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  1. Bihi meets Kenyan delegation on a mission to boost trade ties WWW.PD.CO.KE A Kenyan delegation led by National Assembly Minority Leader Junet Mohamed held a meeting with Somaliland president Musa Bihi to discuss the relationship between the two countries.
  2. Taiwan could set up military base in Somaliland | Taiwan News WWW.TAIWANNEWS.COM.TW Could Taiwan build military airbase next to China's in horn of Africa?
  3. From 2014 to 2016, Djibouti’s external public debt-to-GDP ratio ballooned from 50% to 85% with most of that debt owed to China. Today, that figure has skyrocketed to more than 100%. Lesson learned, Look on the bright side Somalia houses all manor of the rainbow coalition, and its a beacon of well something. Made in Taiwan has a ring to it. Glad you have been to China though
  4. Where inspiration dies along with its people, imitation thrives it seems. Blimey just recently, I remember seeing an edited video of the Berbera Corridor being claimed as the Afgooye road. Next the new Berbera Airport will be dubbed the Baraawe Airport ver2.1 and the expanded Berbera Port will be Hobyo Port.
  5. Imitation is the sincerest form of insecurity.
  6. I confess all these festivities and fireworks are becoming wearisome.
  7. Somaliland: Abaarso School Alumni teach drought-readiness to farmers WWW.HORNDIPLOMAT.COM By:EARTH University In 2014, Khaalid Ahmed Awali (’18, Somaliland) excitedly learned he had been admitted to EARTH University. The moment was made even sweeter when he heard that his friend Saeed...
  8. Always wondered we don’t invest more in solar and wind farms across the country. This is a 7 Megawat solar farm funded by UAE in Berbera. Still reliant on donor funding it seems. But as technology brings the cost of these solutions down should encourage small scale business people to invest.
  9. I agree, but you can tell from the video the owner seems to be complaining a little about an unregulated market, in which his company is taxed and his 'competitors' (anybody with a bulldozer or two) are not. Let’s be honest he doesn’t have any competitors (at the moment), and he probably is getting taxed more than the local upstarts which the government is trying to encourage /support, but the market does need time to mature and the vice president checked him a little by saying don’t air your laundry in public which is something we have become experts in of late! I knew about the plant, but I wrongly assumed it belonged to the Abu Dhabi contractors who are constructing the road. One thing is for sure though; they are firing on all cylinders as the pace of the corridor construction has picked up in weeks. This company has hit the jackpot, and good for them as fortune favours the brave. Imagine if they offered shares. Not every one has millions of dollars, but as a collective anything is possible. A fisheries company next in Xiis or Maydh?
  10. I honestly dont know who he is, but he has the spirit of what we were talking about, get up and go, put your money where your mouth is and so on. We've gone past the point of expecting the government or Dahabshiil or Indha Deero etc to do everything. Imagine the potential of that concrete plant being located perfectly for the corridor and port expansion genius! Ask not what your country can do for you and all.