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  1. They have two seasons every year. The rains start in the Ethiopian highlands and then runs downstream to Somalia like clockwork two times every year. This precious freshwater is never harvested and just gorges into the salty Indian Ocean. Any country with a ounce of a brain would be harvesting that massive amounts of precious water into dams, reservoirs for drinking water or a network of irrigation canals for agriculture. Instead these Somalis do nothing other than beg for foreign aid or stupid western NGOS that fool them into thinking they are helping you
  2. The Somali people have no Somali National Archives, No Somali National Museum, No Museum of the Somali People, No Centre that protect and makes the Somali Language thrive like the French Académie Française. We have no means today of documented record of history. That can be passed down through generations that can be poured over. Even in this so called 'government'. Reality is that Somalia does not have a government it has cabal entirely subservient to foreign interests. There are no recorded minutes of what is said in meetings, to whom and by whom. That can be accessed by scholars, historians, students of history to make sense of the madness that is Somalia. These are the end state of inherent deficiencies of what is said to be a 'oral society'. The same with the banality of pastoralism - these 'nomads' who roam, then settle, they then build, graze, plough then they pull down everything they have built then they stuff their twiggs, carpets, canisters into camels and then do the process all-over again somewhere else. You couldn't make up how inherently banal and backward Somalis are.
  3. Reports from Somalia's CID have verified that Muhamud Hassan Noor, a 19-year-old, was recruited by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Embassy in Somalia and underwent training in Uganda. Sadly, he fell ill and was taken to a hospital under the control of the UAE. Shockingly, his kidneys, liver, and pancreas were unlawfully taken by UAE missionaries in Uganda. The response of the Somali Embassy in Uganda was " We have no objections to the repatriation of the remains mahmud." This is an insult to the nation. The UAE has been doing this in Yemen for years and now they will do it in Somalia. As the country has become a complete corrupt freefall after President Farmaajo.
  4. Let's look at the island country of Iceland. Iceland is small but very rich. How did it become very rich. Their GDP per capita will hit 90,000 USD in 2026 v 638 USD for Somalia. ( What does Iceland export? It exports fish! It's economy is mainly fish exports (USD1.1 billion in 2022) and tourism. Yet Somalia allows it's fish to be plundered and loses USD 600 million in potential earning. ($6bn every 10 years). Enough to pave for desalination plants, roads, hospitals, schools and solar power plants. Instead they rely on crumbs given to them in foreign aid and ngos. Are Somalis retarded?