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  1. Originally posted by Castro: I pity you, saaxib. That gives me the pleasure sxb, cause I know when you pity me is when I have the upper hand.
  2. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: The ball is in admin’s court. Will they let this to pass? Or will they enforce the rules of this site? There is nothing more disturbing than your encouragement sxb. But never the less it was expected. Castro I doubt whether you can differentiate the two. Bashi Nin ragga awoowe iska dhici awoowe ninka ragaa wan iska dhiciyay ee gartadi iyo qosaalkadi aya eex gashey oo nin xag jirra ayad noqotey. And saxiib you are right about this They raped repeatedly young virgins who lived in the neighborhood because they shared their great grandfather with Inna Barre.
  3. I made that comment and I stand by it as it was without any regret nor with the slightest remorse. And am not touched at all nor concerned with reaction it has generated, I would have been though if the reaction was not clearly biased. My post was a response to Scientist who said So please get your facts right, and never compare Siyaad Barre to these animals . Hence if people like LST,Bashi,Castro, etc. are not bothered by such comment but are irked by a similar response I likewise dont share the same priorities with them. For a start USC is not something new, we know who it represents and by refering to it we know who you are refering to it, thus by calling them animals only warrants a similar response if not worse. And this sort of actions has lately become the norm in SOL politics first initiated by the thread started by LST in which he chose to refer to a link by Togane which was tribalistically abusive and morally against the rules of SOL.But it was displayed as the latest utterances by a great poet, though the underlying intentions were solely only to enjoy the words of Togane cause it was the general liking of many who share his views in SOL politics. That and now followed by this thread that calls USC ( now come on dont tell me that USC are a punch of music group in Somalia) animals was a blatant and clear legalised violation of the rules that govern us here in SOL. What is unfortunate is not the response I gave but the change of spectrum in SOL politics which is diverting from being a forum that accomodates the diversity in Somali politics itself. I wonder how and when. The Swahili proverb 'damu siyo maji' comes into mind. As for Orgi rest assured sxb your feelings are mutual, and there is nothing that you have done here which amounts to adkeesigeeda dambe yeelo , try next time sxb.
  4. ^^ And yes I expected you to come out from the shadow
  5. Xaasha...! This at best tells the admin to open a 'Love Section' where people like the one above can leave love messages. Can we be the pair,that bear the momemts and share the thoughts with fair of sweetness care for-realest air that we breath in,because i'm a believer just to hold your hands for the best and rest days to come well prepare Xoog weyna ma maxog ayu cunay? Ebo intan oo hadal ah hadiba aad isdaba dhigi kartiid maad iska shaqa tagtiid, gabeygaan casahaqa walagu dhamayee. Nabe halkan odeygi Cilmi Bodhari aa wax uu galey, hadalka heli ogaa
  6. Pathetic thread and can only be initiated by psychotically bitter charecter(s).
  7. Xiin, it is no use. Duke lacks the sense of accepting he is/was wrong. He goes about in long circles in attempt to divert from what he said earlier and in the process he helplessly portrays himself as a person with no tenet. I think he is. Look at this ; Duke on when the Somali Cabinet Ministers were first announced 2/12/04 : Everyone knows that I support the government and the President. But I do not support what took place yesterday in the form of the naming of the cabinet. .....and this also on the same date .. Saxardiid...What warlords are in? what did they get? Why ignore the 4.5 formula? Why promote some warlords and ignore others? ... Read on... And he also had this say when the Parliament(Led by Sharif then and now ofcourse) rejected the Government of Geedi:... He has no choice, the old man has to learn otherwise his Presidency is nothing. As for the Ethiopians to hell with them, If the action of the Parliment hurt them then by all means lets celebrate.. [big Grin] [big Grin] Just less than a month after when the same goverment plus new cabinet was formed and approved by the Parliament Duke was over the moon :... Wonderful news. We have a government......uma, I have been enlightened since for the reasons behind the size and members of the cabinet. For the sake of peace and our country we have to move forward. And who am I to disagree with the MP's? This man changes his views like the wind changes direction, and he so full of himself that he thinks we dont realise it. However am still waiting him to accept that Morgan represented him a year ago, and I will tell him who Morgan represents now. Read on
  8. ^^It took you long to figure out, didn't it?
  9. Originally posted by Yoonis_Cadue: Duke asked a legitimate questions, which needs a legitimate answer to it. And that is what I want from Duke, a legitimate answer to a legitimate question if he could respond as you did, that Morgan was once the spearhead of a true struggle and is today worthless and represents no one, would be a fair respond from Duke. But I doubt whether he can come around to saying that.
