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  1. Time and tide wait for no man. Great progress, should help minimize disputes over ownership of land / property.
  2. Egyptian delegation visits Hargeisa as IGAD lauds dialogue between FGS and Somaliland WWW.GAROWEONLINE.COM
  3. Somaliland and Taiwan sign deals for improved higher education WWW.GAROWEONLINE.COM
  4. Foreign trawlers, illegal fishing, staff shortage deny Somalia $300m in revenue - The East African WWW.THEEASTAFRICAN.CO.KE Foreign trawlers, illegal fishing deny Somalia $300m in revenue
  5. The envious die not once, but as often as the envied win applause.
  6. YaxaaS


    Shame on them!
  7. Pot calling the kettle black. OK I'll leave you alone. Sayonara!
  8. He mentions water being a major problem in his city. Do what you do best copy Hargeisa.
  9. It's not all doom and gloom! Cheer up
  10. Our very own inspector Clouseau! VPN , sockpuppet, next he'll be complaining we're using computers.
  11. A little more elucidation from the horse's mouth. Mental colonization at its best.