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  1. Haiti and Somalia are quite similar in many ways. We are both big consumers of rice (main staple and we are also infested with NGOs. Haiti's 'moniker' upto 2010 was 'Nation of NGOS'. The same as Somalia today. Sadly, the situation has seriously deteriorated for Haiti to an extent where the country is now completely broken and destroyed. The Haitian president Jovenel Moise was assassinated by Colombian mercenaries in his own bedroom in July 7th 2021. Funny enough Somalia allows Colombian citizens a country known for violence and drugs to enter Somalia as long as they just pay $30. No questions asked. The same for every other country in the world. Somalia has the most liberal visa policy in the world. Anyone and their mother can enter. No problem if you're a drug dealer, mernerary, drug dealer, assassin, spy. No background check. Just make sure you pay the nominal $30. We also have another common denominator: Kenya. Kenya was asked by it's American puppet master to send 'peacekeepers' under the auspicious of the UN to Haiti. Essentially the US has contracted out it's invasion force to bantu Kenya so as not to show the world it is west invading the first black republic in the world. Of course the money loving bantus are licking their palm fingers with the yankee dollar. I see parallels with where Haiti was in 1994 and Somalia today both were and still under at the time a useless foreign 'peace' force (imperialist) and still under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. Which means the country is not sovereign and is rendered under the pupillage of a another country for 'reform'. In Somalia's case in 2023 that country in the Security Council is UK. A country that never never been benign to Somalis. Disturbingly for Somalia. This was when the US first started dumping its rice onto Haiti as 'food aid'. That idiot Bill Clinton. Believed ngo food aid is a great idea. So he bought directly rice from own farmers in his home state of Alabama (AL) and then dumped the rice in Haiti. What this actually achieved was the seed of the destruction of Haiti today. This then collapsed agriculture in Haiti (main industry) and which led to the now very poor farmers fleeing to the cities to seek new pastures. They're they created shanty towns that grew and grew and which we know breed crime, gangs, drugs and disorder. Now the Haitians who eat rice with everything. Spend $700m every year on American rice instead of their Haitian rice variety. So where am I going with this. Well instead of using WTO rules to import substitute imports with domestic production of rice, fruit, vegetables, sugar, sorghum. We will soon be importing it wholesale from Kenya and Tanzania. Effectively as Haiti became a colony of the US. Somalia will become a colony of the EAC.
  2. Why would a 'country' that has no controls of its own borders, rampant corruption. Foreign bases. A country infested with foreign spies. That has no economy to speak of. That has zero industry join a trading block? I would also add is why would any trading block allow a member with such deficiencies into it's block. What is the rational and why now? I begin with the candidate. Let us see. No control of if its borders. Any foreigner can arrive from any country in the world. If they have criminal records, spies, assassins, mercenaries don't worry just pay the $30 fee and you're in. So the doqon hsm can pocket it - no one knows who and what their reasons are for being in the 'country'. Zero production of domestic industry. Everything is imported from ports. Including things like sugar and vegetables, fruits, sorghum, that the country can produce. Don't worry about the Fish that has been taken care off. This corrupt 'govt' has signed a new deal with China. Yes it's great business lose $600 in potential fish exports but at least we gain $10m in brown envelopes under the table. That is the Somali way. So what will countries like Kenya and Tanzania do. They'll dump their produce into the market and destroy any potential for indigenous industry of course. Somalia becomes a political and economic colony of you guessed it: Arabs and Bantus. That's how low they have sunk. This is being pushed by the west which controls EAC, AU, ECOWAS to further dilute whatever semblance of dignity the country has. In the 1990's the US dumped its rice onto Haiti as 'food aid'. That idiot Bill Clinton. Believed ngo food aid is a great idea. So he bought directly rice own farmers in his home state of Alabama and then dumped the rice onto Haiti. This then collapsed agriculture in Haiti and the farmers fled to the cities. They're they created shanty towns that grew and grew and bred crime and disorder. Now the Haitians who eat rice with everything. Spend $700m every year on American rice instead of their own farmers. When will dumb Somalis ever learn??
  3. Stop spreading lies and disinformation. You Somalis hate patriotism. The only thing you love is being prostitutes for arabs, bantus and NGO's.
