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  1. South Africa's Table Mountain named as the best tourist destination on the continent. How about it Somaliland?
  2. Thinking outside the box! If you’re going to have restaurants and cafeterias, why not take a chance and locate them in high traffic, motorways between major cities. The demand is clearly there. Some travellers especially those on buses and trucks have been on long journeys and require toilet breaks, rest and food. It would also ensure ‘safer’ driving. A picturesque landscape location is a bonus not a prerequisite! There are already individuals who took such a chance and are succeeding, not only is their remote highway hotel used by travellers but also by NGOs who work in the field.
  3. Beats arguing with sadomasochists! One of the most inspiring and genuine Somalilanders is the ‘DOCTOR’ in this video. He encapsulates all the is good with Somaliland! Pity about the reporter, no idea why they don't script their questions before conducting an interview! Luckily the interviewee more than made up for it.
  4. Speaking of efficiency and affordability this is a great way to maximise land use. Six decent size houses on 2 (Hargeisa) plots. It should be mandatory for every house built, to pave the first metre or two of land in front of his/her house and have solar lighting on the walls facing that pavement. They just need to add solar panels and guttering on the roof to capture rainwater! New generation of architects and developers. Now we just need to be original with names, everything doesnt need a SOM infront of it! SOMGAS SOMTEL SOMCABLE SOMPROPERTY enough already!
  5. Agree with you 100%. I think this is changing, albeit slowly, as the generation of diaspora changes. The new generation of diaspora are starting to filter through with fresh innovative ideas. We just need to attract more of them. Who better to attract them than their peers? Vloggers like Khalid Osman on YouTube and many more, provide an invaluable service in showing that Somaliland is not just their ancestral home, but their future! Suldaanka posted a YouTube video few months ago, of a Somalilander (Bike and Fish) cycling through Somaliland, how unique and mystifying was that. Imagine the tour de Somaliland!
  6. Yes sxb these UBER/Deliveroo style companies are a fantastic addition to Somaliland economy providing flexible employment for young and old. I remember visiting Kampala, Uganda 10 years ago and seeing their youth sitting on their motorbikes (sometimes sleeping on them overnight), in every corner of the city, haggling to give a lift to any passer-by. They literally were the lifeline for travelling around the city very nippy and cheap and efficient.
  7. Somali ha noolaato! that should differentiate.
  8. When they start attacking you personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.
  9. The tourism potential is immense in Somaliland. It ticks all of the boxes required. Safety factor✔ People + Country Environmental factors ✔ Good climate, from sauna to autumn cool Beautiful scenery, beaches, forests, mountains, flatlands, sand dunes, waterfalls, desert islands etc. Socio-economic factors ✔ Accommodation, Accessibility, Amenities Historical and cultural factors, ✔ Many ancient world civilizations have left their mark on this area, a connection facilitated by the region’s strategic location. The diaspora Somalilanders are key to taking the country to the next level. Invest, promote, debunk and demystify!
  10. Warbixin: Laascaanood Marxaladihii Ugu Dambeeyey Ee Ay Soo Martay https://youtu.be/dZZGFEgRqRQ
  11. Their clannish ways are exactly what they are trying to infect Somaliland with. The reason Suldaanka is winning the moral and logical argument is because he has facts, evidence and history on his side and it’s hard to refute those, though they try. They are literally clutching at straws when they post about a goat farting in Berbera or a camel sneezing in Hargeisa, and then very next day countless innocents are killed when a bomb goes off in ____ fill in the blank.
  12. There's levels to this 1) Denial (can never happen) 2) Anger (will never happen) 3) Bargaining (Walalo did I ever tell you..) 4) Depression (Oh shh its happening, I wonder why they didnt accept my bargain of the century UNITY drizzled with instability and a dollop of dystopia) 5)Acceptance (Bravo I knew you could do it, no hard feelings, lets not politisize this )