  10. From The Standard A strong earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter Scale has hit East Africa. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred in the Lake Tanganyika region about 55 km (35 miles) southeast of Kalemie, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The epicenter is about 975 km (600 miles) South West of Nairobi, where a tremor was experienced. There was panic in Nairobi as scores of people evacuated buildings after the tremor hit the city. Staff at the Standard Group’s offices reported feeling faint as the earthquake shook the 17-storey I&M Bank Tower, which houses the media house. And from the Nation Tremor sparks panic in Kenya Story by NJOROGE KINUTHIA Publication Date: 12/05/2005 An earthquake has hit Kenya and the East Africa region. In Kenya the tremor has been confirmed in Nairobi, Kisumu and Eldoret. In Nairobi the earthquake occured at around 3.30pm (EAT). The tremor also shook Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. According to a preliminary report on the United States Geographical Survey website, the quake, of magnitude 6.8, occurred in the Lake Tanganyika region, between Congo and Tanzania. People in major buildings in Nairobi were quickly evacuated as panic gripped the city. "I felt dizzy and my chair was moving," said Daudi Gicheru who works in Nairobi . "I thought I was falling sick, but heard my colleague shouting that there was a tremor." No damages or casualties have been reported so far
  11. ^^ first find out who started and what brought about it, then dis your compatriots cause you fancy the Xabashi. My apologies Yonis, igama aheyn aflagaado ruunti. Hadi aad ka xamutey sxb raali ahow. And there it is I deleted it.
  12. The animosity between the Somalis and the Ethiopians has reached a wider field, literally the football pitch. This will certainly make things worse for those harbouring the Ethiopians as friendly neighbours. Ciyaartii Xulka Itoobiya iyo Soomaaliya oo ku dhamaatay dagaal fool ka fool ah oo dhex maray ciyartoodii labada dal Ciyaar ayaa maanta waxey dhex martay labada dal ee Soomaaliya iyo Itoobiya tasoo la dhihi karo waa ciyaartii ugu xumeyd oo dhex marto labada oo Afrikaan ah . Labada Kooxood ee Soomaaliya iyo Itoobiya ayaa waxaa ka dhaxeyso cadaawad soo jireyn ah tasoo keentay markii ay ciyaartii dhamaatay in uu bilaawdo dagaal ka fool ka fool ah iyadoona dagaalkasi dhexmaray xulka Soomaalida Iyo Itoobiyaanka uu keenay dhawacyo Culus. Ciyaarta maanta ayaa ku soo gabagabootay 3 iyo 1 oo guusha ku raacday dalka Itoobiya Waxii ka soo kordha kala soco dayniile Cayaaraha.com Xulka qaranka Soomaal ayaa maanta cayartoodii ugu dambaysay ee bariga iyo bartamaha ku dhamaystay foolxumo ka dib markii ay dagaal mid ka mid ah la galeen xulka reer Ethiopia inkastoo gacanta lagu bilaabay cayaartoy ka tirsan xulka Soomaaliyeed. Ka dib markii uu garsoorihii cayaartu yeeriyey siirigii dhamaadka ayaa cayaartoygii lambarka 5aad u sitay xulka Ethiopia feer gaadma ah ku dhuftay cayaaryahankii lambarka 10 aad u sitay xulkeena taasoo uu dhulka kula dhacay ka dibna ay cayaartoydii Soomaaliyeed mid waliba kii Ehtiopian ka ahaa ee u dhawaa gacanta u qaaday taasoo keentay in cayaaryahan ka tirsan xulka Ethiopia dhaawac culus gaaro ka dibna isbitaalka loola cararay. Falkan oo ay guddiga fulinta ee CECAFA ka fariisan doonaan maalinta berrito ah ayaa laga cabsi qabaa in uu ganaax noo keeno taasoo dhibaato ku sii noqon karta xulkan hadda asagu meesha is keenay oo aan haysan dhaqaalo lagu kabo ay hadana ku adkaan doonto sidii uu ganaax lacageed u bixin karo. Si kastaba ha ahaatee waxaa lagama maarmaan ah in cayaartoydu ilaaliyaan sharafta dalkooda inkastoo aan wada ogsoonahay colaadda dhexdeena ah. Maxamuud Ismaaciil. Cayaaraha-London
  13. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^ You are lost. I stan by those wods even today.. For the people of Kismayu all of them deserve to live in dignity in their own homes I dont give a hoot whether you stand by those words or not. I doubt whether you even know the meaning of a stance let alone practice it. My question to you Mr.Laba-weejile is why did Morgan represent you then and not now, what has changed? And dont come back to me that he did not, cause every Dick,Tom and Harry in SOL knows he did and you were at the forefront of his campaign. Just for once Duke dig deep inside yourself and answer the question, why then and not now?
