLESS SOMALIA!!!
  13. Wayrax hadduusan laheen websiteka wuxuu u xayeeysiiyo waa kii REERKA. Tolnimo saas aa la dhahaa ama waa la iska dhafaa xitaa Kool Kat ayuu dadaalka wayrax soo jiitay.--LOL
  14. TFG troops will stay in Mogadishu regardless of where they originated from. Yeey's body guards will leave and that is all. You're right no one is going to repeat the mistakes of the past, 'cause this government will work insha-Allah.
  15. Single Mother = Divorced or widowed with at least one child. Double Mother = Still married and her husband is married to her and one more woman. Triple Mother = Still married and her husband is married to her and two more women. Quad -Mother = Still married, and her husband is married to her and three more women. Half - Mother = She says she is not married, he says she's married.
  16. TFG troops from Puntland are going no where, since they were part of TFG troops. Those leaving are Yeey's body guards no need for them to be in Villa Somalia. Punlanders, just like the rest of Somalis, want to have a functioning government and their support should be given to the next Somali president whomever he/she may be!
  17. They shouldn't make the 1st move 'cause that is a sign of DHESBARETNIMO unless she is over 35
  18. Originally posted by Cirdey: Anyway, a more positive note should be that today the 4 big tribes of the **** block met and forgave each other for all that has happened. So perhaps A-S would not attack the **** block . I know what ****-block is, after reading and hearing it from ciyaal Yo-Yo so many times. What are **** and A-S block? Sounds like ****(whatever that is) united to wage a new civil war against the ****-block. Is Somalia going back to the 90s? [ December 30, 2008, 11:09 PM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  19. lol @ "fink so" all of that because Yeey lost the game? Why are these MPs leaving the government?
  20. LOL @ "Somaliland issue...neglected...Africa and the world...recognition...access to fundings...achieve...little...attention...growingd emocracy... Madness I tell ya -- LOL
  21. Sheekh Shariif iyo iyo Kuxigeenkiisa oo maanta gaaray magaalada Muqdisho 24. December 2008 Muqdisho(AllPuntland)-Guddoomiyaha Isbaheysiga dib u xoreynta garabka Jabuuti Sheekh Shariif Sh. Axmed iyo wafdi uu hoggaaminayo oo uu ka mid yahay Kuxigeenkiisa Sheekh C/raxmaan janaqow ayaa galabnimada maanta ka soo degay garoonka diyaaradaha Aadan Cadde Airport ee magaalada Muqdisho. Wafdiga Sheekh Shariif Sh. Axmed ayaa waxaa garoonka ku soo dhoweeyay xubno ka tirsan Maxkamaddaha iyo Dowladda Federaalka, waxaana hadal kooban uu uu jeediyay Sheekha uu sheegay in ujeedada socdaalkiisa ay tahay sidii mira dhal looga dhigi lahaa heshiiskii dhawaan ka dhacay dalka Jabuuti ee dhex maray Dowladda KMG iyo garabka uu hoggaamiyo, wuxuuna intaa raaciyay Shariifka in socdaalkiisa ay qeyb ka tahay dhiirigelinta bixitaanka ciidamada itoobiya. Sheekh Shariif iyo wafdigiisa ayaa waxaa ay degeen Hotelka Laf-Weyn oo uu horay u deganaa, waxaana halkaasi uu ka bilaabay kulamo kala duwan oo uu la yeelanayo qeybaha kala duwan ee bulshada Soomaaliyeed. Sheekh Shariif ayaa Todobadkii hore ka ambabaxay magaalada Muqdisho isagoo gaaray dalka Jabuuti oo uu kula kulmay Saraakiil Mareykan ah iyo Senataro ka socday dalka Mareykanka kuwaasi oo uu kala hadlay arrimaha dalka Soomaaliya iyo dib u heshiisiinta socoto, wuxuuna Shariifka uu sheegay in Dowladda Mareykanka ay iminka u soo jeesatay wax ka qabashada xaaladda dalka Soomaaliya.