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  1. Guys let us follow the rules and post threads on the right forum next time. It doesn't take that long to look around and see what is going on.
  2. Brotha libaax ...what can i say, congratulations brotha, I wish u tha best you and your new bride, wiil iyo caano! ps* i aint mad atchu , even tho u hid tha news from ya fellow mods. lol one
  3. Fake advertisements? where? i dont see nothing but residents giving their opinions here, so i guess we all take it however we want it. Also if you are judging the looks of somali brothers by the city they live in, you have another thing coming. Or maybe there is a story you are not telling us here..lol. I just want to say ***For all non-minnesotans*** do not attempt to discover minnefabulous with out a tour guide, reason being you will be at the wrong place at the wrong time.(ex. goin to the mall on a tuesday.lol) Also...please no more of these comments if you do decide to come here.... comment #1. This is not like ____(their city). Somali people here are soo ghetto. Hello! somali people are the same everywhere! and if you talking about crack heads..no comment, they are everywhere. Comment #2. Why is it so hot/cold here. i hate the weather in minneapolis. . Hello! we do not control the weather, and we did not say that we have the best weather! Comment #3. It is soo boring in this city, where are all the people . OK this comment could either result from two things. Either it (MONDAY--Thursday) and people are working OR check tha person you visited, are they BORING! i hope u got your answer. Ps. We showed our worst parts (cedar/franklin) and we are not ashamed to hide it so i guess it is up to whomever to judge. but one thing i wanna say to MInnefab peeps....Check out the new downtown if you get a chance...it is OFF tha HOOOK! peace
  4. Mad shouts to all the somali people around the world, and especially the ones standing infront of caramel mall!
  5. Mad shouts to all the somali people around the world, and especially the ones standing infront of caramel mall!
  6. Mad shouts to all the somali people around the world, and especially the ones standing infront of caramel mall!
  7. Well just like the legend over here, i am scrolling through to see how far my auditions got and what do you know. I am the stunt man again! all that hard work just wasted on the ground and metal poles falling on me. I am going to form a strike if this goes on against the OG-productions and the Geel pictures lol. OR else, I have to be the bad guy in the next movie, the guy who steals the legends secrets/girl/diamonds whatever you come up with it, i dont mind dying at the end lol, but somehow someway i gotta be rich and having fun through the whole ordeal. OK. good we have understanding, Pleasure doing business with you. take care
  8. Hey! which one of you has been taking pictures of my home with out my permission! is it you with the blinkin eyes or the happy looking kid in the corner, leamante. LoL. just joking. I want to appologize to all the nomads for not giving you the first tour of minneapolis, since i am sort of like the mayor over here for somaliaonline.lol. But I was out of town!, really i was..stop looking me with those eyes. lol. but i am thankfull that my fellow nomads did the job and may i say great JOB mates!(talkin like barwaaqo).One place ya'all forgot though is the great selection of "maqaayado" and "masjido" we have in this city. But i guess we have to leave some things for imagination, we cant just show them every corner..i get it. Well as they say in some countries ta'ta or urfuaa.LOL
  9. Originally posted by SomaliaOnline-President: You who else has an Arab blood----that chick from MTV Shakira. You are right. Her father is from Lebanon .... Her mother from Columbia. Ethnic Background: Lebanese Father: William Mebarak Chadid Mother: Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado Brothers: Alberto, Edward, Moises, Tonino Sisters: Ana, Lucy, Patricia, Robin Strong Points: Discipline & Perfectionist Her name is Arabic for "woman full of grace" Sony/Colombia signed her to a record deal at age 13, recorded "Magia" Released her 2nd album "Peligro" at age 15 "Donde Estan Los Ladrones?" reached Platinum in the following: 8x U.S. - 5x Argentina - 4x Central America - 3x Columbia/Chile - 2x Mexico & 1x Spain Had an acting gig on the novela El Oasis, played Luisa María The song "Ojos asi" has a verse in Arabic Shakira Doesn't eat candy Shakira doesn't drink alcohol or drink coffee Shakira doesn't smoke Shakira's favorite thing to paint is "fried eggs" Shakira's father is originally from Lebanon
  10. Hey, libaaxnin, what does KUMAMAYEE mean in Swihili. I always hear my suju friend say that to me and he told me is it like "I admire you" or something.
  11. Hey, libaaxnin, what does KUMAMAYEE mean in Swihili. I always hear my suju friend say that to me and he told me is it like "I admire you" or something.
  12. welcome. I am glad you found your way in.
  13. That is when the main man shaydaan comes in...we are weak when it comes to Satan.
  14. High guys...I see this place is getting packed. HAPPY NEW YEAR.....CIID MUBARAK....I was away for a while to Europe. Adnan, don't listen to the last anon. Girls (Somali queens) take their time even though they are interested in you. It is just not our culture for girls to jump to every little oppurtunity and act desperate. Have you heard that term "Iga daa cigaleynta"...or "Reer gaalkacyoodka sheekadoodii baad ii keentay" ... Hadaladaas oo dhami waxay ku baxeen gabdhaha Soomaaliyeed kibirkooda. So please if you are a girl, don't call any guy that gives you his number. Next time you see him, tell him...."Damn I am so bad walaalo, I was just bussy with work and things.....I will call when I get a chance".........THAT WILL MAKE YOU A TRUE NOMAD QUEEN.
  15. They all look clean, fresh and accomplished. It is nice they are in a community of Somalis rather than run around BLACK PLANET....
  16. Hi, Caasho and Sahra. Many Islamic scholar hold the view that if "you" and "him" have sex with each other, then you two cannot marry each other. Each one of you have to find somebody else. That is what I believe LF was trying to say. We can look for useful FATWAS on this issue, but we have to wait for Brother NUR from the Islamic forum to come back.
  17. Islam is from Allah, and not an accident. Steve, please seek some SHEIKHS to talk to. You are totally misguided.
  18. Well, we always love you here. I am glad you are back.
  19. We left that at SOMALINET...more like it...