  14. Ofcourse you are unlike me, cause you lack in your charecter the essence of dignity, honesty and tenet. And I unlike you, I dont lie, make U turns in high speed, dont mis-represent reality, and above all I dont sell my soul to the highest bidder. To you saying something now and saying it differently in matter of seconds and still claiming to be the same is normal and have no shame about it. In the above texts I weight the sincerity in your question Who does Morgan represent? . And proved at the same time in just a little than a year ago your were 'buranburin' like Xawo-Sofe for him. Cause sxb this For me the Morgan Kimsayu issue is one of people reclaiming the right to love in their twon with dignity, was not a paste but your own words. And today you ask us who does he represent. And this also was in your own words seems Morgan is In Nairobi, and Hiiraale is coming to Narobi and there is mediation between them being done by Igad. There would be no mediation if Morgans troops where not outside Kismayu. So tell me who did he represent then and does not represent now. And do me a favour and stop all the bs and answer the question directly. Labaweejile foqal labaweejile
  15. See you on Tuesday Soma , we have a score to settle with Chelseksi.
  16. Originally posted by General Duke: Thats why I sk who does Morgan represent, if not himself? Laba wejiile foqal laba wejiile This is what you said on 23/09/04 General Duke For me the Morgan Kimsayu issue is one of people reclaiming the right to love in their twon with dignity, if Morgans troops call for the killing or for dehumanising members of any clan in Kismayu, then I will not support Morgan. Duke's Morgan You again Look Morgan if in Kenya or in Zaire, matters not for the people of Kimsayu will get back their homes soon insha Allah. And again t seems Morgan is In Nairobi, and Hiiraale is coming to Narobi and there is mediation between them being done by Igad. There would be no mediation if Morgans troops where not outside Kismayu. So Mr.Labo-wejiile tell me what was the negotiation about if he does not represent you? Morgan represents Duke in Nairobi And yes Duke this is you The fact that the RRA are saber rattling on behalf of the JVA, the fact that Morgans supposidely broken troops are still fighing and causing casualties outside Kismayu, the fact that Morgan who supposedly fled wounded to Kenya has a bounty of $10,000.00 on his head shows the sheer bankruptcy of ideas from the JVA and their masters in Xamar. Duke & Morgan And the following are list of your 'alalas' when Morgan was 'allegedly advancing to Kismayo ..here is you quoting and pasting P/landers webs. Morgan troops entering Kismayo Barre Hirales 'tikniiko' captured in Nairobi Warya Duke isku xishow oo beenta badan iska dhaf...you are so easily predictable.
  17. Somaliweyn -- 03/12/05 Akhristoow ii ogolaw in aan halkan idiinku soo bandhigo wacdarihii uu Magan AHMED ka muujiyay cayaarihii kubada miiska ee kadhacay dalka Holland . Waxaa dhowaan lagu qabtay magaalada Breda oo ku taala dalka Holland cayaarihii kubada miiska oo ay ka soo qayb galeen 12ka cayaartooy ee ugu wanaagsan dalka Holland. Cayaarahaas kubada miiska oo ahaa kalikali , waxaa ka soo qaybgalay dhamaan dadwaynaha xiiseeya kubada miiska , iyo waliba shirkado u badan wadamada Europe, gaar ahaan kuwa iibiya qalabaadka kubada miiska Waxaa kaloo iyagana goobjoog ka ahaa goobtaas tababarayaasha ugu wanaagsan dunida si ay u qiimeeyaan cayaartooygii ugu wanaagsanaa dunida , gaar ahaan kubada miiska. Waxaa Semifinlekii isugu soo baxay Magan Ahmed oo u cayaara kooxda FTT FRANIKEN IYO JAROEN KEUPER oo u cayaara FTT NIJMEGEN. Dhinaca kalena waxaa isugu soo baxay TONIE HEJNEN oo ka socday kooxda ZWOLLE iyo YAN KOOSTRA oo ka socday magaalada LEEUWARDEN. Waxaa hadaba Finlekii isugu soo baxay Mr Magan iyo Jaroen