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  1. Hey ppl .. Ya missed me peeps, well I have been away since end of last yr, u know me I only log in for a few days, get bored (some of us have a life n living to make) and never come bk for another 6 months! Anyways i have a question (no attacks either by the librarians here either) Now that spring is here in London, what fun thing would u ppl suggest doing..Any new 'IT' thing 2 do nowadays & by that I merely mean the latest fun activity, i.e. hobbies. Whatever floats your boat people. Last I heard ladies there was a talk about bunjee jumping, I didnt logg in after that lol. Did you guys go ahead with it, especially what with being in the middle of the coldest winter britain had seen in 18 yrs!. Spill Spill...
  2. Naomi_B


    Forget text speak ( cuz I do that myself) how about grown *** men approaching you saying;(not to me lol) "WAAM B Wat u sayin, wat u on 2night..." and many other words chucked in such as: FAMO, B, SKEEN, PENG (this one cracks me up),BLUD, ALIE
  3. Justise If ur in London there are a couple of ways 2 meet guys. Big weddings (mixed obvoiously), through friends thats all. Forget libraries as you might not want little boys still in uni. At least you can trust your friends to kn0w your type and as for certain big weddings you can pick and choose whoever takes your fancy.
  4. Trust me you would say it in real life without a second thought... looks like you aint much of girlie girl are ya
  5. Darling if only you could see the stunner I am alhamdulilah.. say maasha-allah... Dont get it twisted I dont obviously use all the make up stated above all at once (how clever are you?) But then again I would guess you're a newbie in that department so you assumed I probably use everything Only need to in case I have to go somewhere in the evening after work
  6. How about the cold freezing weather?
  7. Whats in my bag: My phone My spare fone (in case minutes run out on the 1st one) Ipod Chloe perfume DNKY Perfume Sleek Eye shadow palette (contains 10 colours) Barry M eye shadow pots 4 of them (Old Gold, Coral, Burnt orange, Emerald) M.A.C concealor M.A.C Powder M.A.C Lipglass M.A.C Blusher Miss Sporty eyeliner (best 1 ever) M.A.C Fluid Trackline Eye brow liners Miss Sporty (black and brown) Everday Minerals Blusher Hair clips Comb Hairgloss Driver's Licence 2 Bank cards Bodyshop Tinted Moisturiser Handcream Bodyshop Powder Brush (cant live without) Some old blusher brush Loadsa Coins Spare pair of dazzling Diamonte earrings incase I go somewhere unexpecantly Oyster card Cant think of what else i always carry
  8. Hi there ladies... Can someone please post pics of the LATEST winter coats, boots, neck scarves, hats and tops available? Its that time again to do my BIG winter shopping. Sorry i didnt post pics.. I dont know how to do that yet?!?!
  9. Sounds like a great idea this project of yours. Just lemme know WHEN its happening and I will register wherever lol.
  10. loooool @ next project... well i wanna be part of it.. I've got a few friends who wouldnt mind being hooked up.. Sorry to be a party booper but I very much highly doubt your 'project' can meet n find my exact criteria .. like I said the type i go for are very RARE
  11. You have got 2 be kidding me... Hook a sista up lol Where can these fine creatures be spotted at?
  12. Loooooooool Ibtisam.. Gurl.. Hell NO!! I've come to the conclusion they dont exist.. lol im kidding im not after only looks.. and trust me I'm not looking either.. Looool so is this gonna be like speed dating sort of thing?
  13. Palm Palace is perfect for a date i guess not a group thing..(on a weekday not a weekend gets too crowded) Sorry but i cant spill out my latest ventures as that would ultimately give away my location There's another one -a refurbished cave absoluetly stunning on edgawre road too.
  14. Lol Ngonge.. why do I have the feeling you've already been going to the exposed locations undercover... ? so tell me how was it...