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  1. Some of the posters on this forum have deep rooted agenda's against anything Somaliland. I would even go so far as to say beneath the crocodile tears, and the fake care for the local business people, they are glad to have another stick to beat the Somaliland government with. We see you. We shall rise, god is great!!
  2. The Somaliland carriage, clearly might not be moving as quickly as one would wish. However, Somaliland's selling point to any potential buyer, who may want to support Somaliland's aspirations to succeed, is there's just no other option. No sane person would look at the two current situation in Hargeisa and Mogdishu, then reach the conclusion that we need some sort of unity. The only people who support that position are those who are a) in the frying pan themselves, or b) don't have any knowledge of the situation.