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  1. Originally posted by Modesty: Aussie, I would advice your friend not to marry to a non-somali, because Lebanese and arabs don't like blacks like us, so they are against it just as the somali parents are. The cultural barrier is difficult also. With your own culture you can deal with the other person. Somalis are a few million people, and if start marrying other nationalities, are race will disappear. I want in the next 50 years to see pure Somali people, not halfies!! And what's wrong with "halfies"? I'm halfie! Have you heard of the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? Just bcoz you saw couple of racist arabs does NOT mean all arabs are like that! If the brother was racist, I don't think he would be asking a sister who is BLACK to marry him! and if your message was referring to his parents, let me tell you that his older brother is already married to a somalian sister who gets along with the family very WELL. Now considering the sig you've I would have expected a more un-racist advice from you but it's cool. To the rest, thnx wasalam
  2. as-salamu alaikum Parents have every right to say "no" if they believe the brother won't support or even look after their daughter very well but they have no right to say "no" if the brother is a practicing muslim and they know for a fact that he will support and look after her well. If your parents tell you can't marry a brother who you're very interested in or would like to get married to, it's best to sit down with your parents, discuss the reason why they're saying "no" with them. It could be that they are probably misjudging the brother, pour your heart out to your parents but NEVER, i repeat, NEVER runaway with the brother and abandon your family, chances are the brother will probably label you as "easy to get" or "cheap" and if by any case he kicks you out or some problems arise within your marriage leading to divorce who will you turn for help to, you already abandon your family for him? If your parents still keep on saying "no" even after you have explained everything to them, take them to a shiekh, maybe that way your parents will feel a bit ashamed and give you the thumps up. Any chick that runs away with a brother and abandons her family is just naive! wasalam
  3. as-salamu alaikum somalis are more close to africans rather than arabs wasalam
  4. Originally posted by najma82: Hey sis, salaam, I know what you mean, we should always try to learn our deen as much as possible, because that would help us in the here after. As the quote you quoted I believe Khalid bin waleed said it, I think he really wanted to be shaheed, but since he didn't die as such he was very sad about that...i think that was the last word he said it. May Allah be pleased with him. Amin as-salamu alaikum I agree with u here sis {i'm guessin u'r a sister judgin by ur nick}. We should all gain knowledge on our diin so that we live this life as pious muslims and also so that we bring up our kids in an islamic environment. Imagine how the kids of a mother who never taught them anythin religion related would be, let me point out that these sort of kids already exist-they r the ones that date, go clubbin every friday nights, all bcoz their mother never taught them that datin and drinkin alcohol is haram. So in order to stop our kids from followin the western lifestyle-the lifestyle of disbelievers-we better learn our religion now wasalam
  5. as-salamu alaikum my hobbiez? readin {mostly novels or beneficial books}, walkin, i also used 2 enjoy doin cycling classes @ skool but sadly u can't ride a bicycle while wearin a long skirt, i missed my childhood years but alhamdulillah wasalam
  6. as-salamu alaikum wat r ur ideas/views on inter-racial marriages. i've a friend who wanted 2 get married 2 a lebanese bro but her dad refused sayin "somalis n arabs have nothin in common, i'll give u my blessings if u only marry a somali dude" etc, etc. is this how all somali parents think? would u marry some1 that does not come from the same nationality as u? now we all know that islamically speakin inter-racial marriages r HALAL as long as the person u want 2 marry is muslim {except 4 broz since they r allowed 2 marry "the people of the book} rite? so y do somalis make such a BIG deal out of inter-racial marriages? parents shud advice their daughters 2 marry a pious broz n not say somethin such as "i'll give u my blessings if u only marry or bring a somali man" anyho, wat r ur ideas n point of views on this?