  4. So the doqon hsm went to NYC 2 weeks ago made a speech to beg to lift the UN Arms Embargo in the end when it came to voting not a single country voted to lift the arms embargo. 4 countries abstained (Russia, China, Gabon and Ghana). Even the uae who publicly claimed they wanted him in New York & “engage” in the deliberations did not vote in favor of resolution. Instead they humiliated him and voted against lifting the embargo. Personally lifting the arms embargo now with the SNA destroyed in 1 year, tiktok 'soldiers' who get paid as little as $100 a month selling their guns to dealers, open and huge corruption and a clan civil war raging every corner, it would have been too dangerous. In a body of 15 countries, not even a single country supported Somalia under hsm. That says it all you need to know about the current humiliated. Going forward. In the future, a serious country should forget about the west and the minions and focus on building relations with Russia and China who continually abstain but don't vote against Somalia.
  5. Lets at Somalia itself. It is run by foreigners in Xalane. It is occupied by foreign troops. The ports and all its assets are owned by foreigners. Foreign countries dump chemical toxic on the seashore they ignore it and turn to their obsession qabilism instead It's fish that is worth $600m in earnings every year is stolen by foreigners. Enough to pay for dams, reservoirs, farms, kicking out the useless ngos and stop the shameless begging for aid. They spend billions importing khat from Kenya the same country that regularly send in helicopters and kills people in Gedo. We have a generation of young people who have had no formal education. None. They have a 'president' hsm who used to be slapped by a Ethiopian General Gabre and told when he had to go to the toilet. There is no economy. NGO's run the show. Everyone is chasing the NGO money. Setting up conferences, meetings, events that have no use other than to impress NGOs. To, Somalis the word of a cadaan is just as important as the word of Allah which is why foreign ambassadors can summon any minister at any time for a 'talk'. The people and country are hopeless.
  6. Isku xishood? Dumarkiina Bantus baa ku kufsada oo Ethiopian Gabre ayaa ku amraya marka aad musqusha gasho. Qol mugdi ah gal, dad ceebaysan baa tihiin.
  7. No gain??? What are you talking about. The country was stabilising. Look at it today. the army given to UAE who destroyed yemen and will do the same again. The SNA is gone just a bunch of clan militias. The country is finished.
  8. Ma waxaad qarinaysaa runta adeerkaa la dharbaaxay ee la bahdilay? Kii ahaa wiilkii shaaha ahaa ee Gabre. Yaa aan xataa musqul geli karin isagoon Gabre ogolaansho weydiisan. Waxaad tihiin dad la bahdilay oo aan sharaf lahayn.
  9. He was slapped by his boss Gabre. He was Gabre's tea boy and he did everything that Gabre told him to do. A truth of history that you cannot deny or remove. Everyone knows it. That's why he is hated and shamed.
  10. What kind of problems? There would be no uprising in Xamar. The people and especially the Mogadishu Clan just want to survive and live. 1991 is fresh in their memory.
  11. I can't understand really mentality of President Farmaajo. From the moment he won should have been thinking how I install 1P1V. He needed a metropole. Turkey would have been a good fit. Secure a defence treaty. Give Turkey have a navy base. Secondly every one of those damuljadiid should have been arrested and left to rot in prison and their families. There would be no uprising in Xamar. The people just want to survive and live. 1991 is fresh in their memory. He controlled the army and NISA and yet he did nothing.
  12. The country is being destroyed again by these bloody damul jadiid. All the gains we built in 5 years they want to destroy. They want a destroyed and broken country once again. Why didn't Odawaa go to Turkey and seek their assistance and carry out a coup against these animals?
  13. What kind of country is this? How can a country or people accept to live under constant humiliation like this? Any normal country would tell he you are persona non-grata and give her 72 hours to pack her bags. I live here in UK. Her country. This is a country that has more foodbank's than McDonalds now. 14 million people are in poverty here. Why doesn't she help her own country?
  14. Who voted for federalism? Who voted for 4.5? It was all a idea of the TPLF and their station chief in Mogadishu a person by the name of Gabre. Who made his tea boy hsm carry out his work. Who voted for it? No one voted for qabil states and their fake flags. The only constitution that stands is the 1960 one. The country is in constant perpetual turmoil because its administratively not well organized, the constitution is a unworkable tplf drafted document that has more holes than a Swiss cheese and there is no supreme or constitutional court to enforce anything.
  15. He has sold the army to SNA. He got slapped by Gabre hundreds of time. He is a humiliation. Somalis hate him. His own qabil hate him. He was forced on us by foreigners. In 1P1V he will lost big time. It's been 1 year and the country is back to 1991. He has to go by any means possible. Even death.