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  1. Assalamu Alaykum Humoniods, Well, I am a new member to this site. Yes, I have a tendency to state the obvious when I am not sure as to what to say. Ramadaan Kariim to All... I hope I can contribute something useful to this site this month and coming months as well. This site, if I am not mistaken, is inhabited by mature (oftentimes old) folks, so we should get along just fine. Ramadaan Mubaarak once more. P.S. I resolved not to use the computer as much in Ramadan, and here I am registering for a forum. Yaa Allah....
  2. Pi

    Dear FutureMe,

    If you ask yourself these questions all the time, or even once, then you are just looking for stress. But seriously, I guess it is good to have this kind of foresight. As for me, I am a creature of his hour. Go with the flow.
  3. The embarrassements of speaking or writing a second language. Trust me, I have my own blunders too, though I will not share any of them.
  4. Let us save the senseless prattle for another time, guys. Bishan Ramadaan waa bil wacdi gelin.
  5. Pi

    Ramadan Kareem To All

    Ramaadaan Mubarak, Ramadaan Karem, my muslim brethrens. Let us compete this month in pleasing our Lord. Waa fii thaalika fal yatanaafasil mutanaafisuun .