Keuper oo ay isla soo gaareen 5cet. taasoo kuu muujinaysa cayaartaasi sida ay u macaanayd , cetkii ugu danbeeyayna waxa uu ku dhamaaday 16-14 oo ay guushu kuraacday Mr Magan Ahmed. Waxaa akhristoow aanay marnaba maskaxdoodu ka bixi la-dahay dadwaynihii cayaartaas daawanayay , sida quruxda leh ee u Mr Magan u cayaarayay , iyo isaga oo waliba 11kii cayaartooy ee kale kuligood ka wada badiyay. Waxaa kaloo uu akhristoow Mr Magan mutaystay in ay shirkado badani ka codsadeen in uu u xayaysiiyo qalabkooda ay ku soo bandhigaan dunida. Waxaa ilaa hada uu Mr Magan ogolaaday in uu u xayaysiiyo shirkad la yiraa 4STER oo ah shirkad shaqada u raadisa dadwaynaha ku dhaqan Holland. Waxaa kaloo la gudoonsiiyay Mr Magan bilad sharaf iyo cayaarwanaagii sanadka 2005 ugu wanaagsanaa qaarada Europe. Mar aan hadaba kula xiriirlay khadka telefonka waxaa uu Mr Magan ii sheegay in uu aad u jeclaan lahaa in uu mar uun arko isaga oo masalaya wadankiisa Somalia. Waxaa kaloo Mr Magan ii sheegay in uu dhowaan u kala diri doono qalab Sport dhamaan gobolada Somalia iyo waliba dhalinyarada Somaliyeed ee kala dagan wadamada sedexaad. sida Africa iyo midlde -east. Waxaa hadaba Akhristoow ogaataa in ay umada Somaliyeed ay leedahay dhalinyaro mustaqbal kuleh dunida , gaar ahaan cayaaraha , waxaa kaliya een u baahanahay waa dhiiri galin, iyo in la dhiiri galiyo dhamaan dhalinyarada soo ka caysa. Waxaan ka codsanayaa war baahiyayaasha in ay si aad ah isku xilqaamaan si ay u taageeraan qof alle qofkii doonaya in uu horumar ka sameeya Sportiga ama cayaaraha .Cayaaruhu waa waxa kaliya ee umada Somaliyeed Midayn kara , isuna keeni kara. Somaliduna aad ayay u xiisaysaa Cayaaraha . Waxaa hadaba akhristoow amaantaa mudan dhamaan masuuliyiinta iyo dhalinyarada xiisaysa cayaaraha . Waxaa aad u wanaagsan in aan barano iskuna taxalujino barashadooda iyo waliba in aan dhiiri galino dhamaan dhalinyarada Somaliyeed ee aan magacooda laga aqoon dunada. Ma-aha kaliya in aan isku taxalujino RONALDIINHO. Mana xuma in aan barano Ronaldiinho, lakiin aan dhiiri galino cayaartooydeena yar yar ee soo kacaysa. Mahadsanidiin. La soco fikradaada waad soo dhiiban kartaa , oo waliba mid ka duwan hadii aad hayso.
  18. Xoog sxb, I dont trust neither believe that you are naive, thus I assume you are already aware that most SOL 'politics' users are sick to the core , waa bukan oo caloshey ka bukan..oo qabiil dartiis ayey la bukaan . That is why they are queing up to praise Togane in this particular thread, cause he said for them what they wanted to say all along and in thir mind.Eventhough he and his work is vile. I dont question their sickness and dont give a toss, but my question is to the worst of them all the initiater of this thread who wrote 'the ten commandments of SOL'. Is it permisable to link to a SOL thread a topic which is abusive and tribally dented, or as I asked earlier and not responded , mise waa la jifiiyana banan ?
  19. ^^Lool...! and may be he could explain how he,Yeey, endorsed a the signing of a deal worth $50m (remember it is only first phase) to guard the Somali seas to company that is either non-existant or wanted for fraud back in its origin country. And this is just the tip of the ice-berg of his background deals.
  20. Does your equation include whether actually anyone listens to him or gives a thought to the rubbish he utters.
  21. ^^Wonderful and Remarkable achievement, and it merits appreciation and applause for giving a sense of proudness to each and every Somali.
  22. Originally posted by liibaan: Yoonis, so far your analysis is not very "unbiased", I would say. Yeah true, and that makes your note 110% biased...
  23. ^^And you 2, and the initiater of this thread who has introduced an audio full of shid and tribal hate, wasnt that against the policy and the golden rules of SOL, mise waa 'la jifayana banan' .