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  1. This group OHRC did a great PR in exposing the atrocities committed by the regime. OHRC - executions page
  2. ^ It is an unfortunate event, but it got to be done so the enemy does not hung the coats easily till Puntland returns. BTW, The unfortunate event is the division among the LA's themselves. IT can be reconciled.
  3. He who eats alot of rice is called Mujahid.
  4. JB, Those people look like LA's. They are lethal. Look at what they did to the streets. Hargeisa way hurudaa...
  5. an internal "Coup de Clan" was to blame, however, the pictures telll the whole story, LA people are the formidable foes...
  6. He'll be with whoever is the highest bidder :confused:
  7. Originally posted by SheekhaJacaylka: Marka geela loo heeso bay gorayada u heestaa baa la yidhi ,,,, Hadaba Soomaaliland ma Goroyadaa?
  8. Further, there was an indication a tribalism inspired gang called "Somaliland" was involved. as reported, they were last seen running away from the murder scene. .. Investigators think this group brought the worst kind of tribalism to Somalia. Their records shows of them being void of knowledge as well.
  9. Recognition was much closer in 1995 than its now. Because, then even Maakhiri - SSC were supposedly signed with it, but clearly not anymore. Broke.
  10. Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: Something wrong with the map .... why Somalia is white while the British are still in Somaliland ? When Somalia is white(1948)is when the British and allies beat Italians in the WWII. They've been driven out of Somalia. So there is ? left for a while, then it came under UN trust territory- with own flag based off UN flag; The Italians sort of got assigned to administer....
  11. MMI, If it is that simple as the above dotted line dictates, so why not we get it by now? And what is with the solid line from the above near Hargeisa, Groowe? ONLY one sided?
  12. There is the Somali Republic flag inside the ONLF organizational flag. The bottom red means the current struggle and the green freedom on top.
  13. They are called the "Ooga-Dageen people" or the Higlanders as they are called from within Ethiopia. Anyway, it is a political suicide fo a member country to lay claim to take on another's recognized land. Unless by force and about in your face approach. The western-Somali groups are there as well, they do exist with reduced activity eclipsed by the ONLF group. Why the dreaded O is there? they are the only people who are available to continue this alone. In fact, the rest of the Somali groups (clans) went against the "struggle" by surrendering all their ambitions to the "enemy" or friend as they call them.
  14. Waxay u eg tahay oromo ama amxaar fanaan ah oo u heesaya maleeshiyada cabsidu dishay ee 77kii?. Heestii magool, dhaanta "kaalay dhexyereey iwm." Af Soomali aad u jab jab san, waxba lagama fahmi karo.